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Lonely Like Me - 1 - Not a Ross

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"You're not a Ross; you're an embarrassment."

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She was merely a shape, huddled and quiet. Something easily overlooked in the darkened room, splashed with blood red liquid.

Another mass, also unmoving, gained everyone’s immediate attention and amid the noise of the EMTs attempting to help the woman… Someone looked over and gasped.

The overlooked shape was that of a young girl. Now with light filtering in to the room to help the rescue efforts, she was more easily seen.

Cowering in the corner, she was covered in the woman’s blood. Knees drawn to her chest, eyes wide and haunted. Her long dirty blonde hair was nearly impossible to tell the color of, as it was also covered in blood.

The professionals in the room were equipped to deal with difficult situations, but this was not one of those situations they were prepared for.


Whiskey. Jack. Tequila. Beer. Ick.

The girl yawned, permanently scented with an array of alcoholic beverages. Call it perfume. She didn’t care.

“Lex!” She barely heard her name yelled, or a variation of it. Words started blurring after so many shots, and all she cared about was the sway of the music as her body moved along.

“Oye, Alexi” Another variation. Another friend. “It’s the buzz kill.”

Lines of coke were on a nearby table. Been there, done that.

“What are you doing?” Buzz kill indeed.

Alexia gazed almost from boredom at the man who had quickly approached her. Shame filled her but she fought to show that emotion off. Not to him.

“Why are you here?” Ryan, her older brother looked bewildered as he took in the scene.

“Friends.” Alexia shrugged.” Alcohol.” She tried to ignore his burning stare as she masked her voice. “Drugs.” Then she braved a final stare. “Why wouldn’t I be here?”

Ryan spit his words out with so much hate, and they were his last for a very, very long time. “You’re not a Ross. You’re a fucking embarrassment and I hope you die in this place like the trash you are.”

But of course he didn’t mean it.
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