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Entry 42

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The more aggressive attacks made by Austrian-Hungary forces were taking a toll on the Italian forces.

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March 1, 1916

I ran out of paper the day of the attack, suspiciously enough. And the page got ruined while I was writing. Some shrapnel tore a large hole through it, as well as the back. The battle raged on for a day. It was rather frightening, seeing as to how most of ours were over in only a matter of minutes. We lost one man, and have five wounded. I have finally gotten more paper, after asking around, and eventually sending a letter written on the inside of an envelope. But I got only about three fourths of my old journal in paper, this time. I think that the prices are high, since the pigeons and commanders have need of much paper. I am still thankful for it. My family just asked that Arsenio and I get home safely. I pray we do. If it comes to it, I will be the one to die. Arsenio is too young. He has a lot more potential ahead of him than I do. All I did before the war was keep run of a small shop. Nothing big. Just simple tools, food, some clothing, and some unique items, here and there. I miss it. It was such a peaceful life. But I’m here, and there’s nothing I think I can do to get back. I will have to use my paper more sparsely. I don’t want to have to ask for more again, anytime soon.
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