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The Executioner

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A poem dedicated to Pyramid Head, the executioner of Silent Hill.

Category: Silent Hill - Rating: G - Genres: Horror - Characters: Pyramid Head - Published: 2018-04-16 - 186 words - Complete

Silent Hill… Silent Hill…
A town that calls you if you’ve sinned.
And you will come no matter what
You can’t escape your fate.

The soul of sinner, just beware!
The Executioner is on his way.
He comes to give what you deserve
And there is no way back.

He drags his giant sword with him
That makes a screeching sound within
The Great Knife, as it is called
It will bring death upon your soul.

The red metal helmet on his head
Looks dreadful with its pyramid shape.
You cannot ever see his face
And you never will.

The robe and gloves
That had been white
Now smeared with something
That is dried blood.

He feels pain
Oh yes, he does!
He’ll make you suffer
Thus purify your soul.

Pyramid Head
That is his name.
He’s always there
In this special place.

He has to punish
That’s his mission.
And when the work is done
He may rest in peace.

So if you’re a sinner
You must know:
Red Pyramid is always there
To bring death upon your soul.
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