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Kane is a vampire who survive a werewolf invasion interupt his wedding and Daniel is a regular dude with a hot girlfriend who always cheated on other guys, who ended up finding Kane in a warehouse ...

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Chapter 1: Voices
The night sky is dark with clouds and heavy rain, inside a bedroom, Lita stared at her reflection of the mirror, she can't believe it, She was upset and enrage because Kane wanted to marry her but she refused so Kane had to force Lita to marry him and to add insult to injury, he attacked Matt, her boyfriend for 6 months and impregnated her with his own child, enraged, she threw a chest into the mirror, shattering it to pieces. The butler, Mino cringed, "Whoa, sweetie. Sometimes you need to calm down." Lita growled, "I don't deserve Kane." Mino's smile grew, "But he loves you. You think he's evil but he's a nice guy. I don't know why? But don't worry Kane will take care of you." Mino patted her shoulder, "Don't worry." but Lita was very unsure of this.
The parlor was completely dark, the only things were lighting the place were candles and chandeliers which glow softly, Mark growled, "Why I had to wear a suit while this idiot doesn't." The vampire who Mark called an idiot turn to Undertaker and slapped him which in return, Undertaker grabbed the idiot when "Brother, I am glad you're here." as Undertaker growled, "You invited me here, you asshole." Kane replied, "But you are brother and I feel like it's very rude. But here comes my bride." Lita came down the aisle but Kane could see that look, she looks uncomfortable, Kane wondered why, Lita came next to Kane as the priest does his speech and asking, "Glenn, do you want to take Lita as your wife." Right before Kane say anything, Matt Hardy came out of nowhere and manage to push Kane to the priest, causing both Kane and the priest to fall, Matt grabbed his girlfriend's hand as they both fled, Kane rose up, enraged and confused as he was about to order the vampires to grab them but Kane was whacked by on the head with a blunt object, causing the vampire to stumble and fall and hit the ground. And the last thing he saw before it fade to black was the werewolves attacking and killing the guest but Undertaker was gone.
Daniel scanned the warehouse, the others were too busy exploring other rooms, this sucked for him, being a man in all female crew, it's sucked ass for him. Daniel scanned the area until he saw a body of a person but it's look like it's drained of blood, the bearded man backed up until his foot hit something hard, Daniel turned around and saw 8 coffins, he went to the coffin he hit foot on, all 7 coffins are empty but one, Daniel called out, "I found someone!" as Yuri and her sister ran in and saw the man in the coffin, they had no idea who is but Daniel discovered a file with his name, "Glenn Jacobs or Kane." Daniel had already checked the rooms but no signs of anything expect for a drug which can cause a drunken someone to vomit until they get the toxins out of their bodies but it's very illegal to produce, but might legal somewhere like a town where crime like prostitution is a thing or prevent drunkards or underage drinkers, Daniel is a vegetarian and he wants everyone in the crew knows he wants to become the world's toughest vegan, then Kieth let out a chuckle, "Well Danny, welcome to the club." Daniel blushed angrily as the captain called out from walkie talkie, "Anything special." Daniel replied, "Someone named Glenn, a drug i believe and 7 empty coffins." The Captain replied, "One survivor." with such shock, "How, fine once we get him in, we must blow up the warehouse because my theory might a virus or some bubonic plague that cause the Black Death." Lindo froze, "What?" Daniel cut her off by, "Kane or Glenn is the only survivor. Once we get him in, we will checked him for any injuries like bruises or any scars." as the others got Kane back to where their Captain could examine Kane with everyone being unaware of the horror coming next.
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