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At the End

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Rufus's last thoughts after Weapon's attack. Written prior to Advent Children's release. Contains character death.

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Author's Note: I mentioned it in the summary, but I'm going to say it again, just in case some of you missed it. This was written prior to Advent Children's existance. Advent Children wasn't even sperm in the minds of the Square Enix yet when I wrote this one. So therefore, it was written with the assumption that Rufus died. Yes, I know he's still alive. This contains character death. Hopefully that helped filter out the stupid. On with the fic!

Also, if you're going to review, please leave constructive critisism, not "RUFUSZOMG!1o2N! LAWLZ I LUV HIM!!!!1" Thank you.

I feel hunger pains. If somebody doesn't find me soon, I'm either going to die of starvation, blood loss, exposure, or some intricate combination of the three contrived by who I'm sure can only be the devil. I feel as though I've been up here for days and the parts of my body I can still feel I wish I couldn't. I'm thirsty, and I think my throat is raw from yelling for help and inhaling smoke. Nobody's coming. Nobody is going to come. Not even those who care, who say they love me. I'm all alone, here at the end of all things.

Where the ceiling of my office used to be, I can see meteor coming in all its fiery glory and terror. It's so close-I swear I can feel the heat of it with my mangled body and I know that this is it-I'm going to die. Silently I plead for mercy, for a second chance. I'm far too young to die-I'm only 21 years old and barely a man. I've had no chance to truly live my life and it appears I won't get one.

And then the more melancholy part of my mind drifts to the lives of my people-to the children I'm sure are trapped in the slums who won't be able to get out and I pray to whoever may be listening to the prayers of the deranged mind of a powerful man that the children, at least, make it out. I may have only had 21 years, but many have had less. And while I know the situation isn't entirely my fault, I can't help but feel a little guilty.

Meteor's much closer now. I can see tornados out of the corner of my eye. I wonder if that's how I'll die. It seems a fitting death for a man who's spent his whole life pulling other people's strings to be picked up and flung around like a puppet for show before he's flung onto a sharp object like a puppet on a nail, retired and no longer of use. But I am not so lucky. The tornadoes avoid me and I know this death will be drawn out as I drift in and out of consciousness amidst a sea of pain, not entirely able to bring in much needed air. I wonder if perhaps I am hallucinating in my pain, but I am unable to move to confirm what I think I see out of the corner of my eyes. Something white has surrounded meteor, and it's moving faster-the heat is searing my limbs and I know I'm very badly burned. But then I drift away again, and when I open my eyes, something green and beautiful and soothing has surrounded meteor and me and...

...oh planet. Is this the Life Stream?

It feels so warm and soft and comforting. My skin tingles, but not with pain as I watch above me. I want to keep my eyes open-I want to see how it ends-but the Life Stream is soothing me... soothing... and soft... a gentleness I've not felt...

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