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Letting Go, A Goodbye

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amiYugi. Cute and well written, rather angsty. Set at the end of the series, when Yami leaves. BL shounen ai. Well.. it could be hetero.

Category: Yu-Gi-Oh! - Rating: G - Genres: Angst, Romance - Characters: Yami Yugi, Yugi Mutou - Warnings: [!!!] - Published: 2006-09-18 - Updated: 2006-09-19 - 1401 words - Complete

Mistress Yami: I know, you haven't seen me around in awhile but I just got a sudden inspiration for this and BAM! Here is the result. I hope you like it. ( Writen a few years back, orginal A/N included)

Warnings- None

Pairing- YamiYugi

Genre- Angst/Romance

Rating- G , there's nothing really bad in this, although it is very well written.

Timeline- End of the series, no I haven't seen it.

Disclaimer- The usual.

Letting Go, A Good Bye

Sobs shook the body of a young boy. His pale hands curled around his jacket fabric, clenching it tightly as if it would release the pain. His knees shook and he collapsed to the floor, his head tilted back to catch the invisible rain that was dripping down his cheeks. Pitying eyes gazed at the boy and at the gate which had just closed. A warm hand placed itself onto the boy's shoulder but he shrugged it off coldly, there was no comforting him. How does one comfort someone who just lost half of their soul?

A good eternity had passed and slowly the storm that had caused the wet puddle of despair drifted away into dry emptiness. The bright eyes, once so filled with joy, dimmed with the absence of tears which had made them sparkle so. The hands he had so tightly clenched around the fabric of his jacket now released their hold to drop to his sides. Unvoiced remorse and empathy from the crowd watching his breakdown drifted through the air, threatening to call the storm back.

The young boy announced he would be going home in an even voice, having already battled down the vile vomit of hatred for the situation threatening to rise up in his throat. A hesitant hand reached out and called his name softly but he ignored the call knowing nothing good would come of it; there was no condolence in death.

Later that night the young boy, once an angel and now a broken toy, settled into the corner of his bed, his hands curled around the small box that had led him to his one love and his fulfillment. The pale hands shook as they clutched the golden box closer to him, in a way it was a smaller version of Pandora's Box. So cruel it was, giving hope and affection, passion and desire, knowing it would all be ripped away cruelly in the end.

As the rain ceased to beat on his roof, it had begun as he had reached home. The young boy hadn't even had the pleasure of shedding sorrow in the rain. His eyes drifted to his window, and for a brief moment he swore he has the familiar smiling face, and if he closed his eyes he could feel him walking up to him and caressing his face so lovingly and tenderly. Love was the cruelest of destinies to have been led down on.

Grief threatened to flood over the shut gates to the soul as memories floated into his mind, penetrating what little defense he had attempted to build up during his walk home. He opened his eyes and gazed at the picture at his desk, one of the rare pictures he was able to get of his beloved, after all, he had no physical body, or at least, not most of the time. If he tried hard enough, and if enough Shadow Energy was used, his angel of darkness could hold a solid form for a good thirty seconds. Most of their passion was expressed through tender touches of the mind.

Words flew through his head, ones that he had been told when he had been young, and even a few hours ago before he had been torn apart from his soul. 'Don't hold them back from better things by holding on too tightly,' or something along those lines. The words didn't matter, but the meaning behind them did. The young boy couldn't understand how he was supposed to let his soul go? He wondered why the Fates had been in such a mood when they had decided to pick his life string, sadistic creatures these three women were.

His heart jolted against his chest in muffled anguish, the pain like drops of hot wax on bare, sensitive skin. The hands that had so tightly clenched around the box now flew to his throat and above the place where his heart lay. He would've gripped his heart had the material flesh and solidity of his body not been in the way. Perhaps if he had been a spirit like his love he might've been able to rip out and throw away the heart that beat in wretchedness.

A soft touch at the back of his mind calmed his body, stopping the jolts and spasm that erupted from held back fury and desolation. The touch was so familiar, as if an old friend, or rather lover. Excited eyes flashed across the room, perhaps he had returned, maybe they had cheated fate! Cheated destiny! He was met with disappointment as his room remained as bleak as ever, nothing had changed.

Let go...

Soft eyes closed as the storm blew through him once more, leaking rivers of torment down his round cheeks. How could he do that? Did they not know how much he had loved him? Did they not know how much it hurt him to just breathe knowing that his love wasn't there counting them for him?

Let go...

The eyes now lined with the crimson burn of despondency opened to stare ahead at the picture drawn upon his door, or rather the sketch of his beloved. As he gazed closer at it, it almost seemed as if the smile that had been given to the two-dimensional being turned into a slight frown, pity and lament brimming at his eyes as well.

It's time to say it...

The young boy slipped off of his bed where he had so safely cocooned himself from the worlds mocking laughter and began to head for the door, neglecting to get his jacket or shoes. His bare feet burned as they touched the frozen floor. Without stopping he headed out of the door, the bell above the two glass pane door jingling, even it sounded sad. The water stained the ends of his pants, the dirt soaking up into the blue fabric. He paid this no need as his pace began to pick up, his direction the park where they had first admitted their feelings for each other, shy touches that now had a new meaning had emerged on that day.

His breath now came in pants; he never was one for physical activity. The young boy lifted the box in his arms and gazed longingly at him. He noted that he had reached the perfect spot, the bridge that on each side housed one of the deepest lakes in their neighborhood, and maybe even city.

"I won't hold you back anymore," he said softly, his voice wavering as waves of dread and sorrow flitted from his heart to his mouth.

Good bye...

Closing his eyes he brought his hands down and flung the box upwards and over the bridge he had stopped on. He turned around and buried his face behind his hands, wanting to shield himself from the sin he had committed to himself. A loud 'plop' reached his ears and he let himself crouch on the cold ground. He would not look. He would not search. He would no longer hold his love back.

Good bye... Y-

Authors blah blah-

Mistress Yami- I hadn't intended on writing anything for Valentine's day so that's why this is a day late. : shrugs: I just suddenly got hit with inspiration and I'd like to say it's better than my last YamiYugi oneshot Valentine, this one's different though. No suicide so I'm not sure how angsty this went. I may or may not make a sequel, and if my brain lasted for more I'd make one for RyouBakura and for MarikMalik although I love the pairing I was trying to go for more realism with this one. In the anime I don't think there's a realistic way that Marik and Malik would get together or Ryou and Bakura.

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Oh- For my other stories. Updates will be coming shortly (( I hope )). I didn't think that I would be this busy. ;;
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