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The Perfect Gift

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(Tommorow is Valentines Day, Shinogu and Azusa are looking for the perfect gift for Hatsumi)

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*Shinogu:Damn, I don't know what to get Hatsumi! This blows!
*Azusa:Well, just think of what she likes. Like...Jewlery, or flowers..or-
*Azusa: Ryoki? What're you-

(Shinogu spotted Ryoki by the jewelry section, as did Azusa soon after..)

XRyokiX:Aw, Christ! What are THEY doing here?
*Ryoki:What the hell are you doing here?
*Shinogu:(At the same time) What are you doing here?
*Azusa:(At the same time) What are you doing here?
*Ryoki:Whaddya think i'm doin? Tommorrow's Valentine's Day!
*Azusa:No dur! Man, and i thought you were smart, PFF.. my bad..hahaha!
*Ryoki:YOU WANNA SAY THAT AGAIN!?! Even though your a model i can still beat the crap out of you anytime, anyhere!!!
*Azusa: Bring it, RICH BOY!
*Shinogu: C'mon you guys, we're asll trying to find Hatsumi a gift, so lets just stick to that ok?
*Azusa:Yeah, whatever, I bet we're going to get Hatsumi a better gift anyway..
*Ryoki:Ha! That's a laugh, you guys are forgetting ,1) I'm rich, 2) I'm her boyfriend and 3) I know exactly what she likes!!!
*Shinogu: Ya know Ryoki, money can't buy everything....C'mon Azusa
*Azusa: Ok, you better think Ryoki, think REAL hard. Hahahaha!!!
XRyokiX:Damn! I just lyed straight through my teeth!!! What the hell am I suppose to do now?
(Ryoki thought for a moment...)
XRyokiX:Ah Ha! I'll just get her what she wants!.....
(Ryoki layed his head down in shame)
XRyokiX: Yea, that's the best idea I'd ever come up with(sarcasm)Grr!!! Wait..I'll just get her what normal people would get her!..But theres so much I-
(Ryoki stopped)
XRyokiX:I'm an idiot....I'm rich! duh! I can get her everything! But just in case, i'll just get her the simple stuff...1)Jewelry,2)Roses, and
3)my most favorite of all!! Embracing! HAHAHA!! She'll never resist me now! OK, now on to shopping!
(First, Ryoki headed over to the jewelry department.)
*Ryoki:Now, it needs to be the perfect gift!
(Ryoki pondered for a moment..then he saw a little golden heart locket with a little decretive red and pearl colored ribbon on the side, and inside were diamonds and right in the middle of the locket was one small ruby, he smiled and imagined Hatsumi wearing it)
*Ryoki: I'll take that one please.
*Staffwoman: Yes sir.
( The staff woman gave the locket to Ryoki, but he wanted 1 more thing)
*Ryoki:Excuse me, i would like to by the diamond ring and can you engrave something on the locket?
*Staffwoman:Of course sir
(She handed Ryoki the box with the ring inside)
*Staffwoman:What would you like me to engrave for you sir?
*Ryoki: For my angel, Hatsumi, You are my life, Love Ryoki
*Staffwoman:Very romantic sir, Thank you, and have a Happy Valentines Day with your angel.
*Ryoki: Thank you
XRyokiX: On to the next gift, Roses!
( Back to Shinogu and Azusa)

*Shinogu:Ok,i Thought we could get her what we could buy.
*Azusa:Here dude, I'll help out and give you any money that you need ok?
*Shinogu: Thanks Azusa.
*Azusa: No prob! Now, lets go shopping!
*Shinogu: Hey Azusa,I was thinking we could get Hastumi perfume, Because you know that Ryoki is going to get her jewelry, so...
*Azusa: Ah! say no more Shinogu! Let's go prefume department!
(Once they got there...things were tough...)
*Azusa: Ok, lets get her a nice perfume, not some old lady crap.
(Shinogu looked around , then he saw IT, a pink heart shaped bottle that said "Amour" on it {that means "love" in french} and on the back was a place for engavement, eh thought it was the perfect one.)
*Shinogu: Excuse me, i would like to buy this prefume.
*Salewoman:Of course sir,would you like me to engrave something on it for you?
*Shinogu:Yes, write " For my sister,Hatsumi, Happy Valentine's Day."
*Salewoman:Here youare sir, have a Happy Valentine's Day.
*Shinogu: You too, Thank you.
*Azusa: Ok, now that we've got the prefume, on to flowers!
(Back to Ryoki....)

*Ryoki:Ok, now, I gotta find some roses.
*Florist:Excuse me sir, may i help you?
*Ryoki:Ah, yes, i'm looking for the perfect bouquet of Roses.
*Florist:Ahh...we've had a lot of orders like that, you look like a very loving man, so I'll give you our best bouquet! It's with Roses for romance, forget-me-not's for longing, and daiseys for compassion! the best we have sir!
*Ryoki:Thanks, she'll love these!
XRyokiX: Now she REALLY can't resist me!
(Back to Shinogu and Azusa)

*Shinogu: Azusa! Help me! I've never gone shopping for a girl!
Azusa:Ya know, you must be glad your friends with a very attractive* (Azusa strikes a pose) model.
(Shinogu shoved Azusa a little)
*Shinogu:C'mon Azusa! Be serious, i need help picking out flowers!
*Azusa: Here!
(Azusa handed Shinogu a white rose.)
*Azusa:This is perfect! Because it's just simple, yet romantic! So let's go pay for this a go wrapp Hatsumi's gifts!
(Shinogu glaced at the little white rose and smiled)
(Back to Ryoki)

+BIP,BIP+ (Ryoki dialed on his cellphone)
*Hatsumi:Hello, Narita resistance.
*Ryoki: Hey, it's me, i'm taking you out tommorrow.
*Hatsumi: Ok, what time?
*Ryoki: I'll be there around 11:00am, ok?
*Hatsumi: Sounds good, bye Ryoki.
*Ryoki: Oh, and Hatsumi...
*Hatsumi: Yeah?
*Ryoki: I've got a surprize for you tommorrow, so dress nicely.
*Hatsumi: ok,I love you
*Ryoki: I love you too.
*Hatsumi: Bye.
*Ryoki: Bye.
+BIP,CLICK+ (Ryoki hung up his cell phone and closed it)
XRyokiX: This is going exactly as I planned!
XHatsumiX: I wonder what Ryoki has planned for me, i mean tommorrow is Valentines Day...Ryoki..Could he be.. No..that's not it?
(Back to Azusa and Shinogu)
*Shinogu: Thank god for my own apartment, otherwise, Hatsumi wouldv'e been knocking 24-7 and we would've had to keep hiding her gifts.
*Azusa:Yeah, that would've been a pain in the ass
*Shinogu:Anyway, i hope hatsumi likes the gifts
*Azusa:Shinogu...listen to yourself! Hatsumi's not that kinda person! and i shouldn't be telling you that becuase you already know, she's your sister not the queen of england!
*Shinogu:Yeah, your right what am I thinking. She's sweet, not stuck up....I'm losing it.
(Azusa and Shinogu started to laugh and got back to wrapping Hatsumi's gifts)
(The next day, Azusa and Shinogu stopped by{9:00am actually} to give their gifts to Hatsumi and Akane{Hatsumi's 14 yr-old sister, and i might not have mention what Azusa got Hatsumi, or what Shinogu and Azusa got Akane but you'll find out^_^})
*Shinogu:(at the same time)Happy Valentine's Day!
*Azusa:(at the same time)Happy Valentine's Day!
*Hatsumi:Aww...thanks you guys!
(Azusa gave his gifts first, Akane got a teddybear cellphone case that her named on it with gold necklace included, and Hatsumi got a pink diamond rollex)
*Akane:YAY!!! thanks Azusa!
(Akane gave Azusa a huge hug)
*Hatsumi:OMIGOD! This is beautiful!! This is too much Azusa!
*Azusa:No, no, it's fine, it just cost like 1,000 yen(japanese money)...
*Hatsumi: That's WAY too much Azusa!
*Azusa: It's ok really!
*Hatsumi:OH! But I have something for you too!
(Hatsumi gave Azusa a big box of chocolates and a card that had a heart on the front that read "Thanks for being such a good friend Azusa, From Hatsumi!^_^" and Azusa gave her a big hug)
*Azusa: Thanks Hatsumi.
*Hatsumi: Your welcome! Oh! and here's your gift Shinogu!
(Hatsumi gave Shinogu the same gift as Azusa but this time, the card read " Thanks for always being there for me and always being my brother, from Hatsumi!^_^" Shinogu smiled and gave Hatsumi a big hug.)
*Shinogu: Thanks Hatsumi
*Hatsumi: Your welcome!
*Shinogu: Here are your gifts..
(Shinogu handed Akane a teddy bear with a pink dress on that had her name on it with gold letters)
*Akane:+GASP+ I Love it! Thanks Shinogu (She gave him a big hug)
(and he gave Hatsumi of course, the prefume and the white rose.)
*Hatsumi: Thanks so much Shinogu!
(She gave him a hug)
*Shinogu: Your welcome..
(Hatsumi looked at her watch it said 10:50am)
*Hatsumi: Oh! That's right, I forgot!
*Shinogu: What is it?
*Hatsumi: I forgot I was supposed to spend the day with Ryoki for Valentine's Day! I'm sorry you guys...
*Shinogu:It's ok, just go and get dressed for Ryoki and have a good time...
(Hatsumi smiled as Shinogu lead her to ther room)
*Hatsumi: Thanks for understanding
*Shinogu: No prob, now, get dressed! You don't wanna be late do you?
(And she ran into her room and shut the door)
..............5 minutes later...................
*Hatsumi: TAH-DAH!
(She cam out in a pink camisile with brown lace, a brown blazer, and a denim mini skirt, with tan slacks.)
*Hatsumi: Bye everybody!
*ALL: Bye!
(Hatsumi closed the door behind her and waited for Ryoki {it was 10:58am so basically he'd be there any minute} Then Hatsumi heard her cell phone ringing)
*Hatsumi: Hello?
*Ryoki:Hey,I'll be there any minute
(See? what i tell ya? lol ^_^)
*Hatsumi:ok, I'll be waiting
(Hatsumi hung up her phone, as did Ryoki)
*Ryoki: Hatsumi!
(Hatsumi turned to the sound of her name)
*Hatsumi: Ryoki!
(She ran into Ryoki's arms and Ryoki kissed her head)
*Ryoki: Lets go i have lots of stuff planned.
*Hatsumi:Okay, so, where are we going first?
*Ryoki: You'll see!
(Ryoki and Hatsumi walked side-by-side, Ryoki's arm around Hatsumi, once they got to the car...)
*Hatsumi: Hey Ryoki...
(Hatsumi moved her hand towards Ryoki's hand and she blushed, he stared at his hand then hers, then grabbed her hand, she gasped and looked at him, there was silence, though no one spoke there were millions of thoughts and emotions pilling up inside the two. Hatsumi scooted over close to Ryoki, she put her hand in his and interlaced her fingers with his.Hatsumi tilted her head on his shoulder. Ryoki, still with tons of emotions pilling up inside, one of those thoughts came out. Ryoki grabbed Hatsumi's shoulders, looking into her eyes, Hatsumi's eyes wide open, Ryoki leaned into kiss her, eyes closed tight, Hatsumi closed her eyes lightly. Ryoki's arms around her, and Hatsumi's arms around ryoki, one on his back, the other on the back of his head.Sharing a kiss to strong to break. They stopped, Ryoki picked up his head just to see Hatsumi's face. Hatsumi opened her eyes slowly, also to see Ryoki's face. Again Ryoki leaned in to kiss Hatsumi, but this time it wasn't her lips, it was her neck.He started kiss her,then his whispered into her ear...)
*Ryoki:Hatsumi..I love you so very much....Stay with me forever..
(Hatsumi smiled, and she kissed Ryoki's cheek and said...)
*Hatsumi:Of coruse I will....
(As soon as she said that, the moment was perfect..but of course soemone just had to interupt them...)
*Driver:We're here sir.
(Ryoki again laid his head down in shame...)
*Ryoki:(irrotated)ok, c'mon Hatsumi...
(She blushed, they arrived at a store called "Gowns"{well isn't that^_^}, Hatsumi swallowed heavily)
*Ryoki:well, lets go in
(When they got inside...)
*Staffwoman:May I assist you sir?
*Ryoki:Yes, I'm looking for an elegant gown for my girlfriend,here.
(the Staff woman, looked at Hatsumi all around)
*Staffwoman:I have a few choices, come with me.
(Hatsumi and ryoki followed the Staff woman to the dresses {or gowns whatever})
*Staffwoman:Ok, here we are,now, judging the by the hair color and eye color and other features,I have the best gowns!
(She lead Hatsumi to the dressing rooms then handed Hatsumi a dress {but she didn't show Ryoki so, basically the gown would be a surprize to Ryoki}When Hatsumi walked out, she was wearing a pink formal gown with spagetti straps and crystal lining)
*Hatsumi:What do you think?
(Ryoki pondered as he looked at Hatsumi, he finally got a decision)
*Ryoki:I don't like it, let's choose another
*Hatsumi:ok,um, excuse me?
*Staffwoman:Yes? May I help you?
*Hatsumi:Can we try another dress?
*Staffwoman:Certainly! Ok, try this one.
(The Staffwoman handed Hatsumi another dress and Hatsumi went back inot the dressing room, she walked out in a baby blue wide-strapped dress with light blue cequins{ok, I might not know how to spell sew me!!})
(Ryoki thought for a moment...)
*Ryoki:Again, it's not what i'm looking for...
*Hatsumi:ok, excuse me, sorry for bothering you......
*Staffwoman:No,no, it's fine, what do you need?
*Hatsumi: We need one more-
*Ryoki:PERFECT Dress! THE absolute perfect dress.
*Staffwoman:Ok, those dresses were good, but, I've been saving a beautiful gown for a very special costomer,here you are.
XRyokiX:Why didn't you just give us that in the first place! Christ!
(Hatsumi took the dress into the dressing room, when she walked out...)
*Hatsumi:Ryoki? What do you think?
(She came out in a white strapless satin gown with wihte diamond crystal all along the gown, Ryoki was stunned by Hatsumi's beauty..He walked up to her and kissed her forehead)
*Ryoki:I love it..but i especially love you in it, Hatsumi..
(Hatsumi blushed)
*Ryoki:We'll take it
*Staffwoman:Ok,sir. Your total is...2,000 yen(again japanese money)
(Hatsumi almost fainted at the price)
*Ryoki: Ok here.
*Staffwoman:thank you sir,and have a Happy Valentine's Day
*Hatsumi:Thank you so much!
(She bowed to the staff woman and the staff woman bowed to them, then they left.)
*Hatsumi: Where are we going now?
*Ryoki: To my place
(Hatsumi smiled at Ryoki and took his hand, with her fingers interlaced with his and stood up on her tip-toes(she was short go^_^) and kissed him on the cheek.Ryoki was speechless.)
*Hatsumi:Well, let's go back to the complex!
(She said with a smile on her face, then he smiled at her)
*Ryoki: Yea, lets get going...
(He lead her to the car. Then a few minutes passed by, silence again,Then Ryoki looked over at Hatsumi. He couldn't resist to hold her tight, but he had to{because he knew he was going to get interupted again..^_~} So he just looked the other way..)
*Driver:Were here sir.
XRyokiX:Thank god! That ride took forever!!
*Ryoki:Let's go Hatsumi
(He gave her his hand to help her out of the car. She took his hand, stepped out ,but tripped and hit Ryoki's chest.)
*Ryoki:What a klutz!
(Hatsumi blushed)
*Ryoki:But your MY klutz...
(Hatsumi looked up at Ryoki, and he leaned in to kiss her)
*Ryoki:Now, lets get going...
(Hatsumi nodded, They walked side-by-side, Hatsumi staring down at her feet as she always did.Ryoki took hold of Hatsumi's hand,she gasped, and then Ryoki interlaced his fingers in hers.Hatsumi looked up at Ryoki, But he just looked ahead,she squeezed his handa little to get his attenion, but he just kept walking.When they got to the elevator,Hatsumi,again squeezed Ryoki's hand, but still no reaction.They stepped into they elevator,then Ryoki squeezed Hatsumi's hand{he was teasing her BIG time...^_^}He looked down at her, and she looked up at him,they smiled at each other.{She odviously knew that he was teasing her..^_^}She bumped into his shoulder, but he still smiled.Once they got to the top floor...)
*Ryoki:Once we get up to my place-
(Ryoki was cut off when Hatsumi grabbed his arm and leaned her head on his shoulder.)
XRyokiX:Yeah, this is going exactly as I planned! As soon as we get up to my room, I get to hold her in my arms, with no interuptions!
(When they got to Ryoki's apartment,Hatsumi and Ryoki walked in and Ryoki locked the door,Hatsumi looked around his apartment.)
XHatsumiX:Wow, this is as big as Ryoki's old house! Maybe even bigger,man, I wish i could live in a plce like-
(Hatsumi was cut off thought when she felt Ryoki put his arms around her shoulders{NOTE!:it's about 11:30pm-12:00am there, so it's not daytime anymore!!^_^}
(Ryoki turned Hatsumi around and kissed her still holding her in his arms,Then he stopped.He opened his eyes,as did Hatsumi.They looked into each others eyes)
*Ryoki:Hatsumi..I've been waiting to give this to you, but since it's Valentine's Day, it might be the perfect moment
(Ryoki reached into his pocket and pulled out a velvet red, heart-shaped box.)
(He opened the box to a diamond ring)
*Ryoki:Will you marry me?
(Hatsumi was absolutley speechless, crying and smiling at the same time, Hatsumi leaped into Ryoki's arms and kissed him several times)
*Hatsumi:Of course i will!
(Still crying tears of joys, Ryoki picked Hatsumi as if they were marriedand carried her into the bedroom)
*Ryoki: I will always love you...Hatsumi.....
(He laid her down on the bed, Hatsumi looked up at Ryoki.)
*Hatsumi:And you will always be in my heart...Ryoki...
*Ryoki:I love you...Hatsumi...
*Hatsumi:I love you....Ryoki...
(They shared one last kiss,and fell alsleep in each other arms...As you can see...Ryoki's love...was The Perfect Gift......
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