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naruto the immortal

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in my story i thought i make naruto immortal n a hedgehog

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time 09;10 in the morning n date 15/06/2018-KONOHA village Naruto -UZUMAKI age 12
was just packing his bag for the MISSON to the land of waves wen he found a
mini clear bubble shape potion bottle full of midnight black n neon orange ageless-immortal permeant
hedgehog potion Naruto drank every last drop of potion he glow as he was changing from a
human boy into a very powerful hedgehog with wind n water n ice chaos magical
powers n abilities Naruto he look like he did before in looks most THO
male ultimate life form-age 1;19 but stop ageing age 19-height same as shadow
ageless-immortal-midnight black n neon orange line markings on his
quills n arms n legs he as quills like shade the male hedgehog quills
neon orange round his neon orange eyes -skin tone like before on his face n ears
neon orange hands n feet n end of ears n chest fur like silver the hedgehog chest fur
dark blue gold gothic royal inhibitor rings with NARUTO-UZUMAKI-NAMIKAZE 1th royal family crest on them with a half tropical blue for UZUMAKI half silver for NAMIKAZE
bubble shape magical chaos emerald in the middle of each gothic royal inhibitor rings like
SIDGE-ZERO on his hands n arms n feet n matching hoodie muscle top open n
hover shoes like NEO the hedgehog hover shoes n a jacket like from assassin creed n a
wind shape sword with 3 emeralds on it the sword was like ZABUZA-MOMOCHI sword big
only Naruto can hold it or lift it anyone who try to use it wood get a static shock or if they try n lift it they wood fallen over with it just much for them
Naruto yawn as he rub his neon orange eyes oh god what happen to me am no longer a human or
12 n I no longer have CHAKRA within my body or the demon 9 tail fox what as made
my life a living hell thought Naruto as he cry happy but now I have powers n abilities
something SASUKE carnt do HEE thought Naruto as he SMARK
end of
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