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naruto the immortal

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Naruto n his cool new powers n abilities

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time skip time 14;49 in the afternoon KONOHA village time add been UN frozen
SAKURA-HANONO age 12 try to take the HAGE she thought naruto was using so did their
sensei KAKASHI-HATAKE the copy cat ninja age 39 n failed SASUKE-UCHIA grow angry at naruto
the dead-last of the ninja academy add something he didnt have give my that sword loser
not in hell am giving a spoild brat like u my sword UCHIHA it belongs to me onely said
naruto yeah right give it to SASUKE-KUN said SAKURA as she try to take naruto sword wen
she got a static shock haaha my sword onely lets me use it HANUNO said naruto SAKURA was babout to hit naruto wen she seen to crest on the sword 1 for the UZUMAKI royal family n
1 for the NAMIKAZE royal family KAKASHI was shock how cud this be naruto was sensei son all this time i thought sensei son die that night thought KAKASHI oh god how cud i not see it before naruto n sensei look alike so u know who your perants are naruto ask KAKASHI
yep i was shock wen i found out but its cool n yes i am angry at dad for the fur ball been within me said naruto but its ok i know why dad did it so am not that angry said naruto
am before u ask sensei the fur ball no longer exist within me or anywer at all anyway
i dont have CHAKRA no longer within me but chaos magical wind n water n ice n forest
chaos magical powers n abillities n no UCHIHA EMO my powes n abillities are a bloodline so u can not copy any of them said naruto who SMARK oh PS have u ever thought of sending
CHAKRA to your eyes to unlock thoes red eyes your clan add ask naruto who shock SASUKE who
sent CHAKRA to both his eyes what unlock thoes red eyes his clan were famus for
SASUKE SMARK thanks DOBE lets start over said SASUKE as he blush pink in fact SASUKE add a crush on naruto ever since they kiss by accident back in the ninja academy n naruto add a crush on SASUKE as well
end of
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