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Never-Ending Nightmare

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Something terrible happens one dark night to a particularly mistake prone detective, and Edgeworth doesn’t know how to deal with it.

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It was.. A very stressful day- to say the least. Edgeworth has been working before sunrise and now, long after sunset. This case was receiving his undivided attention. The main culprit at the moment, was on the run. And the last thing he heard was that the police were tracking him down. But apparently, he had an accomplice. Not an unusual occurrence in homicide cases... Witnesses were called.. Suspects were at large. And he just wanted- no- needed that guilty verdict. He worked and worked until he felt his eyelids start to weigh down on his sockets. For a moment, he wondered what progress his detective assistant had on the case. Before slowly beginning to doze off..
His short accidental nap was quickly interrupted by the sound of something coming from outside the prosecutors office. The sound was ringing, and loud. He could hear it close. Close by, as he peered out the large window in his office. He never liked looking down.. As his office was several stories up. And he admitted he had a bit of a fear of heights. But looking down now was necessary!... Crucial! In contrast to the darkness of the sky, he watched as four police cars whizzed past the building. Sirens blaring.. Blue and red lights flickering.
This must’ve been proof of their little chase. He thought. I wonder how Gumshoe is contribu-
His thoughts were suddenly interrupted as he heard his door get violently busted it open. ‘Damn it..’ He thought to himself. He had only replaced the door recently. He knew what- or rather- who was infiltrating his inquiring peace. He didn’t even need to turn his head.
“Detective Gumshoe.. What have I told you about-“
He was interrupted once more.
“I-I’m not Gumshoe, sir! But that’s alarmingly close to the topic I’ve been ordered to discuss!” The person who said this was a short man. Edgeworth didn’t recognize him. His best guess was that this man was a new officer in the department. He looked on edge. It was- perhaps- his first time in all the action...
“Ordered?- perhaps you’ll tell me who you are before telling me your spiel.. You did just rudely bust into my office, after all.” I crossed my arms.
The officer looked like he could practically burst!
“M-Miles Edgeworth sir! Who I am is NOT important here! Sir- I’d just been advised exactly eight minutes and 29 seconds ago to go to your very office and inform you of something!” He yelled.
Edgeworth, frustrated, demanded- “Then spit it out, will you!?”
“Detective Gumshoe is on a foot chase on the fly, sir!” The Officer let out. His words were shaky. As if he was having a hard time telling this to the prosecutor.
‘Foot chase on the fly....’ was this some cop term he didn’t know about?... He thought about it for some time before it finally sank in.
“That fool...” I muttered. Which the officer seemed to hear.
“That was exactly my reaction!.. Well then chief asked me to tell you first of course.. In case- HEY! WAIT!” He shouted. As the prosecutor sprinted right past him and out of his office! “YOU AREN’T GOING AFTER HIM ARE YOU!?” He asked loudly. Getting no response.. As Edgeworth was already long gone. He was at the precinct in less than five minutes. The chief’s office, to be exact.
He had demanded the location of both Gumshoe and the criminal. The chase, to be blunt. The Chief didn’t question his motives. As part prosecutor’s job was to find stuff that could be used as evidence. He simply handed a fragile looking tablet to the prosecutor. Edgeworth examines it. It had two little circles on it. They were gradually moving forward across a map. One circle was green, and the other was red. The green circle seemed to be tailing the red one. And he knew right away what all this was.
He gave a quick nod to the chief before once again running out of the building. The chief didn’t even have time to warn him...
Edgeworth quickly got in his car and sped off to where the directions were leading him. Did the city look more.. Deserted..? Than usual..? There was hardly anyone on the street. But boy he was glad for the street lights..
He stopped at a clearing. This was as far as his car could take him.. The comfort and safety of his red car...
He looked up at where the directions were pointing to, and a drop of cold sweat fell down his forehead. It was a forest. And as soon as he got a good look at it... He knew...
This is a place you would go.. If you didn’t want people to hear screaming...
He froze. ‘Should I really be doing this? Why am I doing this...?! Isn’t this the police’s job...?’ He thought. For a moment, perhaps. He wasn’t going to enter.. But something... Began to draw him in.
He charged in. Branches scraping against his suit. Him splashing mud on his pantlegs. He would halve complained had he not been on an adrenaline rush.
He continued his pursuit until he was CONVINCED he heard voices. He stopped in his tracks. Looking around. It was so dark.. He couldn’t see much ahead of him, let alone people..
He could tell there were voices..! Especially when- “FREEZE SCUMBAG! IT’S THE COPS!”
Gumshoe. It was undeniably Gumshoe. That’s always what he shouted when he engaged a criminal.
He kept following the sound of voices.. He was sure he was almost there when something.. Something all to familiar rang out. Popping in the prosecutor’s ears. When he heard it.. Almost all the adrenaline left his body.. Leaving him a husk..

BANG! then a scream.. Well.. Not exactly a scream. More of a yell. The noise sounded odd. For what he assumed was a gunshot. It was more like a pop.. It was indeed.. Odd.. Little did he know what came next.. Would haunt his dreams...
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