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A Lunar Chronicles fanfic

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I swing the bin of garbage on to my hip in the dirty alleyway as I head for the compactor at the base of the pub.
“Ay Goldi!” The pub owner yells out the kitchen window. “Table four wants you!”
“I’ve got it Reznick!” I grumble as I go back into the grimy pub.
I head to table four like Reznick asked.
“Can I get you anything else Anfa?”I ask.
“Baby why don’t you come down to my place tonight?” Anfa says as he reaches out for me.
“I’m going to have to pass...” I turn to leave but the man grabs my wrist.
“Come on Goldi, let’s have some fun tonight.”
“Leave me alone!” I struggle against his grip.
“You heard her.” I turn, the voice came from a man with his hood down.
“And watcha gonna do to make me?” Anfa still has a hold on my wrist.
When the man with the hood didn’t answer, he turns to his buddies and laughs. And as quickly as a flash, the man with the hood slams his fist into his face.
He jumps up startled.
“Oh now you’re askin for it.” Anfa swings a punch but the hooded man steps back.
Anfa’s buddies corner the man’s with the hood. They push him to the ground and start attacking him.
“Hey!” I scream. I try to pull Anfa off the man.
“Reznick do something!” I yell frantically.
“Ay!” Reznick bellows, he’s a big man in his late 40s.
“Anfa I want you and ya sewer rat friend to get the hell out of my pub!” Reznick yells.
Anfa backs away from the bloodied man on the ground. I drop to his side. I pull back his hood.
“Oh my god you’re Prin-.” The man brings a finger to his lips signaling me to be quiet.
“Reznick can I...”
“Fine, I’ll give you the rest of our shift off.” Reznick grumbles as he heads back to the kitchen.
I help the man up and out of the pub. I wait until we’re out of earshot to talk.
“You’re Prince Kieran!” I whisper.
“Guilty as charged.” He winces after talking as he hobbles down the road.
“Here, we can talk at my residence.”

We finally make it to my residence building, which is layers upon layers of trailer-like structures.
After climbing a couple flights of stairs we get to my residence.
I unlock the door to my residence and let Kieran in. He sits at the kitchen table and wines.
“Why are you in New Wigton? Aren’t you being groomed to be king or something?” I say as I wet a rag at the sink.
“I wanted to get to know the condition of some of the small towns. Before I become king.” I pull up a chair next to him and hold up the rag, he gives me a look.
He gives me a confused look.
“I’m just going to clean the cuts on your face.” I gently dab at the cuts on his face.
“So may I ask who’s hospitality I’m enjoying?” He smirks.
“Goldi Sperren.”
“Well I guess you already know who I am.”
“You’re lucky you didn’t break your nose. But thank you, for the help with Anfa.”
“It’s my pleasure.” His features are striking even in the dim light of my residence. His high cheekbones, his dark brown eyes, and his golden brown hair.
After a minute of silence Kieran breaks it.
“So what do you do?”
“Well as you might have figured out I’m a waitress. But it’s going to sound silly.”
“Tell me.” He urges.
“I want to be a pilot, I’ve flown before of course. But what about you?”
“There’s not much to know about me that everyone in the country doesn’t already.”
“I should probably go.” He says “Thank you.”
“No, thank you Prince Kieran.” I tease.
He gives me a quick smirk and just like that he’s gone.

It’s a few uneventful days of waiting tables before I get a knock on my door again one Sunday morning. I exit the petite bathroom and run to the door in my pajamas. I unlock the door and open it.
It’s Kieran.
“What are you doing here?” I ask
“I wanted to ask you a question.”
“What is it?”
“I wanted to ask if you would like to be my guest at the Summer Ball.”
“Me?” I ask dumbfounded.
“I wanted to repay you for helping me.”
“You-I...really?” I stumble.
“Um... I don’t have anything to wear to a ball.”
“I’ll have shoes and a dress sent over. That is if your answer is yes.”
“Yes!” I almost shout. “I mean yes...” I say more quietly.
He smiles, “Good, the ball is June 21st. I’ll have a ship to pick you up as well.”
“I’ll see you in a month for the ball.” He says.
“Bye.” He walks down the steps and I close the door. I lean my back on the door and slowly slide to the floor.

“Ay Goldi!”
“Yes Reznick?” I ask.
“Whatever happened to that guy that was fightin with Anfa?”
“Oh...I think he just was passing through town.”
Reznick grunts in reply.
I take my coat off the hook in the kitchen and go out the back. The alleyway is muddy and the air is moist. It rains almost everyday here. Tonight is the night of the ball so I’m leaving work early. I finally make it to my residence and find a package at the door. I take it into the kitchen and open it. It’s a beautiful dark green evening gown with ivy patterns running down the arms and matching shoes. I gasp.
After a few minutes of shock, I tart to get ready. I brush my teeth, curl my hair, do my makeup, and finally put on my dress.
Right as I finish strapping on my shoes, there’s a knock at the door, I go to answer it.
It’s a military guard.
“Are you Ms.Goldi Sperren?”
“I am.”
“Prince Kieran Lihr has requested that we fly you to the palace where you will attend the Annual Summer Ball.”
The man leads me to a ginormous ship. The 532 mile ride isn’t long. Probably because I’m on one of the fastest spaceships ever.
They drop me off at the palace gates. I walk until I get to the entrance to the ballroom. It’s draped with red curtains and a man sits stands by a microphone.
“Name?” He asks.
“Goldi Sperren, I’m Prince Kieran’s guest.”
“Of course, the Prince has been expecting you. I’ll announce you.”
“Wait what?” Before he can answer the man turns on the microphone. The curtains are pulled back to reveal a staircase into the ballroom.
“I now announce, Goldi Sperren, the prince’s special guest.” The room goes silent and all eyes go to me. I slowly step down the staircase, taking care to not trip on my green heels. I make it down the stairs and walk past the crowd.
The people whisper.
“Who is she?”
“She looks amazing.”
“Look at that dress!” A young girl whispers.
“How does she know the Prince?”
In the middle of the room I see him, Kieran.
He immediately comes to my aid to shy me away from the watchful eyes.
People start to look away and the conductor starts the music again.
“You look beautiful.” Kieran tells me.
“You look quite handsome yourself.” I look around the room to find everyone start to dance.
“Would you care to dance?”
“It would be my honor.” I tease as I take his hand.
We waltz to the music, my body tight against his.
“Where did you learn to dance?” He asks a bit surprised.
“My father taught me.”
“You should introduce me to him.”
“I wish I could. He died when I was 12.”
“I’m so sorry.”
“No it’s ok, it was years ago.”
After a few minutes of dancing and listening to the music, I finally speak.
“I would love it if you introduced me to your father.”
“Follow me.” He take my hand and leads me a group of people. Right in the middle is Kieran’s Father, King Lennen.
“Father could I talk to you for a minute?”
“Could you give us a moment.” The king tells the group.
“Father, this is Goldi Sperren.”
“Lovely to meet you Ms. Sperren.”
“You as well Your Highness.”
“Son could I talk to you about some official business?”
“Of course. I’ll be back.” He tells me as he goes off with his father.

I walk the corridors looking at the paintings and sculptures when I hear voices. I follow them. They’re in the King’s office.
“You invite that girl here and disgrace our family!” I think it’s the king.
“Dad I like her, she didn’t disgrace us!”
“I always knew you were too much like your mother.” The king mumbles.
“And what the hell is that supposed to mean?”
“You’re too soft to ever be a real leader! You’re never going to be a good king if you see that peasant bitch again!” The king screams.
My voice hitches as the tears run down my face.
“What was that?”
I run down the hall, my heels clicking in the floor.
Kieran emerges from the room.
“Goldi!” He runs after me.
I turn down the hall and out to the balcony.
He catches up to me on the balcony.
He walks up to me, my back is pressed against the railing.
“I’m so sorry you heard that.”
“Go away, please. Just let me go and I won’t come back here.”
“I love you.” He blurts.
“You barely know me.”
“I feel like I could know you.”
“Feel and know are two totally dif-.”
He grabs my waist and pulls me into a kiss. I don’t kiss him back at first but when I do I put my hand on the back of his neck.
“What was that for?” I ask breathless.
“That was for you.”
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