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my story about new vampire

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Naruto -UZUMAKI age 14 sigh he was age 14 today the 10th October but he was happy that his
team was out of the village on their 1th MISSON out of KONONOHA their home village
the MISSON team 7 add was to the land of waves to protect TAZUNA the master builder
but they add gotten attack by the 2 demon brothers then ZABUZA-MOMOCHI age UNKOWN n the
fake hunter nine HAKU the ice user at the time their sensei KAKASHI-HATAKE age 39
was on bed rest for 3 days the 2 member of team 7 SAKURA-HANUNO age 14 n
SASUKE-UCHIHA age 14 who left Naruto in the forest alone Naruto found a
mini clear bubble shape drink bottle full of ice blue vampire-potion
with a note but Naruto didn't read the note he drank the potion he glow as he past out cold
as he was changing from a human boy into a very powerful VAMPHOG permeant
time skip time 11;34 in the morning n date 15/03/2018
he looks like he did before in lost most THO
male ultimate life form wind water ice god
midnight black neon orange wind markings on his quills n arms n legs n VAMPMERHOG tail n
angle like VAMPHOG wings quills like silver the hedgehog quills
neon orange round his neon orange eyes skin tone same as before on his face
white chest fur like silver the hedgehog chest fur
half ice blue ocean blue for UZUMAKI half gold silver for NAMIKAZE royal inhibitor rings with Naruto -UZUMAKI-NAMIKAZE 1th royal family half whirlpool for UZUMAKI
half sunset for NAMIKAZE crest on them with a
half dark purple light purple for UZUMAKI half dark blue light blue fur NAMIKAZE
bubble shape alpha omega magical emerald
in the middle of each royal inhibitor rings like SIDGE-ZERO on his
hands n arms n very long slim VAMPMERHOG tail
end of
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