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The Void

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The Goddess of Darkness lost something inside her as well her mate lost something too. Both go into the one room of the Darkness castle that no one enters....

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“Neesan is dead...” A soft yet dark voice was heard.

“What?! Neesan!” The young goddess yelled for the older goddess.

The older goddess who was the goddess of Death, walked away from the mirror that had the Twilight Goddess yelling for her. The dark haired female walked throught the door and went down the hallway, soon followed by a black furred fox who was her mate.

The two walked for a while before coming to the door she was seeking. “VOID” was written on it and it was the one room all in the Darkness realm feared other then her.

She opened the door and stepped inside, followed by her fox. The two felt cold and dead inside that the void didn't effect them much. In fact the two enjoyed the calmest that came from the pour darkness that was the Void.

The door shut behind them like it wasn't opened before. It appeared as if no one was there.

Neesan = Sister(I think)
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