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Dragon Ball Super Gt

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Dragon Ball Super Gt is a crossover between Super and Gt (Note! I Don't Own The Anime and The Characters in Dragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Gt

Category: Dragon Ball Z - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Crossover - Characters: Bulma,Elder Kai,Goku,Supreme Kai,Vegeta - Warnings: [?] - Published: 2018-06-07 - 683 words

Chapter 1: A New Time Ring

This happened after the T.O.P
1 month later tp be exact

Ting a ring fell on Suprene Kais head

Skai:What's this....A ring? Suddenly out of nowhere

Elder Kai: Well boy thats a Time Ring you're holding.

Skai:A Time Ring who could have possibly make this.

Ekai: Well I know a person.....Bulma.

A second later both kais telepoted to
Capsule Corps

Skai:Knock knock anyone home?

Bulma: Wait a second! Opens Door

Bulma: Oh! Supreme Kai Elder Kai what brings you here??

Skai:Bulma you know why we're here!

Bulma: I don't know why your here but before you explain come in.

Bulma: So whu are you two here...oh no this is bad they can't know I mean how?!?!?

Skai:Bulma care to explain this! show ring

Bulma: What's that Spreme kai my Lord...heheh

Skai:It's a time ring bulma!

Bulma:A Time Ring?

Skai: Dont play jokes with us bulma!

Ekai: Maybe she doesn't realy know what a Time Ring is..You should explain it to her

Skai:O........A time ring is formed when a person travels back in time,doing something to mess up the line creating a new timeline and a
Time Ring does that make sense??

Bulma:Well yeah but I didn't do anything...heheh

Skai: Bulma tell us the truth I promise I wont hurt you

Ekai: (whispers to Skai) But beerus will right?

Bulma: Ok.....I may have ignored the warning from beerus,created a Time Machine and send oolong in the past....hehehe....

Skai: Of course.Out of all the people you chose oolong

Bulma:Hes the only one willing to do it ..hehe

Skai: Willing or you bribed him?

Bulma:I kinda did bribe him with ...pan...ties...

Skai: Well past is past the only right thing to do is call beerus...and oh also oolong

Oolong arrived 15 mins later and another 15 mins Beerus arrived with Whiz

Beerus:So pig tell me what you did or im going to eat you like I should have done when I first arrived in this planet! n-nothing

Beerus: Tell me now or im really going to eat you!

Oolong: Gulp umm where should I start?


Oolong: Okay okay ......Well I was watching some ahem stuff when I got a call from bulma, she said if I was willing to do something for her I refused at first but she told me shes was giving me ....used...panties..... for a prize so I ran there as fast as I can an-

Bulma:By the way the way the panties weren't mine

Beerus: Skip to the part when you were in the machine its getting a little weird every second

Oolong: Okay ... So Bulma was doing some sciency stuff with the Machine and then she said "when ever your ready push the green button, if you want to come back press the red one and type in the exact date and time" so I did after that I pressed the green button

Beerus: And what date and time did you put in?

Oolong: Exactly 15 mins before you chose me to be your opponent at rock paper scissors
It gave me enough time to kidnap my past self and after that I DEFEATED YOU. Beerus just said he lost interest in Super Sayain God and Earth and he went a loser...

Skai:So that explains the Ring

Beerus:Well you guys ignored me so...... Oolong as a punishment ill eat you and bulma your punishment will be destruction!

Bulma: Plz no im going to give you a life time suply of ramen plz plz plz

Beerus: Okay!!?!?!....but how about you Oolonh???

Oolong: Ummmm...... Ill give you Bacon,Pork any time you want until im dead!

Beerus: Thats better than bulmas...OKAY!

Oolong:Sorry little pigs im sory

Skai: Well what should we do with this time
Should we ignore it or check if this timeline needs help?

Goku: Hell yeah we should check it out!

All: GOKU?!?!?!!
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