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The Crystal Lake Legend

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A poem dedicated to Jason Voorhees, the legend of Crystal Lake.

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Deep in the forest
There is a place
Camp Crystal Lake
That’s how it’s named.

Once loved by children
Now loved by teens.
But little they know
About their bitter fate.

There is a legend
That a killer lives here
Drowned in the lake
But he’s not dead.

Once an innocent kid
That was bullied by peers
The love of his mother
Was his only cheer.

The careless camp counsellors
The ignorance of kids
All this resulted
In poor boy’s demise.

The death of his mother
Was the final thing
That made him arise
As a vengeful beast.

A mask on his face
A machete in hand
Heart full of anger
For his bitter fate.

The lustful teens
That arrive to the lake
They do horrible things
And it triggers his rage.

He watches them constantly
Clenching his fists
He waits for the moment
To finish them quick.

The teens always come
They are careless enough
Ignoring the legend
And thinking of fun.

Go on, filthy teenagers,
Come to the lake!
Jason is here
To decide your fate!

Camp Crystal Lake
It is his home
He’ll kill all the trespassers
And spill their blood.

So if you’re smart enough
Stay away from the lake.
Jason is always there
Waiting for his prey.
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