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Grief of the Jedi

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Darth Eemion has been captured. Master Rin A'sa, Head of the Jedi Council and the hero responsible for this achievement, brings Eemion's son Arwar to the Jedi Temple on Tython after the duel. Meanw...

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-The Joining-




Finally, he toppled on his expensive garments and fell on his knees.
After the long struggle, the pale face of the Sith was crushed by shame and unwilling resignation.
Right then, Master Rin A'sa pierced his chest, one last time: he fell at his last, desperate breath.
The sprawled body was not worth looking at.
She started away immediately: knowing they had been moving upwards, she began climbing the steep cliff.
But, though she was half-way through, the trail of Master Fahromil's presence was still far.
She kept ascending, in careless exertion of her strenght, bouncing from one protuberance to another: copious beads of sweat rolled on her lips.
Still, she couldn't feel her presence.


The yell came instinctively out of her, and she feared the lack of response.
With burning, scorched hands, she finally reached the top of the rock face.
There was a glimmer in the distance, a familiar inkling of light.


She flew on the unstable rock, averting her eyes from the sun, with her loose cape.
After getting nearer, and nearer, she finally saw the two figures one next to the other, with their weapons drawn.
She gasped for breath repeatedly, as Master Fahromil approached her.
The Emperor's Wrath was right behind.
And then, her Master's eyes glowed, as she looked over to the Dark Lord of the Sith with a knowing glance.

"A higher fate was discussed."
Rin A'sa hesitated at that. She waited from a clarification from the Force: but none came.
A sudden blur made her unfocused, almost blind.

"What do you mean?"

The beam coming from Fahromil diminished. A cloud went over her face: it was a dark, pervasive stain.
Rin A'sa's mind was empty. The words she had just uttered had no meaning for her.
And to her understanding, that meant the Darkness had got hold of her Master.

"You cannot see" she heard her resolve, in a sorrowful, disappointed tone.

"It's no use. She shall stay here" the Sith added.

Rin A'sa could only shake her head. She was far away from her. It was irreversible.

"There is no telling. Only seeing."

Master Fahromil turned.
Still, she could not speak. The conversion had opened an eternal chasm between them.
They started to leave as the crimson sun last beamed.
There was only a flicker of hope still inhabiting her as she pleaded:

"Master, I cannot allow your leave! You are our Order! If you turn away from the Light, what can be of us? There will be only misery!"

But their backs did not waver, projecting arched, stable shadows: they mingled together in their blackness, on the surface of the burning rock.

"You do not understand, and yet there is no telling. Only seeing."

Another whisper with the same message: darkness, on the other side.
Master Fahromil, in all her grace, her wisdom, her mystery, had fallen. She had forsaken her with surprising ease. She had shown too little of her character for her to understand why that flourishing power had been lost to evil.
Rin A'sa lowered her head, panting amid her thoughts: they strode forward with a fixed, set pace, disregarding all that was past.
But unpredictably, at that despicable movement, the undesirable, horrible anger that had been prompted, though dominated initially, moulded itself into a concrete shape, became developed and massive. In an instant she was filled her with untold, incredible energy. Like a possessed being, she could not avoid to walk forward and scream out of her lungs:

"I WILL destroy you, SITH!"

The yell echoed in the arid valley.
Even though she couldn't see, she felt Darth Eemion in the form of a malicious disease that was spreading in her blood, to infect her body and steal the life from her and from everything in the Galaxy.

"For all the devastation you have wrought, believe me! Mark. my. words! Your damned legacy will end, BY MY HAND, whatever. means. necessary!"

The remnants of Darth Eemion's presence vanished, along with Fahromil's.
For an instant, she liked to think she had been intimidated, but knew that was not true. Master Fahromil had been right, as in that words were pointless. The task she was left with was a very practical one: she had to avenge and save the whole world, in any way she could.
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