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Immersion Therapy

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The only way past an addiction is through it! They say.

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Immersion Therapy
CCS by CLAMP etc
fic by Meg
who should be past
making poor Suppi suffer.


"You can do this," said Cerberus, seriously.

"Yes," agreed Spinel. "I am strong. I can do this."

"OK," said Cerberus, whose face was the sort of straight you only got from being one second away from laughing like a maniac. "We'll start slow. You can do this! You just have to be strong."

"I can do it," said Spinel, through gritted teeth. "Are we secured?"

"Door's locked, windows barred, Tomoyo's got a live fe -- I mean, we're safe here. Won't even knock something over." Cerberus looked encouraging. "Be strong!"

Spinel nodded, took a deep breath. "I'm ready."

"Are you sure?" said Cerberus, for the camera's benefit. "If you aren't absolutely sure...."

"Give me the bloody thing," snapped Spinel. "It's now or never!"

Cereberus nodded solemnly. "Just one sugar cube," he said, tensely. "Here it goes."

Spinel reached out, took the sugar cube and put it carefully in his mouth. He crunched.

"Remember the mantra!" said Cerberus quickly.

"I am strong," said Spinel, breathing deeply. "I am not bound to the thrall of sugar. I am strong. I am strong. I am ... Hic."

"Hic?" said Cereberus, radiating alarm.

"Hic," agreed Spinel, a blissful smile spreading across his face.

"He's gonna blow!" shouted Cereberus, zooming toward a grate in the wall.

Spinel looked at him, gravely disapproving. "Cerberus," he said. "I have hic no idea what you're talking about hic. Itsh not nicshe to be mean to me."

"Let me through!" bellowed Cereberus. "Code word DRUNK OFF HIS DARK TEAL ASS!"

The grate slid open and Cerberus zipped through.

Spinel tried to glare at the grate but just then he had other things to think about. Like ...

"God Save the Queen," he warbled. "God save our gracious Queen, Long live our noble Queen, God save the Queen!"

He thought he heard giggling but no, that couldn't be. There were more sugar cubes, he discovered, and ate them blissfully.

"Are you sure we should be doing this?" said a distant voice. Through the grate, he thought muzzily.

"Of COURSE we should," said another voice. Ruby Moon, thought Spinel, his favorite partner in the world! He loved her so much. He ought to give her a big sloppy kiss. "You've never seen him sing the Hedgehog song before!"

"Ah, Nakuru, Sakura-san has innocent ears, you know."

That was right, thought Spinel, indignantly. Nice girl, Sakura-san. Nice shoulder for landing on. She didn't need to hear the Hedgehog Song. How did it go, anyway?

"The spines on his back are too sharp for a man," he warbled, "They'll give you a pain in the worst place they can, The result I think you'll find will appall: The hedgehog can never be buggered at all!"

There was an horrified silence, broken with sniggering. Spinel crunched another sugar cube and giggled blissfully.

A friend is having a pisser of a week, and lives five hundred miles away, so I offered her a retarded fic because I can't very well go take her dinner. There is no other excuse.

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