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Late night drives with Dallon Weekes and Brendon Urie. Brendon notices Dallon's impatient skyrocket and squirming begins

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It was late at night after a night out that Dallon and Brendon were driving home. Surprisingly, the new couple decided they wouldn't drink that night despite what their friends were up to. Instead, they decided on soda, and lots of it.

Driving down the dark, empty road, Brendon noticed Dallon's knuckles gripping the steering wheel quite hard as he drove at a steady pace. He brushed it off and continued to switch radio channels, looking for a good song. Bored, he began finger drumming on the dashboard.

"Brendon, please cut it out" the taller boy said in response to his noise. Brendon stopped, and resorted to looking out the window for entertainment. It was pitch black out, and it didn't seem like they'd see anything for miles.

From the corner of his eye, he saw Dallon's knee begin to bounce. Eyeing him weirdly, he decided to ask what was up. "Um. Just anxious to get home. Pretty tired" Dallon responded. "Oh! Want me to drive then? So you can rest?" Dallon contemplated for a second, because he had been driving for a while. But then he realized he wouldn't have any distraction from his growing need to pee if he wasn't driving. "No Bren I'm fine". But no, really he wasn't, really he was just wishing they'd find somewhere, be a gas station or McDonald's to stop for a pee break.

His bladder was throbbing. He pushed his long legs slightly more together. Once he saw Brendon's attention shift back to the window, he shot his free hand down into his crotch. Once it was there, it most definitely didn't want to let go.

A few minutes went by before Brendon looked back at Dallon. He was being quieter than usual. He quickly noticed Dallon's long fingers wrapped around his cock over his jeans. Looking at his pained face, he put two together. Dallon needed to pee. "Dal... Uh... You good?"

Dallon's blue eyes shot over to see Brendon. Looking down he noticed his hand gripping his crotch like his life depended on it, well, more like his bladder. Blushing a dark shade of red, he avoided making eye contact with the shorter man sitting next to him. "I have to pee.." He muttered. The confirmation was all Brendon needed to feel himself growing hard.

Confused about his arousel but also concerned for his boyfriend, he wasn't sure what to do. He opened Google maps attempting to find a rest stop.
"Next stop his 35 minutes away..."
He saw Dallon's eyes widen while his body squirmed in response. "I-uh okay"
"Can you make it?" Brendon asked, but Dallon really wasn't too certain himself.
"Uh... I hope so."

His squirming continued for about five more minutes till they hit a bump. Dallon shrieked, shoving his hand impossibly deeper into his crotch. The death grip around his cock wasn't going to help him very much at this point. Brendon had to supress a moan when he saw this, he didn't really think now was the time to tell Dallon he was into this.

Dallon felt panicked, but he was desperate. He didn't particularly like the idea of whipping his dick out infront of his boyfriend just yet, as they had only been together for two weeks. But he also didn't like the idea of wetting himself. Grabbing himself frantically while still trying to drive, he swallowed his pride and turned to Brendon. "Um... Can you look behind your seat and check for any empty bottles?".
Seeing his boyfriend's urgency, Brendon turned and began searching for something to help Dallon relieve himself. No luck. He looked out the window, not seeing any trees or bushes near by either.

"Fuck, I can't-" Brendon became concerned when he heard the crack in Dallon's voice, he truly was desperate. He snuck another look at his crotch, and noticed that Dallon had unzipped his tight jeans to give himself more space. Brendon felt his dick throb, he took of his hoodie to cover his giant errection.

Next thing he knew, he felt the car swerve to the side of the empty, dark road. Dallon's mouth let out a string of curse words as he struggled out of his seatbelt. Running around the front of the car to get to the edge of the road, Brendon saw Dallon begin to scan the area panicking. Brendon turned his phone flashlight on and hopped out of the car.

He shined it at Dallon and saw the tall, dark haired boy with both hands buried into his crotch. His blue eyes filled with desperation. He scanned the area and now understood the shy boy's dillema.

A complete open field.

"Dal no one else is here, just go."
He hesitated at first, then slightly turned away from Brendon and pulled out his sore cock. "Shine the light I don't wanna pee on my shoe.." He muttered at Brendon. Within ten seconds, brendon heard liquid hitting the gravel beneath them. He was trying his hardest to compose himself and not look, but his efforts weren't enough. He glanced over to see Dallon's hand wrapped around his cock, fiercely peeing at the ground. He heard a moan from Dallon and had to fight the urge to give his own throbbing dick a squeeze.

Once he was finished, he turned towards Brendon after tucking himself back into his pants. Brendon noticed a large wet spot about the size of an orange on the front of his jeans. He moaned audibly and Dallon definetly noticed.

"Brendon... Were you watching me..?"
"Mmmm" was all Brendon could get out as he leaned against the black car. He felt Dallon lean against him, his thigh between his legs. Immediately, Brendon yelped and bucked his hips onto it.
"You dirty guy, Brendon... Getting hard off my desperation, moaning at my accident, now getting off on my thigh..."
Brendon suddenly noticed their height difference as he reached up and placed his hands on Dallon's shoulders, his cock throbbing against his boyfriends leg.

They began to make out as Brendon continued to grind. Soon Dallon switched positions, flipped Brendon around and placing him between his legs. He lined up their clothed crotches before deciding it wasn't enough. He unbuttoned his jeans and motioned for Brendon to do the same. The only thing coming between them now was the fabric of their boxers.

They continued to grind while making out, until Dallon felt Brendon moan harshly against his lips while going slightly limp. He caught the smaller boy and quickly realized he had finished. Grinning, he put Brendon back into the passenger seat and drove them home.

He'd be ready for round two later ;)
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