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(BMC) Fatal

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(HAS SWEARS) (Boyf Riends) (ANGST ME UP) A little au, that soulmate au where you and your soulmate share scars or tattoos.

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Michael and Jeremy were playing Apocalypse of the Damned again.
"Oh sweet! Level 5!" Michael said, with Jeremy replying, "It's not that far, aren't there like, 15 levels or something? "Yeah, I guess so, but now we only have 10 more levels left!" Michael said, trying to bring back the mood. Michael never liked looking on the pessimistic side. he'd always try to cheer his friend up whenever he was sad or depressed, he was able to calm Jeremy down when he was still affected by his mom and dad getting a divorce. He'd been with Jeremy through thick and thin, but Jeremy rarely ever saw Michael act sad. It never made sense to Jeremy, he always thinks that whenever Michael tries to hide his emotions, it's because he doesn't trust him. Jeremy has gone to a therapist and got diagnosed with Anxiety. Michael was there to help him out. When Jeremy felt like he was the reason his mom and dad didn't live together, Michael helped him out. Michael never vented to Jeremy, he almost never gave any signs of sadness. Jeremy never asked about this though, except this one time, they were really young though, so Jeremy didn't realize what he was getting into.

Jeremy's POV btw this is also a flashback

I love school, I really do! I can't understand one thing though, and school never taught me! Why does Micha not seem sad, at all? I never see him sad or crying. It's always the other way around! I'll ask him today! He's going to open up and we'll all be happy!

Some lazy time skip later

"Micha, I want to ask you something." "What is it, Jerry?" "Why aren't you ever sad?" Micha looked like he had seen a spooky Halloween costume or something! He talked to me in a weird way, he sounded serious... As serious as he is when I get sad... "I-uh-um..." "It's because it's hard not to be happy when we hang out!" His cheerful tone came back. "But I get sad when we hang out sometimes..." "Jerry, it's... It's fine and everything's okay! I'll tell you one day, pinky promise!" And so he made a promise. We made a pinky promise about it! I'll never forget about it, I'll keep it on my note-board until he tells me! writes down the note and puts it on note-board "There!" I said, being very proud (as I should be), then I went to sleep! The next day though... I-it was a Saturday. Michael was supposed to come over to my house, but he didn't. "Dad, w-where's Michael?" "His Mom said he wasn't feeling well, and he didn't want you catching a cold." "O-oh... okay."

Normal POV back to the present(A.K.A. start pov) (A.K.A. third person?)

Jeremey never found out. He's still waiting for that pinky promise. Michael remembers it, he just never brings it up. "Hey, Jerry! Snap out of it! We were about to beat level five!" "Oh, shit, sorry dude. I kinda zoned out." "What were you thinking of?" Michael suddenly looked shocked at himself for a split second and said: "If you don't mind me asking." "Alright, Micha do you remember that pinky promise you made when we were 6 or 7?" "Jerry, you gotta be more specific, we made tons of those." "Alright alright. The pinky promise where you promised that you'd tell me why you always seem happy, or just how." "N-no. I don't remember that one at all." Michael lied. Jeremy could tell and Michael knew that. Honestly, what was the point of trying? Michael thought, We've known each other for years, and only each other, excluding our parents. He'd know when I'm lying. He never felt good when I lied. There's always that face he puts on, I don't even know if he notices that. He was about to continue rambling in his thoughts until Jeremy (rudely) interrupted Michael's train of thoughts. "Michael, please." "I-I'm sorry Jeremy. I'm just not used to telling you my problems..." "Michael, you know you can tell me anything." "I've lied so much. I've lied about being happy, I lied about everything. I lied about myself, I lied about my dad" "Wait... What about your dad?" Michael sighed, "I guess I might as well tell you now. My dad... he used to hit me. Sometimes even a cut. He said that all boys have to go through this, but they never talk about it because they'll just be a little b-brat if they did. He said it was shameful to talk about it, so I never did. I thought that I was just being a c...crybaby whenever I cried. I got validation from him anyways." Michael realized how much he'd been saying, so he opened his eyes and looked at Jeremy, who was crying. "O-oh, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean t-to make you cry!" "Micha, you shouldn't h-have to be sorry for anything." Michael still felt guilty, he wanted to shut up, he wished he could just shut up. Jeremy's words did reach him though. He hugged Jeremy and Jeremy hugged back, "T-to be honest Micha, that explains a lot..." "H-how so?" "W-well, you know how your...uh... 'soulmate' is supposed to get the same scars as you?" "Yea- oh. Oh no. Jeremy, I'm so sorry!" "Look, it's not your fault." They two just acted like the soulmate part never happened. They were both thinking the same thing though. 'He's my soulmate.' Michael was starting to cheer up because of it, but Jeremy was just confused. Jeremy thought that he was straight. He loved Christine. After they stopped hugging and crying, they both felt very awkward. jeremy;s face was really red because of the soulmate part, Jeremy is really pale, so the blushing was more obvious with him. "Jeremy... I might of l-liked you that way in seventh grade and never stopped... Oh, that sounded worse out loud. Eheh..." "It makes sense now actually... Michael. Normal friends usually don't sleep in the same bed, and if they do, they uh, probably don't c-cuddle..." They both started laughing a little. It all made sense now. "Wait... Jeremy. Before we start jumping to conclusions, did... Did those cuts ever make words?" "Yeah..." "Like what?" "Like idiot... a-and loser..." "So it really is us two then. Heh." They both were tired physically and mentally. They both nodded as they went to go to Michael's bed (to sleep). Michael slept like a baby, he felt so happy. Jeremy couldn't sleep that easily. While he was trying to sleep, he noticed Michael's... everything. He didn't know what it was. His face looked so good. He noticed the freckle-like dotted circles on his face, his rosy cheeks... Once Jeremy noticed everything, he dozed off too.

Morning time fuckers Still the same POV

Michael opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was Jeremy's face. This made Michael smile softly. He stared at Jeremy's freckles. After a while of staring, he got out of bed. He pecked Jeremy's head like he'd always dream of (since 7th grade). Michael put on his pants (he was wearing boxers ok), a shirt, and his red hoodie. He brushed his teeth, then went to go eat. "Morning Mom!" "H-hey Michael!" "Something wrong?" She usually just called him Mima (it's one of their inside jokes) "I... I overheard your conversation with Jeremy. I'm fine with the soulmate part... it's just... Derno... he really did that?" (Derno is the Dad's name) "Y-yeah... Sorry, I never told you." "Michael, there's no need to apologize. I'm sorry I couldn't help you." "M-mom... I didn't even know I NEEDED help, I never was afraid to ask you anything, I thought you knew what was happening, so I never asked for help. You wouldn't of known." "Y-you're right Mima. At least you're safe now. Oh- and congratulations on the new boyfriend!" She said with a hidden grin on her face, trying to cover up that sad moment so Jeremy couldn't catch on. Jeremy was listening to the whole time. He felt bad for eavesdropping, but still... He walked in, Michael giving him a peck on the cheek, getting Jeremy very flustered. His face hot, and blushing. "Here ya go Jerry, Lucky Charms for you!" "Tha-nks M-Micha." "No problemo Jerry." Both Michael and his mom were chuckling. After the breakfast, Michael drove Jeremy home.
Jeremy's in the house, weapon deployed jk
"Dad, I got to tell you something." "What is, Jeremy?" "Uh, you know those scars that randomly appeared when I was a child?" He stood still. Mr Heere had to process that. "I, um, yes..." "It turns out it's because I'm... uh... Michael's soulmate." It took some time for Mr Heere to process that. "You got those scars... because he had them?" "Y-Yeah. Basically." "Did it... Did he stop?" "Yeah, but he didn't make the cuts. At least I finally know who my soulmate is..." "I... I can't believe it. At least you two are happy now, right?" "Right, thanks, dad." They hugged. It's been a long time since they hugged each other. Tears slowly came to their eyes. They wiped them away though.
The next day finally starts
Jeremy has been texting Michael almost all night, asking how they're supposed to come out. Michael just said to let it flow, and don't tell them the cuts part. Jeremy was a nervous wreck. He knew that they'd all be accepting, he just didn't want to come out...wrong? Like, this is what he imagined "So you're just going to date cause you're supposed to be soul mates?" He didn't want it to sound like that. I'm sure Michael didn't want that to happen either. Alright. Just... go with the flow.
some hours later
Michael decided to speak at the lunch table for once. "Alright guys, Jeremy and I got something to say, I'm assuming all of you already know what it is though." Everyone at the table was smiling, including Jeremy. "Jerry and I are now dating!" Everyone acted like Michael intended them to, except Christine. She was all giddy, but then... "So when did it start?" Jeremy spoke now. "Okay okay, it might have started yesterday but..." "Dude! Do we even care if it started yesterday? You two are probably soul mates or something!" Jeremy's face was all red now, Michael was a bit different though. "Of course we are!" "Holy shit man!" Rich said. Christine was squealing like a kid having a lollipop for the first time. Everyone else was cheering. Then Brooke suddenly acted smart. "How do you know that?" "I-I uh- It's a- It's a long story." (Almost) Everyone was confused. Michael never studdered in front of them. "C'mon dude! Tell us!" Jake pleaded. Michael looked at Jeremy, only to see Jeremy was having a panic attack too. Christine was talking again "Oh... So you guys just assumed-" "No. We didn't." Everyone but Michael gathered around Jeremy. "I-uh. He got a scar, and then one appeared on me. S-so there." "Proof?" Jeremy didn't know what to do. If he pulled up the sleeve, everyone would see the words... and all those scars left by Michael's dad. If he didn't... they'd go back to being lonely, but everyone in school would hate them. Jeremy looked at Michael. Michael just nodded and Jeremy knew what to do. "Just know th-that he didn't make them," He said, right before revealing everything. All those scars are so close to fading, so no one noticed them, but now... All their heads turned to Michael. Jeremy pulled down his sleeve so no one else saw them. "C-can we go somewhere private at least?" Michael suggested. Everyone nodded and followed Michael. "Listen, guys, I-I didn't make these cuts. Before you try to speak, let me explain. As a kid, my dad used to... hurt me. Sometimes a bruise, and sometimes cuts. I didn't know it was bad though... He told me every boy had to go through this. That it was legal. That I was just a stupid crybaby. So I never brought it up. I'm sorry I never told you guys, it just didn't seem like a time to say it... at all." Michael realized that everyone was crying, even Jeremy. Even himself. "Oh no, you guys cried too- I- uh, s-sorry, um-" Everyone hugged Michael. Right there, at that time. He didn't know what was going on. He didn't think that they would care so much. He was so happy. "You guys are the best..."
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