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Nicks A Dad (New Girl)

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A few years ago Nick dated a woman named Julia. when they broke up Julia found out she was pregnant but never told Nick. After two and a half years Julia dies and a social worker goes and tracks do...

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It was like every other normal day in the loft, Jess was in her room planning for the next teaching assignments, Winston was playing with his cat Furguson in his room and Schmidt and Nick were fighting over Nicks dirty clothes that were all over the floor in his room when Melissa Clark knocked on the door with a 3 year old Bailey by her side.

No one heard the knock except Jess so she came out of her room walking past and angry and annoyed Schmidt and Nick and answered the door.

“Hello,” Jess says to the man suit lady and little girl.

“Hi I’m Melissa Clark I’m here looking for a Nick Miller,” the woman says to Jess.

“Uh Okay one second,” Jess says walking away over to the fighting duo. “Hey guys there’s a women at the door looking for Nick,” she tells them causing them to stop fighting and walk over to the door.

“I’m Nick Miller,” Nick says.

“Hi I’m Melissa Clark. I’m here to tell you your a dad to a baby girl named Bailey,” the woman informs him.

Nick looks at the woman “I’m a dad? A Dad? Schmidt I’m a dad! OH MY GOD I'M A DAD!” Nick says before passing out.

“Oh my god Nick,” Schmidt says kneeling down to Nick.

After Nick passes out.

“Uh what happened?” Nick asks.

“You found out you were a dad and passed out,” Jess says bluntly.

“Wait that was real?” Nick asks.

“Yeah,” Schmidt says standing beside a young girl.

“Nick meet your daughter Bailey,” Winston says introducing Nick to Bailey.

“Oh,” Nick says looking at Bailey.
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