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i like naruto so i thought my now make hime a hedgehog

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time 21;48 at night n date 14/06/2018-naruto -UZUMAKI age 12 found a
clear mini bubble shape potion bottle full of neon yellow n neon blue hedgehog
permeant potion once Naruto drinks the potion he will become ageless-immortal
n since Naruto age 12 right now he will stop ageing age 20-height same as shadow n have
wind n water n ice chaos magical powers n abilities n the ability to run very fast n fly n
breath on land n underwater n in space wen Naruto goes super he will glow ice blue n his eyes wen he his angry Naruto glow dark ice blue with dark red eyes
Naruto found the potion bottle in his jacket pocket Naruto sat on his bed in his apartment as he drank very last drop of potion feeling sleepy all of a sudden Naruto thought he lay down a few minutes Naruto glow neon yellow n neon blue as he was changing from a
human boy into a very powerful hedgehog permeant time skip time 22;04 at night
Naruto he look like he did before in looks most THO
male ultimate life form-age 12 stop ageing age 20-height like shadow-ageless-immortal
neon yellow n neon blue wind markings on his quills n arms n legs n ears n sides n tail
he as quills like his hair before but now as quills
neon blue round his eyes he add before-n the same skin tone on his face n ears n chest tummy-half ocean sea blue for UZUMAKI half gold for NAMIKAZE gothic royal inhibitor rings with Naruto -UZUMAKI-NAMIKAZE 1th royal family crest on them with a
half tropical sea blue for UZUMAKI half silver for NAMIKAZE
bubble shape magical chaos emerald in the middle of each gothic royal inhibitor rings
like SIDGE-ZERO on his hands n arms n feet
midnight black neon orange gothic hoodie muscle top open showing his chest n tummy n
short finger less gloves n ninja hover shoes like SIDGE-ZERO shoes n
hoodie jacket like from assassin creed like jacket n a
wind shape sword with 3 emeralds on it the sword was cool
end of
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