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Entry 12

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The Italian Frontline was a bloody hell. The troops stationed there were under equipped, and under clothed. A large portion died to the freezing temperatures of the Alps. But still, a good part wer...

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December 7, 1915

We have arrived, and I have never seen such horrors. I see bodies strewn about, both intact and pieces. The mud consumes most of these, which only makes things worse. We are to sleep on mud, we are to eat on mud, we are to live on mud. I am miserable, but the others are used to it. And then there are those who have shell shock. Some look as if they have seen their family murdered in front of them. Others just look ahead, blankly. I fear that I might become just like them, for the stench here only reads of the dead. I do not know how men live in these conditions. The latrine is emptied only a few feet away from it. This place is un inferno vivente. I pray the days go by quick. I don’t want to be here longer than I must.
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