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Just in time (Boyf Riends)

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This is a vent fanfiction, so yeah... Micheal's still alone and something will happen, almost all of you can figure it out.

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Michael's POV
Currently deleting pictures with Jeremy and him
I can't believe it... after 12 fucking years. TWELVE FUCKING YEARS! He... He just throws me away like I'm some sort of annoying ex! That stupid... wait. It's the SQUIP. It has to be it! Jeremy... he... he isn't that dumb... right? I gotta figure out something!
7 hours later... M= Michael R= Rich
M: "Hey Rich, you seem like you'd know what a SQUIP is, right?"
R: "W-what! You know what that monster is? How??"
M: "Jeremy has it. He's been... acting horrible."
R: "Oh no. Do you have drugs or Mountain Dew red?"
M: "Yeah, tons of both actually..."
R: "Wait what?! Why didn't you give me any at the party?"
M: "I was busy... um... s-smoking?"
R: "Tell me the truth."
M: "Fuck sake, fine. I was crying."
R: "Oh. Well, look, mix some like, orange juice or something with Mountain Dew Red. It can't be alcohol or drugs."
M: "Alright, thanks dude!"
Michael walks back home
Alright... Okay... uh... I can't find anything to even mix the Mountain Dew Red with... Aha! Some grape juice! Mixes it in Now all I have to do is... sneak it into his locker?
Jeremy's POV
Jeremy pick this shirt. I'm telling you, it'll work out! Look, we bought it for a reason!
THANK YOU! Finally. Also it's time for you to do 17 push-ups. You seriously have to stop with porn.
I'm gonna be late if I don't hurry so uh, nope!
All these fucking excuses...
Michael's POV
Alright, now that you've finished that... just go sit... at a lunch table... alone. Wait, maybe Rich- wait no. He... He's not exactly the best person. I'll just walk around... and do nothing! I'm a loser so no one will care anyways. I really hope she drinks it... 5 hours pass What... he keeps acting like that. Maybe I should try to go talk to him.
M: "Yo Jerem-"
J: "Go away."
M: "What? We're... friends."
J: What about optic nerve blocking?
Oh, alright. Just a test...
M: "Hey? Jer? Are you gonna s-"
J: walks past him
Wait... what? It didn't work. I'm going to be alone. Forever... I'm going to be alone for the rest of my life because of that stupid fucking drug! I can't fucking believe it! You know what, life with... Life without Jeremy would be hell! Absolute fucking hell! It's... It's not really worth living... without anyone like Jeremy. He... I'm not par of a pair anymore. It's useless! I'm useless! I'm useless when I'm alone! I'm useless all the fucking time! I don't blame that SQUIP anymore!
At end of the day (Jeremy's POV)
Opens locker
What? A gift?
Jeremy! Your popularity is growing already! Some random girl gave you a drink!
Heh... yeah! Wow, you are amazing!
Go ahead! Drink it!
Jeremy drank it
WhaAt iS HapPEnNnIiNg TooOO0 Me?
Agh! NOo... mOuNtTTAAIN DeW ReD
Agh! My brain!
At Michael's home
Ha ha...ha... Is writing Jeremy and that SQUIP... I hope you have fun. Well... my time has no need anymore. I'm alone... unwanted... useless. Shall I list more? Jeremy... if you ever find yourself reading this... I love you. Please go have fun. You probably don't care now, you know, with that SQUIP of yours. At least you're not a... loser anymore. You're not like me now. You're not near me now. You don't need me. I needed you.
Michael Mell
stops writing and tears flow down his face
"Why... why Jeremy out of all people?!"
Well, there's no more need to cry now. No need to ask questions. The answer is allways SQUIP. You can never get rid of it. Grabs knife with hands shaking
"This... is it."
knock knock knock
What the hell?
knock knock knock
Seriously? Fine... I'll check the door.
Knock kno-
M: "Oh. It's... What..." Tears flowing down face
J: "I'm so sorry Michael! I... acted like such a bitch... no... wor-"
M: hugs Jeremy crying "You're back to normal! I'm so glad! The... The Mountain Dew Red worked, right? Right?"
J: Sudden realization "That's... Yes!" Hugs back
M: Forgot what he was about to do "Come in! It's so great to see you!"
J: "A-are you sure? I just made such a mess in li-"
M: "Yes!"
J: "I... Thank you."
M: "Can you send me our pictures again? I kinda deleted them, heh..."
J: "" Saw the knife "Also, what's that knife doing out of the kitchen?"
M: "Oh, uh, long story, anyways, uhm..."
J: "Michael... Please tell me the truth..."
M: "No... You'd feel worse. That's not what you need."
J: "I NEED to know what the truth is or I will feel worse!"
M: "I...uh..."
J: walking towards it Is that... a note?
M: Stops him "No need to do that Jeremy, c'mon! Let's go and play something! Or get stoned? Please?"
J: "Not until I see what that note says."
M: "Then we can just stay here like this then."
J: "Alright."
M: "..."
J: "..."
M: "I... I'm sorry, but I can't."
J: "No, I'm sorry! I literally destroyed our friendship, I think I was like... your ownly fr- oh. Is it what i think it is?"
M: "Wha- No! Of course not! C'mon! Let's go get stoned!"
J: "Then let me see it."
M: "...F-fine." steps away
J: Did I really... Oh my god... "Michael... I'm... so sorry... I can't believe I put you through that..."
M: "I- Uh, It's not your fault! It's the SQUIP's fault! Come on, it's... it's fine! I forgive y-"
J: Starts crying No no no stop crying me! Stop crying!
M: "I mean it... I forgive you..."
J: wipes away tears "Sorry... I'm just... so..."
M: steps closer "Look, you're amazing! Without you, I'd have no friends at all! Now you're back! You're my friend again! Without finding out you existed in the first place, I'd probably have done that sooner. You're... You're the best thing that has ever happenned to me!"
J: steps closer "You... you mean it?"
M: nods
J: hugs
M: lets go
J: Oh... he... He doesn't forgive m-
M: kisses
J: I... can't move! Come on like hug him or something! MOVE!
M: stops "I..uh.. S-sorry... I just... um..."
J: smiles "It's fine! After that, well..." finally kisses him too
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