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The Promised Sun

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While off to send a message from the Captain, Waddle Dee thinks about himself and his relationship with Meta Knight. Oh yeah, did I mention it gets fluffy at the end? One-shot. Game-based. (OS!Meta...

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Disclaimer: I do not own the "Kirby" game series, for they belong to HAL and Nintendo. Also, the fanfic was inspired by an adorable Japanese fanart, (particulary one of the latter scenes) so credit and much love goes to the artist for it. :D

Warnings: Hints of shounen ai, ala "boy's love" roam about. If the idea of a boy falling in love with another boy disgusts you, and/or if you don't like the pairing being featured on the summary, it's better to leave this fic alone. Other than that, it's "G" material. It's rather one-sided after all, at least in the story's situation. Also, this is centered on the "Revenge of Meta Knight", one of the games from "Kirby Super Star". So those who haven't played KSS ("Kirby Super Star") wouldn't understand the story very well. Other than that, feel free to read! ^_~

The Promised Sun
By: Jigglypuff in Blue Ribbons

Dark clouds filled the atmosphere of Dream Land, covering every spot of blue. The world below was painted a dull gray, matching the colors of a new temporary sky. No difference had come for the Halberd, a large ship set for air travel. Yet, it sat among a secluded island, watching its army prepare themselves for an enormous event. This land was perfect for many soldiers to hone their skills... and to prepare for the liberation of the planet. Surely, under their leader's rule, Pop Star would be under safe hands. Yet, he never thought about ruling an entire world before. Why this sudden change now? None of the crewmembers had the answer. It was rare anyone got close to him since, except for one, who ironically never had the experience or the talent of holding a small sword...

Waddle Dee watched the cotton ball-like clouds dotted across the heavens. Shortly after, the crewmember turned away, adjusted his hat, and went back to work. Waddle Dee himself was never much of a good fighter, but he did take control over chores and being a messenger for the Halberd. The ship work itself was explanatory, and everyone else tended to be busier than he was, so the mahogany worker was the only one who could be interrupted from labor to deliver words to another person, and not affect anything.

Everybody had something to do on the Halberd. The soldiers were all training for their future battles, particularly two named Meta Chain and Meta Axe. The Captain was busy on an invention known as the Heavy Lobster, in addition to planning different sorts of techniques to send the opponent crashing to his death. Finally, there was the leader of the Halberd, Sir Meta Knight. He was easily said to be the strongest of the armed forces, perhaps even the greatest of all time. The veteran, too, was training, and even more so than he had before. What's more is that he continued to further expand his own strategies and ideas for the next day...

Meta Knight...

It was strange for someone like Waddle Dee to be one of the Halberd's members. The mahogany worker wasn't sure if he was much good at anything aside from chores. All he had for a weapon was a parasol, but he wasn't much skilled in its use. Waddles Dees were meant for peace, not combat. Yet, Meta Knight took him in, despite his faults and what everyone else thought. As the weeks went by, and the new crewmember got to know him more, this appreciation and loyalty was slowly beginning to grow into something else... but was that all because the veteran welcomed him on the Halberd?

"Waddle Dee! You have a moment?"

Broken from his thoughts and back into reality, the mahogany worker gave his attention to the Captain.

"Yes sir?"

"Go find Meta Knight and tell him I need him!" the Captain requested. "There's something important I want to discuss with him. Tell him it's about the main machinery weapons, and that they need some final adjusting! The crewmembers are almost finished, but they want to know what Meta Knight thinks and what needs to be changed first. I don't know where he is, but he's probably somewhere private outside. Can you find him for me?"

"Yes, but I haven't finished sweeping yet-"
"That's not important now! You can take care of it when you come back!"
"Yes captain... but what happens when a strong enemy finds me?"
"There's soldiers everywhere you look, they'll protect you! Now get out there and find Meta Knight before it rains!"
"Ye- yes captain! I'm on my way!"

Quickly, Waddle Dee rushed to look for his parasol before the Captain lost his temper. Once he was set, the mahogany worker jumped from the edge of the Halberd, and the umbrella safely floated him down to the beach's sand. While Waddle Dee wandered through the lush, green forest, the clouds became grayer, puffier, and condensed. At last, the rain burst into the world and swept across the island. Wincing, Waddle Dee set his parasol upright and covered himself from the hail of raindrops. He had to search more quickly, or this rain could become cats and dogs later.

After lost wanderings for minutes and minutes, the mahogany worker came across the end of the woods. In front of him was a tall, large hill, green with fresh grass and dandelions, and its peak appeared as a path to the sky itself. At that same top, stood Meta Knight. Drawing his sword, he was a dark figure among the heavens, and looked like a dancing demon as he started swinging his weapon multiple times. With a twirl, the veteran was spinning in the air, transforming himself into a deadly tornado of metal. When Meta Knight landed, he stood still to take some breaths. Each technique had to be done well, well enough for the opponent to scream in excruciating pain. Voices, cruel wicked voices, in the veteran's head, told him he had to be perfect. Any slight error, and everything will be wrong. The rain only beckoned this, which added to his frustration. Before the Halberd's leader could lift a finger however, another thought had taken his mind.

Meta Knight no longer felt cold-water drops smack against his back; instead a bright parasol, Waddle Dee being its carrier, shielded him. There was a brief stare between the two, and for a while nothing was said. The mahogany worker was nervous; he didn't just anger his master now, did he? The young crewmember wasn't one to interrupt another's affairs, yet he had to carry out the Captain's message, so that wasn't much help either.

"S-Sir Meta Knight?" he faltered, trying to find the right words. "I-I don't mean to bother you, but-"
"There's nothing to worry about," the veteran assured. "What do you wish to tell me?"

Relieved that Meta Knight didn't sound too irritated, Waddle Dee regained calmness. The Halberd leader was usually a very stoical person, but like the Captain, it wasn't too great of an idea to get on his bad side.

"The Captain wants you back at the ship," Waddle Dee explained. "It's about the machinery weapons, and the people who built them need an opinion from you before they finish."
"I see... thank you, I'll talk to him."

With a nod, Meta Knight returned to the forest, with the mahogany worker following. The parasol wasn't wide enough for the two alone, so Waddle Dee walked out in the rain, making sure his master didn't get wet. He and his sailor hat were quickly getting drenched, but that hardly mattered now. He carried out his job, and now it was up to him to help Meta Knight as well. It was that moment a thought struck the young crewmember like a bludgeon against his head. All this loyalty and devotion... it had been more than just being allowed on a gigantic ship. It was about being taught of gaining a sense of purpose, self, and ability. Through Meta Knight, he became somebody... now he had strength, character, will, and everything else that before, he would've never gained them. All these positive qualities, and the mahogany worker didn't even have to be an invincible warrior to achieve them. Waddle Dee gazed up at the veteran. He was his leader, that's for sure. However, he was also a teacher, friend, parent, companion, and...

He loved Meta Knight. He loved him, and that was that. Hopefully, the veteran felt the same way about him too. Yet, even if it were unrequited, Waddle Dee promised himself that he'd always be devoted to Meta Knight, the Halberd, and its army, no matter what happened in any situation.

"Sir Meta Knight?"
"Thank you... for being everything to me."

The End

A/N: This story won second place for a previous fanfiction contest held by an author named Ivyna J. Spyder. The challenge was to write a "Kirby" fanfic based on one of the chosen pairings: Kawasaki/Lady Like for the Animé or Meta Knight/RoMK (Otherwise known as "Revenge of Meta Knight" from "Kirby Super Star") Waddle Dee for the games. It was an honor to be apart of it, and I highly recommend you read the other entries at Ivyna's site, "Beneath the Stars". You could even join the current contest being held if you want. :D
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