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In a hidden world, galaxies away, there lies a planet much like Earth. While it's inhabitants are like humans, their social structure and biology are vastly different. Here we get a peek into the l...

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Author's Note: Ahem.. To begin with this is indeed a very different story type. To those familiar with it, this book goes along the lines of an omegaverse. To those who have no clue what I'm talking about, in this book the male and female genders do not exist. The 'genders' are known as Alpha, Beta, and Omega. The Alphas are the superior 'gender', often being associated with dominance. Beta's are your normal people and the most common, however, they are unable to procreate. Omega's are the rarest as you only have a 20% chance of conceiving One and are associated with a submissive personality. Only an Alpha and an Omega are able to procreate. Every month an Omega gives off intense pheromones for a three day period, much like a menstrual cycle. During this time the omega must take pills to dilute the pheromones or risk attracting an alpha in season. Alphas follow the same system. That is about all you need to know as the rest will be explained in the story. This book also deals with a different culture and a different language so italicized words will me translated at the bottom. For direct words that translate easily the text will be replaced with the definition. i.e [text]. As an example I'll show a sentence from Heartless.

" Ya, this cycle I got put in [advanced education system]. You?"
" Nah, Kenjaki can't stand me no more; they put me in [traditional education system]"

Kenjaki - Slang for teacher in the Gaalrae language

Chapter one is going to be released soon but for now it's just the intro.
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