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Don't Break My Heart Twice

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Dedicated to reesescupprincess, happy late Bday. BR fluff oneshot. Bakura is gone and then comes back.

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This one shot is dedicated to reesescupprincess, for a late b-day present!

Don't Break My Heart Twice

Ryou Bakura sat at his window watching as the rain droplets collided with the window he had recently cleaned. He pressed his pale forehead against the glass, his white locks fanning out around him. His mood matched the weather outside. His chocolate eyes were hidden behind pale lids. If anyone would've paid attention they would've immediately noticed the scarlet rims that surrounded his eyes, and the slightly red cheeks.

The rain pelted the window even more strongly, lulling Ryou into a soft trance. One that didn't require thinking...or remembering, as he sat thunder played in the skies and lighting lit them up like fireworks. His sad eyes opened once more and he watched the darkening sky grow even darker. A pale hand lifted from his side and placed itself onto his heart. He griped his shirt tightly as he struggled to hold in the fresh crystals that were about to pour from his eyes.

Ryou folded his ankles over each other and pulled his knees up and wrapped one of his arms tightly around it. He gently placed his head on his knees, the rough material of his blue jeans rubbing against his soft skin. His free hand lay limp around his knees as his emotionless eyes stared out into the storm outside. It seemed almost surreal, everything that had happened to him in such a short time. Ryou smiled, although his smile was bitter, as he recalled the recent events.

It had begun a year ago, his attraction to his dark half was now unmistakably there, and he could ignore it no longer. He also noticed it was starting to get harder to talk to the dark guardian without blushing or feeling like an idiot. One night, he had avoided Bakura the entire time and could feel his bottled up emotions tearing him up inside, consuming him whole. The entire dark night he had sat up in his bed, his hands clutching the silky material of his blanket as he thought and prepared. Ryou knew that if he didn't tell his yami, two things were bound to happen. Bakura would find out on his own...or Ryou would break. Neither of them seemed like pleasant outcomes so he decided to gather his courage and tell did not go so well.

Ryou's bitter smile faded to be replaced by a frown and a sad expression as the next events played out in his mind, slowly as if watching a movie. He supposed it was his fault, after all, he never really did expect Bakura to feel the same way, nor did he expect it to go well with the ancient spirit but he could've been more considerate...or shown more self control.

The rain was beginning to thin although the wind remained strong. His thoughts drifted away to his yami. He missed the spirit, even if he had broken his heart. Trampled it...torn it to shreds...beat it until it bled...but still Ryou couldn't help but have a small torch of light and hope remain in the hidden chambers of his heart. He knew he was being foolish, a naïve...stupid...hikari, but he couldn't help it. Ryou looked at his reflection, or as much of it was he could see, in the window and gave a grim smile. This was his fault too, the pain he was always feeling. It was because of that damned piece of hope that refused to be squashed.

As his thoughts turned more vengeful tears began to drip from his face and onto the small ledge he was sitting on. Little did he know a dark figure was lurking outside the house having last moment battles with himself. The more mature, grown up, dangerous image of Ryou let a scowl appear on his lips as his hand shook. Why was he scared?

Cursing himself for his fear he closed his cold hand around the freezing cold handle. He was satisfied to find that his key still worked in the door, deep in his mind he had feared that Ryou had switched the locks since his abrupt leave.

Ryou heard the door open, seeing as there was no other noise to be heard, and tensed briefly before assuming it was Yugi or someone, but as they didn't announce themselves his suspicion grew. Perhaps it was a murdered, Ryou guessed. With grim humor he thought, 'Good...maybe he can cure me of my broken heart.'

His coffee eyes closed once more as he leaned his body against the icy glass.


Ryou's chocolate orbs opened and he turned sharply, getting whip lash, to face whomever had spoken his name. It was a familiar voice, one that he had fantasized about for years. He held his neck gingerly as he stared at the figure in front of him. His suspicions were proved true as the familiar features revealed themselves when the dark black coat was shed.

The young boy couldn't believe it and closed his eyes. Maybe if he closed his eyes the image would disappear, and the source of his heartache would be gone too. As he peeked through his lashes he knew it was true. Bakura had returned.

Bakura felt a guilt and sadness wash over him, engulfing him and drowning him as he saw the small, pathetic and lonely form of Ryou sitting against the ledge in the dark room by himself. He had hoped to catch Ryou by himself, but not like this. He stepped forward and slowly moved to stand beside his hikari, who was awed and scared by his sudden appearance.

Finally finding his voice Ryou stuttered out, "Wh..what are you..doing here?"

Bakura gave a weak smile, "I made a mistake."

In a single fluid movement her had bent down, grasped Ryou's chin gently with his hand, and pressed his dry lips against Ryou's soft rosy ones. Needles to say, not much talking was done that night. The silence was filled with pleasured gasps, moans, and soft words. As Ryou lay exhausted, his arm over his eyes he felt Bakura get up and heard him starting to get dressed. As he looked at the white haired tomb robber he sensed something wrong. He watched forlorn as the spirit began making his way towards the door.

"Bakura...where are you going?" he asked softly.

The said boy turned around slightly, but not enough to see Ryou or for Ryou to read his expression. "I don't know...somewhere...anywhere."

Ryou sat up his face schooled blank. He gave up and let his real emotions show, the pain, the hurt, the sadness, and the love. His voice was filled with his inner most feelings as he spoke, "...Don't leave me....please....Don't break my heart twice."

The softness and sadness in Ryou's voice made him look back, although he feared what he would see. As their eyes met it seemed that the world has stopped, nothing existed but the pure emotion streaming between. Tears had begun to stream down Ryou's face once more and Bakura stepped forward to catch them on his finger. Bakura nuzzled Ryou's neck and got back into the bed with Ryou, the springs creaking slightly under the extra weight. He wrapped his arms gently around his angel and kissed the top of his head.

"Never again," Bakura whispered his voice caressing Ryou with love.


Mistress Yami: Here it is, the fluff, I had to add angst 'cause I've never really been able to write just pure happy fluff. I hope you liked it reesescupprincess!
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