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Chapter One

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A rogue demon and a runaway angel.

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"I can smell you, little angel. Where are you hiding?"

The moon cast a faint glow in the dark alleyway, brightly illuminating the white figure attempting to hide in the maze of twists and turns. Jade green orbs flickered hither and tither, searching for an escape route, attempting to predict where the predator would emerge. He knew the man - the creature - could smell the blood that smeared across his pristine, silk shirt sleeve and the smooth, tanned skin of his forearm. The crimson dripped down, making his sleeve stick to his arm, and the splatters from his fingers left not only a visual, but a scent trail, leading the hunter directly to him. His hyperventilation couldn't be helping much, either. He couldn't hide; his only means of escape was running, but what if he ran straight into his pursuer? He had no idea where the voice was coming from.

Why, oh, why did he ever disregard his family's warnings?

"This is your first time on the surface, isn't it?"

The delicate whisper and warm, gentle breath on his ear had Eren shrieking, tumbling to the dirty ground. He gasped for air in the throes of panic. He was going to die. Worse, he would be abducted as some sort of slave to torture for sick amusement. Or worse, oh God, oh fuck, he was going to live a life of pain and agony forever and ever -

"Hey, calm down. I'm not going to hurt you. Probably."

Pausing to attempt catching his breath, the angel realized that this voice was different. Gentle. Not at all harsh or threatening like the other one, and the figure that hovered over Eren was much shorter than the one chasing him. A hand was offered to Eren, and as he accepted it, hoisting himself up, the moon shed light on his savior's features. Jet-black undercut, muscled build, a few piercings - lip and eyebrow. Silver eyes.

Curved horns. Spaded tail. Cat-like pupils. Fangs.

Promptly, the demon had to cover the brunet's mouth before he could scream again. Eren thrashed in his arms, even stronger than they looked. Damned demons! How could he have allowed himself to be deceived? The two were probably in cahoots, planning to kidnap him and take him back to Lucifer, to be kept in a degrading cage and rags, to be tortured or beaten or raped whenever the demons felt the whim.

"Will you calm the fuck down?!" that voice hissed, slightly less flattering in its urgency. "Kenny is coming for you. We need to go." He released the angel and beckoned for him to follow, tail flicking about. The other stared at him in bewilderment.

"What makes you think I want your help?" Eren queried.

The demon gave an aggravated sigh, glancing over his shoulder. "You've attracted not only the attention of the most dangerous and cruel hunter down here, but several of his cronies. They were already following your scent, though I respect your wisdom in not showing your wings. But they can definitely hear your loud ass."

Wearily, Eren asked, "And why should I trust you?"

"Let me put it this way," the raven replied, looking forward and starting to make his way down the alley. "What choice do you really have?"

Well, when he put it that way . . . Eren was stupid, but he had a sense of self-preservation, and even he could tell the wisdom of trusting this person. It was better than the alternative, at least. The brunet scrambled after him, clutching his throbbing forearm. "I'm Eren. What's your name?"

"Levi, now shut up and follow me. We can talk when you're out of danger." Levi halted abruptly in his tracks at his own words, whirling around to look at the angel following him. His eyes landed on the blood dripping from the brunet's sleeve, and he rolled his eyes. "Just great. I knew I smelled blood, but I didn't think it was that bad."

"I can't help when one of your asshole friends tries to take me out with silver," Eren shot back coldly.

"They are not my friends," Levi hissed, spitting out the last word venomously. He reached for Eren's forearm. "Let me see that."

Eren snatched his arm away reflexively, eyes going wide with suspicion and fear. "Why?" he demanded shakily. "I'm fine."

"No, you're not. Demons can smell you from all around. Let me see."

"You said you could get me out of here! Now, all of a sudden, you're interested in my injury?!"

"You insufferable brat!" Levi burst out with furiously. "Conditions have changed, okay?! You smell like a fucking five-star meal and you're leaving a trail for anyone and everyone to follow!"

"A - A meal?" Eren looked terrified now, and Levi internally berated himself for his word choice. He didn't need the poor kid panicking. "They would eat me?"

"After smelling that? Probably." Levi reached out again, less sudden this time, asking, "So will you let me help?"

"Why even are you helping?" Eren asked, though he reluctantly offered up his bleeding arm. "And no magic. I can't have a demon tainting me. Father would have my head."

"I know that, idiot." Levi tore the sleeve at the shoulder with a small dagger he kept at his belt, and used it to mop up most of the excess blood. "I know who you are, Eren. Not only are you one of God's children, but you're an innocent. You haven't become a warrior yet. You're pure. The truce is shaky enough with rogue demons claiming fallen angels, let alone important ones like you." He wrapped the cloth around the deep laceration, apologizing quietly when Eren hissed. "Sorry. But that should help some. I'm sure you can get better help when you return home."

"Thanks," Eren responded distantly, hung up on Levi's words. So he'd known all along? What had given him away? Was his name that well-known among demons?

"We should keep moving," Levi said briskly, standing and dusting himself off. He offered a helping hand to Eren yet again, and the brunet accepted it gratefully, not even sure when he'd slid to the ground.

As if on cue, a mocking voice rang out. "You haven't moved, morsel. Have you given in?"

Eren jerked away from Levi's touch at the sound, head whipping about to scan behind them. There was no sign of the demon from before, but his voice was so clear. Surely he was nearby-?

"Magic," Levi answered the unspoken question. "A simple hunter's trick. He knows where you are, but he isn't here yet. Since he knows your location, he knows where to project his voice."

"If he can track me, why can't he detect you?" Eren asked shakily, eyes still darting about.

"I have a few evasive wards." His tone was just as much so. Levi turned back to Eren, expression unreadable. "You're probably going to hate me for this, kid."

"Hate you for what?" Eren met his gaze, eyes wide and scared and yet so unsuspecting of his new friend. It sent something like guilt coursing through Levi when he shoved Eren against one of the grimy buildings.

"This," he breathed against the angel's neck, before his teeth sank down into the soft tan skin.

It was like an electric shock. Eren's knees wouldn't support him, and he buckled. A knee shoved between his legs and hands pinning his wrists were the only reason he was still upright as that white-hot feeling sent sparks up his spine, and he lost control of his muscles when they suddenly relaxed. His heart beat so quickly he thought it would give out. It felt like an eternity they stood there, Eren's voice echoing at them in a mimic of the cry he'd let out. Then the fangs were retracting and Levi's tongue traced over the bite mark, lapping up the blood there.

W-What . . . what the fuck . . .

The train of thought he'd attempted derailed when smooth lips latched on and started sucking. Somewhere in his mind he registered that he was going to regret this, that it was wrong and he would be punished, but holy fuck he couldn't bring himself to care. What exactly was this feeling? Was this the euphoria he'd been warned about? How was this sinful? It was incredible.

His hands opened and closed pointlessly on empty air. The feeling was too much, starting with his gut and moving outwards, sending his head into the clouds and making his limbs tremble and tingle. He needed something to grasp, to bring Levi closer to him, to get more of that beautiful pleasure. As if in response to his silent plea, Levi slid his fingers between Eren's and let the brunet clasp his hands tightly, fingernails digging deep into the backs of the demon's hands as Eren's breath turned to breathy, gasping moans.

"Found you, little morsel . . . ah."

Eren's heart dropped suddenly at the voice. He tried to turn his head to look at his pursuer, but a feral growl from Levi sent more heated sparks through his body and warned him to stay put.

"I see you caught wind of my prey," the grating voice continued, coming closer. Eren squeezed his eyes shut, doing his best not to disobey Levi. "Want to hand him over?"


The ravenet's head whipped around and he bared his fangs at the hunter, the low, possessive hiss stopping him in his tracks and sending a delicious shiver through Eren's entire being. He couldn't see either demon's face, but before he could even finish the thought wishing he could, Levi shoved his thigh between Eren's legs and started to grind.

The angel's voice was smothered by the wave of raw ecstasy that slammed into him then, nothing but a weak mewl escaping his throat as he fell still. He fought to regain control of himself, to get his mind clear and limbs working, but Levi was having none of it. Even as Eren tried to fight it, tried to keep the blinding pleasure away, he was overwhelmed when Levi continued to grind his thigh against the barely concealed bulge. The brunet was lost to the throes of ecstasy then, rutting against the demon's leg like a bitch in heat and letting out broken whines.

Levi's voice filtered through the blinding haze, vicious and threatening. "I've claimed him, Kenny. Fuck off."

And then it was over.

Eren slid to the ground with support from Levi in the form of gentle hands on his hips. The white faded from Eren's vision slowly but surely, as did the heat from his body, and what he saw was Levi's concerned face inches from his. When he looked around, they were alone. His body was limp as he caught his breath.

"I'm sorry," Levi whispered.

The realization of what happened hit Eren like a slap to the face. He withdrew into a fetal position, and Levi could only stare helplessly as the angel started to cry.

His life was ruined, and he'd enjoyed it.
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