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Car trip

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Klaus has some difficulty staying awake in the car

Category: Dracula: the Series - Rating: G - Genres: Humor - Characters: Alexander Lucard, Gustav Helsing, Klaus Helsing - Published: 2005-06-26 - Updated: 2005-06-27 - 165 words - Complete

Gustav had often told Klaus about nights which were filled with the sounds of baby Klaus crying. The only way Gustav was able to pacify him was by taking him for long car rides until little Klaus fell asleep. Then Gustav would drive home and carefully put Klaus in his crib.

Even as Klaus grew older, the habit of falling asleep in the car stayed with him and this is why Klaus was having so much difficulty staying awake on this particular trip. This was the first vacation that Alexander and Klaus had taken in months, both having been way too busy with the expansion of Lucard Industries and cleaning up rogue vampires in the city.

Alexander chuckled to himself as Klaus jolted himself awake for the umpteenth time this trip. "What!," said Klaus as he realized Alexander was watching him, "Pay attention to the road!"

"You did it again, Klaus," Alexander replied, "And it was so cute too!"

Klaus could not help but blush.
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