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Night Songs

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Eric Brittingham, bassist for Cinderella, falls in love with his fellow bandmate, Tom Keifer.

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SONG TO PLAY FOR THIS STORY: Night Songs by Cinderella

Eric POV

Why do I keep feeling this? It’s wrong, what would he think if he knew? Fuck...I don’t know what to do. We just finished playing a gig, it went pretty well, but the whole time I couldn’t concentrate. I was too busy watching Tom. I could barely play my bass, sometimes I played the wrong thing, and Jeff would look at me with a worried expression and mouth “You okay man?”, all I could do was nod and carry on playing like nothing was wrong. Even my bass would slip from my grasp sometimes, as I was to captivated by the gorgeous lead singer. Tom didn’t seem to notice I played the wrong thing a few times, as he still carried on singing into the microphone like he always did. Fred didn’t seem to notice either, as I looked back at him a few times, and he was still playing away on his drums. The audience sure as as hell didn’t notice, they were all too drunk or too high to even care.
I didn’t always feel this way, not when I first joined the band a few years ago. Hell, Tom and me barely knew each other when we played our first gig. But ever since then, we became close. VERY close. When I messed up during our first few gigs, because I couldn’t play very well yet, Tom was there to cheer me up. When I broke up with my girlfriend, Tom was there to comfort me. Fuck if I just wanted to go shopping to buy some Jack Daniels Tom would come with me. It was like when we met, something just clicked. It was like someone lit a candle that hadn’t been lit in years. Tom became my best friend, of course Jeff and Fred were my friends, but Tom and me, now we were something. We were inseparable. Hell we still are, but it’s been different lately.


Me and Tom were hanging out on our tour bus. And we were just talking, mainly about where we’re gonna go for our next show. Fred and Jeff went to the bar, so it was just me and him.
We were sitting on one of the leather couches. Tom on the right and me on the left.
“So I was thinking, maybe we should go to Arizona next, once we’re finished with Nevada.” Tom suggested.
“I’m down for that, I’ve always wanted to go there.” I said.
Tom smiled.
And that’s when it hit me.
Tom was gorgeous.
His smile could warm even the coldest heart, his eyes were mesmerizing, and his pale skin, contrasted well with his dark clothes, and even his hair, I never really noticed it before, but his hair was wild and amazing. I wanted to run my fingers through it, and those lips. Those full lips, I couldn’t help but think how those lips would feel against mine.
And that’s when I stopped myself. What the hell Eric? Where’s all these thoughts coming from? You are not gay for your best friend, you are not! But there’s something about Tom, something I can’t put my finger just draws me in...
“Eric? Earth to Eric!” Tom said as he waved a hand in front of my face.
“ERIC!” He shouted.
“WHAT?” I shouted, snapping out of my trance.
“You zoned out for a minute, you okay man?” He asked, cocking his head.
“Yeah” I said, burying my face in my hand, “I’m just tired man, that’s all.”
I could tell Tom knew I was lying, but he didn’t pressure me any further. And he carried on talking to me, to which I didn’t pay attention to. I had one thing on my mind.

I’m so fucked.


I’m now on the tour bus, laying on one of the leather couches, crying into a pillow. Those six months ago, I realized I was in love with Tom Keifer. I’ve come to terms with it now. At first, I kept telling myself I didn’t like him, and I was just simply complimenting him on how attractive he was, but I’ve realized that this is not the case. I would just be lying to myself. Now I’m not gay, that’s for sure, I just saw Tom this way, I’ve even tried distracting myself by fucking a bunch of groupies, but I’ve thought about Tom each time. No matter what I do, I can’t get him out of my head. No matter how many pretty girls I see. Fuck you Tom for being so damn perfect.
I’m crying into this pillow because I’ve held it in for way too long, I don’t know what to do. It’s literally haunting me. Should I tell him? What? No! He would probably kick you out of the band if he knew! Who knows? Maybe he’ll like you back? Ha, yeah, that was a good one. If I know Tom at all, he’s pretty damn straight.
I clutched onto the pillow, sobbing. Pretty much torturing the poor pillow. But I just couldn’t help it, fuck I loved the guy. So I just clutched that pillow like my life depended on it, and just unleashed all those feelings I’ve had built up inside for months now.
I then heard some foot steps coming towards the door of my room. Then a knock sounded, followed by a voice, Tom’s voice.
“Eric? Are you alright? I hear you crying,is everything okay?” I hear him say, a hint of worry present in his voice.
“Go away” I said, my face still buried into the pillow, so it sounded a bit muffled.
“Eric, somethings up. You are never like this. I’m coming in.” He said.
I was about to protest, but then I realized I couldn’t do anything to stop him, once Tom wanted something, he would get it. Trust me, I learned that the hard way.
I heard the doorknob turn, and the door slowly opened, I had the light off, so it was completely dark in the room, but Tom turned the light on.
I then could feel pressure on my lower back, and I lifted my head up and saw Tom crouched down beside the couch I was laying on. His hand was on my lower back, rubbing small circles in a soothing fashion, I sighed and relaxed at the feeling. His face showed worry.
I moved my blonde hair out of my damp face, and I wiped my nose with my jacket sleeve.
“Eric what’s wrong?” Tom asked, still rubbing my back.
I then buried my face back into the pillow and started sobbing once again.
“Eric, talk to me.” Tom said.
I still continued to cry, and I heard Tom sigh.
He lifted my arms up and sat me upright to where I was facing him, I kept my head down, trying to avoid as much eye contact as possible.
“Hey, look at me.” He said, his hands still on my arms.
I wouldn’t look at him, and he used his right pointer finger and lifted my chin up, causing my whole head to lift up and forcing me to look at him.
“Hey, it’s okay, tell me what’s wrong.” He said.
I looked into his beautiful eyes, and just from doing that, I started to tear up again,
“Shhhh, calm down.” He said.
He wrapped his arms around me and rested his head on top of mine, out of instinct, I wrapped my arms around him and buried my face in his shoulder and cried.
He started rocking me back and forth. I was getting his shoulder sopping wet, but he didn’t seem to care.
He waited till I calmed down and he stopped rocking us, and be removed his arms from around me and he placed his hands on my shoulders. He looked into my eyes.
“Now, tell me what’s wrong Eric.” He said.
I looked down.
“It’s-it’s just...” I started.
I wiped my eyes with my hand, and I realized my makeup was smudged everywhere, oh well, I’ll take a shower later.
“The p-person I l-love doesn’t love me b-back.” I said, barely able to talk from crying so much.
“Who’s this person Eric?” Tom asked. Quick! Make up a random girls name! Speak you dumbass!
“I uh, I c-can’t say.” I said.
“Eric, I can’t help you if you don’t tell me who it is,” Tom said.
Just say you fell in love with some groupie. Yeah that’s it. But I can’t say anything I’m so nervous! Say something you idiot!
“If I told you, you’d be disgusted.” I said.
God Eric why’d say that now he’s gonna be suspicious!
“Why would I be disgusted Eric? You’re my best friend. You can tell me anything, you know that right? I would never judge you, or make fun of you. Never. I would never ever do something like that.” He said, staring deeply into my eyes.
I took a deep breath. This is it. The moment I’ve dreaded ever since six months ago. I’m finally gonna tell him. I’ve held this in for way too long. Even though I’m gonna be rejected, and it’ll probably make things awkward between us, I have to tell him.
“’s..y-you.” I said.
Tom’s eyes went wide.
“Okay, I get it if you don’t want to be friends any-“ I was cut off by Tom’s lips crashing into mine.

Tom’s kissing me.

It took me a second to process what was happening, but when I did, I kissed him back with just as much passion, I wrapped my arms around his neck and his arms went to my lower back.
More tears started to fall from my eyes, not tears of sadness, but tears of joy.
I could not believe I was kissing the love of my life. Damn it was better then my fantasies. A hell of a lot better.
After a while he pulled away, his arms still around me. He was smiling.

“I love you too you idiot.”
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