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Sin Atoned

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A young woman named Chris learns that every sin gets its punishment later or soon.

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The drops of rain hit against the window glass droningly, creating a gloomy mood. Of course, the perception of such weather strongly depended on each person. Some loved the rain and the grey clouds that covered every inch of the sky, and some couldn’t get rid of a depressive feeling that filled their hearts. But this was only temporary, as the dark, depressive weather retreats, and so does the unpleasant mood.

But for one person it was different. No matter what weather was outside, her mood couldn’t be changed. It wouldn’t vanish with the rain, and now not only she was crying, not literally though, as she has done it so many times since the event that changed her life. The young woman of the age twenty-six, named Chris, was sitting at the window and just watching in silence. Watching the natural water drops falling from the dark clouds. They looked scary enough, but to her it all seemed threatening. She didn’t know why, but this feeling accompanied her from that fatal day.

A month has passed since Chris got into a car accident. It wouldn’t be that serious, if there were no victims except for her. Unfortunately, life is much more cruel than she thought. She was driving her car in a suburban area and the speed was quite high. The road was empty, so higher speed shouldn’t cause problems. But suddenly she saw a child, a little girl that was no more than six years old, running out onto the road while trying to get her ball. If Chris had noticed her earlier, she would press the brake pedal peacefully, stop and wait while the child does her things and leaves. But no, the fate had decided to give her an unpleasant surprise. In fact, more than unpleasant. The girl ran out so suddenly out of the bushes that Chris didn’t manage to react. She saw the child literally in the last moment and pressed the brake sharply, but it didn’t do any good. In the result she knocked the girl down and hit her own face against the wheel. The blow was so strong that it made the young woman fall unconscious. Of course, both were hospitalized, but the child got concussion, several broken bones and internal bleeding. As for Chris, she got off with a concussion and a few bumps and scratches. It was obvious that the child wouldn’t survive after such traumas, but deep inside Chris hoped that the doctors would be able to save the girl. But they couldn’t. The inevitable couldn’t be escaped, and the child died eventually.

Of course, it was a terrible accident and Chris did all what depended on her to prevent it. Most of the blame falls on the irresponsible parents of that kid. They were camping with friends in the woods while their daughter played with a ball and didn’t notice the child going farther and farther away. It was too late when they suddenly remembered about the girl and at that moment she was already at the road. So it was their fault, they should have watched their child instead of drinking and engaging in God knows what. But, considering their rather young age, there’s nothing surprising, and such sad result was pretty expectable later or soon.

Now, after a month had passed since the accident, the unfortunate woman couldn’t get rid of the feeling of guilt, although it wasn’t her fault. A month that seemed like an eternity to her, and Chris continued blaming herself in the girl’s death. Every night became a pure torture to her when she jumped up in her bed in sweat and tears, seeing the terrifying dreams where a bloody child with a sinister grin on her pale face whispered threatening words in her ear. You killed me… Murderer… I’ll see you in Hell! Every night was a curse that Chris couldn’t get rid of, and the feeling of guilt increased with each such dream that could surely be called pavor nocturnus, until the poor woman had only one wish – a death wish. Although Chris wasn’t entirely sure if death could end this nightmare. She was afraid even of that because Chris was sure that after she dies, she will definitely go to Hell, where the dead girl would await her.

While the feeling of guilt gnawed her, Chris somehow remembered herself in much younger age when playing video games was her hobby. She had memories about a horror game that scared her strongly when she got to play it for the first time. Trying to dig deeper in her memory, she finally remembered the name of it – Silent Hill, to be precise, the second part. Remembering what the protagonist of that game, James, had to go through, Chris started to feel that now she totally understood what he felt, although all of this story was just mere fiction. But it wasn’t the story or the deserted foggy town that scared her. There was a creature that gave her nightmares after she saw it during the first encounter. It looked like a man in a filthy robe, gloves and black boots, but what made him really frightening was the triangular thing that covered his head, so no one could know what his face looked like or whether he even had a face. Whatever it was, Chris was afraid even to look at that thing. She even barely could keep herself from turning the game off and never touch it again, but, on the other hand, it fascinated her and she wanted to go through all of the story and find out how it ends.

If the death of a girl was one awful accident, then the memories about the creature with a helmet on its head weren’t. That monster was undoubtedly an executioner, and people come to the town of Silent Hill for a reason. And for most of them the reason is one – to atone for their sins. The town serves as some twisted kind of catharsis, and the pyramid-headed beast, known simply as Pyramid Head, is the executioner – silent and merciless.

As the days passed one after another and Chris continued seeing the dead girl in her nightmares, she slowly began to believe that this macabre executioner will come after her, as she deserved punishment. Despite that her fault was relatively small, comparing to the girl’s irresponsible parents, the accident resulted in death of an innocent child. She has sinned nonetheless and that meant that she had to pay for that later or soon. Everyone must pay what he or she has done, as no sin has ever gone unpunished, no matter how big or small it was. And deep inside her, Chris wanted to be punished. She couldn’t live like that anymore, so let it be what awaits her. She waited, believed that the pyramid-headed beast will come and end her life, despite being a figment of someone’s imagination. The only thing that mattered is that she believed in it.

Several days passed in anticipation of death, but nothing happened. Chris was starting to think that maybe she was going insane after all. But one morning, when she woke up for work, she noticed that the fog was starting to gather in the streets of her town, and what’s more, it was so thick that the buildings were barely visible at a distance of several meters. That surprised Chris, as she remembered watching the weather forecast yesterday, and nothing was mentioned about the fog on the next day. She tried to calm herself down with the thought that sometimes weather forecast can be wrong, so why wouldn’t it be the case this time? But something in the depth of her mind told her that it’s something else, this fog is a symbol of something that will happen to her soon and she won’t be able to escape it.

Chris half expected all the streets to be empty, just like in the fictional town of Silent Hill, but these thoughts were false. Indeed, why would the town suddenly become abandoned without any particular reason? That would be silly to think. It made Chris feel a bit calmer, so she just went through her daily routine in the morning, which consisted of washing herself, having breakfast while watching TV and putting some make-up before leaving home. And just as she came out of her block of flats, Chris realized how creepy the town could look when covered in thick fog. But beside that, there was nothing special about it. The life was still going on, just the traffic in the streets was slower because of bad visibility. Chris decided that walking would be the best option, otherwise she would be late for work because of traffic jam. As her workplace wasn’t too far from home, she reached it in time, walking faster than usual.

Chris’s colleagues were no less surprised than her about the fog which stuck to the window glass like white cotton. But only Chris had a disturbing feeling about it. The thoughts about similarity to Silent Hill stubbornly refused to leave her mind, no matter how she tried to tell herself that it’s nothing more than fiction. This seemed strange to her that the memories of a game she played in her teenage years were now echoing in her head so lively, like she has gone through this virtual adventure once again.

Generally the day at work went fine, Chris had nothing to complain about. She finished work at seven and began her way home. But the darker it became outside, the stronger was her paranoia. The fog was still there and it seemed that it has grown even thicker than before and now it was difficult to see your own hand. But, fog or not, Chris knew her way and her only wish was to reach home as soon as possible.

Lucky for Chris, no incidents occurred on her way home. She unlocked her flat on the second floor and entered it, sighing in relief and locking the door. At this moment it felt like the flat was her fortress and nothing could get her there. But if death comes after her today, nothing can stop it, not even solid walls or anything like that. Chris washed her hands then and went to make herself a cup of tea and some evening snack. While she was eating, she peeked into the kitchen window and noticed that the fog was disappearing rather fast, which was even stranger. Now it was pitch black outside and only the street lights were illuminating everything around them as far as the rays of their light could reach.

Chris sighed heavily and switched of the TV set when the evening news broadcast was over. There was nothing interesting to watch anyway, and it was getting late, so she washed the used dishes and prepared herself for bed. But as the young woman approached the kitchen door, suddenly she heard a loud noise outside, like glass crashing. Chris froze right on the spot she was standing and couldn’t move for a few moments. Finally she got out of stupor and decided not to be cowardly. After all, what would happen if she just peeked out through the window? Nothing. So she slowly approached it and concentrated her sight where, as she thought, the sound came.

Outside, there was nothing out of order – empty streets and just dead silence. It seemed that nothing could break it, but the glass breaking sound was clear as a day. And it was no hallucination, as Chris noticed one of the street lights broken. She remembered it being whole and working while having supper and now it literally exploded. And Chris felt all her guts trembling inside her body and heartbeat starting to accelerate. But why? What was so special about it? The lamps sometimes can break, you can never predict that. Nonetheless, she had a bad feeling about all of that.

At this moment one more memory flashed in her mind. Chris remembered surfing through Internet until she stumbled on an image with an inscription which said the following:

“Never discredit your gut instinct. You are not paranoid. Your body can pick up on bad vibrations. If something deep inside of you says something is not right about a person or situation, trust it.”

So that’s it, Chris thought. She had this feeling all day and in the evening it sharpened. It pretty meant then that something bad was going to happen, and Chris was somehow sure that death is coming after her, right here, right now. Now she believed in it with all her essence. She just went to her bedroom slowly and waited. It was no use trying to run away, as there is no escape from fate. You may be able to prolong your life, but death will get you anyway. It’s just a matter of time.

A sudden loud bang interrupted Chris’s thoughts and she felt her blood turning cold. It sounded like something broke through the door, but she wasn’t entirely sure. The drops of sweat ran down her face while she could accurately hear heavy footsteps approaching her room. The young woman didn’t move as she understood that there was no escape. She was awaiting it and believed in it, and now it was coming for her. She was just wondering if her death looked like she imagined it to be.

The door burst open and there he stood in all its deadly might – the monster with a red triangular helmet on its head, which, as Chris guessed, was covered in dried blood. He looked exactly like she expected him to look, just as she remembered him from the game. It was no other than Pyramid Head, the executioner that she waited to come and make her pay for her sin that she couldn’t forgive herself.

The creature stood in the doorway for a few moments, like pondering about something and studying its potential victim. Although his head was totally covered, Chris knew he was looking at her, although she wasn’t really sure if he was able to see like humans do. Or maybe he had another way to see? But none of this mattered now when the monster finally began moving forward, right towards Chris, and only then she finally saw a large spear in his hand. The unfortunate woman tried to suppress her fear, but it didn’t help much. All she could do was watching him approach her and whisper in a faint voice:

“You… you have come…”

Some part of her was still doubting the reality of what was going on, a piece of mind whispered – no, this is not real! But Chris didn’t believe it anymore. She believed only the monster that stood before her, and him alone.

For several minutes nothing broke the silence between the executioner and his victim. Chris suddenly felt that the feeling of fear was leaving her. She wasn’t afraid anymore and was ready to accept her fate. So she just made a step towards the monster…

One quick movement of creature’s hand and Chris felt herself being grabbed roughly by throat and in a split second sharp pain pierced her through, overflowing her whole body. Coppery taste of blood filled her mouth while she looked down and saw her body being impaled by a spear. Chris knew that she was going to die any moment, so she collected the last remains of strength and lifted her head to look at her punisher for the last time. Pyramid Head just withdrew the spear and dropped Chris’s body on the floor, watching her life fading with the loss of blood. And in the moment before her eyes closer forever, Chris smiled weakly and whispered just two words:

“Thank you…”

The monster with a pyramid helmet stayed with her till the end, making sure she is dead once and for all. When the woman closed her eyes and wasn’t moving anymore, he slowly lifted his head and slowly disappeared, like dissolving in the air. His mission was complete. This woman named Chris had sinned and she called for him in her mind to come and make her pay for what she had done. He came and granted her last wish.

And that was the end of her.


The next day a crowd of onlookers gathered around the building where Chris lived and her neighbours that were home at that moment went out of their flats to check what was going on, as police enclosed her flat. As Chris didn’t come for work, her chief tried to contact her both by cell and home phone, but got no answer each time during the day. This already became suspicious, so the only sane thing would be to call the police. Getting Chris’s address and both phone numbers, two police officers arrived to her place. As there were no answers on door bell and both phones, they decided to interrogate the neighbours first, just to make sure nothing is missed. No one of them has seen her since yesterday evening, and one of the neighbours from the second floor, from the flat on the left from Chris’s, informed them that she heard Chris entering her flat around eight yesterday evening and this morning she heard no sound from there. Chris always left her flat at seven in the morning, of that Anna, the neighbour, was absolutely sure, she heard it every morning. But today it was silent. But that wasn’t all. Anna confessed that later that evening she heard two loud bangs in Chris’s flat around ten o’clock, like a door was hit against the wall with all its might, and then nothing, no more sounds.

The officers thanked Anna and took her contact information for any case before returning to Chris’s flat and reporting the chief about everything through a walkie-talkie. Receiving the permission to get into the flat, they had to break the lock to get inside and investigate. Although they have dealt with murder a lot during their career, but they were shocked by what they found in a bedroom. A dead body of a woman was lying in the middle of the room while a puddle of blood was slowly forming around her. But it wasn’t what made the police workers feel the little hairs on their necks stand upright. It was a large gaping hole in the woman’s stomach. It looked like she was pierced with a big stake or something of that kind, as the hole was also visible on her back. It could mean that the object went through the body. The shocked officers then called to the station and to the hospital so the body could be taken away. The victim was identified as Christine Walker, 26, who was murdered around ten o’clock. A lot of investigation had to be conducted as no one could understand how this could happen, as all the windows were closed and the front door was locked from inside. No traces or fingerprints anywhere, including Chris’s body. Nothing. The crime experts were as confused and had no idea where to begin. This is the first case with such a mystery behind it and worth the time they were going to spend on it.

But neither of them will ever know all the truth about Chris, about the monster that killed her at her own will. No one would even believe this story if it breaks the surface someday, but it was highly doubtful. There are things that should be left alone and remain as they are – as mysteries, and the case of Christine Walker was one of them. It was only between her and the pyramid-headed monster, the executioner that she invited to her place, manifesting him with the power of her mind. And it will stay like that forever. Night was the only witness of Chris’s demise, while darkness embraced her soul and carried it away into its eternal depth. And, if listened carefully, a faint whisper can still be heard, echoing through now empty and silent flat:

“You have come… Thank you…”
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