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Lulu tried to put Auron to sleep.

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Lulu would sometimes wondered, if Auron had difficulties in getting sleep or maybe he did not need to at all. She overheard conversations between Tidus and Auron as they talked about the past events they had experienced back in Zanarkand. She did noticed that Tidus had mentioned that he had never seen Auron slept.

The cool night breeze blew over the huge plains of the Calm land, hypnotizing the travelers into a deep sleep and a dream they had wished to be the reality. Lulu positioned herself near Auron, who had his sword rested on his laps while he looked into the campfire.

It was not Auron's turn to watch tonight, yet he would continue to stay awake and outside the tents to spend his night. Lulu tried to ask him to get some sleep, but he had quietly declined, his eye not not leaving the burning logs.

She sat nearer to him, one of her hands placed gently onto his sword. Auron noticed her signaling him to look up. He lifted his gaze away from the fire and looked up into the starry sky of the Calm land, while the breeze continued to blow gently, reminding him of some memories left behind on this grassland a decade ago.

A soft and deep voice began to vibrate in the air, and Auron noticed that Lulu was singing softly. He looked back at her as she continued to sing songs that he had never heard of. As gentle and serene as the Fayth, for the first time Auron found himself getting drowsy.

Lulu smiled as she noticed him getting sleepy, she guided him slowly to lie down and allowed him to rest his head on her lap. He was reluctant at first, but eventually he gave in. He closed his eye while allowing himself to relax; and let Lulu's singing and gentle stroking through his hair to bring him into dreams.

Just like how he always imagined the feeling of being Sent would be.
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