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A sticker in Liverpool reads "REAL ANARCHISTS DON'T VOTE!" how's that for Soviet propaganda?

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Fed up with living or found a new chore?
New scapegoat found for your personal war?
It's a trick to compete
Being polite to who meet
Then have hands clean when everything falls

So evil the only possible way
The perpetrators can get away
Is having an agent asking questions
To an audience who listens but never accepts him

Audience can live with discovery
The fear lies in confirmation
That gives them the feeling they had got up too quickly
When they were only just sitting down
Much unproductivity
But who said this was holiday?

On the day you went to London
Government prepared to intern
What better cue to visit Camden Market?
On a Saturday?
If it's still there?

I'm just a man being charged with possession
Because i know the agent who is asking questions
Is actually spreading false infomation
So paint me a seahorse
Riding a firestorm
Unless you are depressed with your lessons

Or just depressed with being born?
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