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Entry 14

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Artillery at night was a typical stratagem in The Great War. The only problem was that the ones’ shelling had only calculations to go on. In the pitch black of night, that was all you really had....

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December 9, 1915

We were shelled at night. I could not see the mud flying, but I know this one came too close. I felt the ground shake every time a shell hit. It felt like the world itself was going to collapse and we would all fall down into inferno. But I thank God that the shells stopped while they were almost on us. They missed us by mere centimeters, it seemed. There is still a ringing in my ears, from it. I do not know if it will stop. I hope and pray it does. My midnight snack consists of more rations, although these are of bread, pasta, and trench water. I can say that I have survived my third day on the Front. And I am starting to doubt if I’ll make it back to Arsenio.

Lo! Behold!

We know the end is nigh,
as we lay, waiting to die.
We wait to be free,
and we do it with glee.
But lo! Behold!
The sun comes from its eternal fold,
to warm us with its light,
and tell us we must fight.
Why we do, I know the cause,
the politicians have flaws.
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