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Big Hero 6: The Sequal

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Big Hero 6 put away their costumes to live a normal life, but are forced again to protect the city of San Fransokyo due to the new amount of threats coming from all over the city.

Category: Big Hero 6 - Rating: G - Genres: Romance,Sci-fi - Published: 2018-08-06 - 772 words

{This is the continuing story of Hiro Hamada, Baymax, and their friends. It’s a big step for Hiro going to the same college his brother did, having the same lab as his brother, it has definitely been a new experience. But with friends like Wasabi, GoGo, Honey Lemon, and Fred, Hiro is taking it one day at a time with his new family. In San Fransokyo, there lies a new threat in the shadows. A threat that may be the biggest one yet; yes a shadowy threat, The Dark Reign. (Just like my other stories, if the section begins with character’s name it will be from their perspective.}

Hiro It’s been a year since Tadashi died, and a year since I almost lost Baymax in the portal’s void. But everything is ok now, I have a family who loves me and I couldn’t be happier. I think of all the times we had together, all the times that Tadashi had made me laugh even though I didn’t want to at the time. Tadashi has taught me so much, I always remember his wise advice. It’s how I became the person I am today; Tadashi was a genius scientist, so that’s what I’m going to be, except I’m going to be better.

The day was beautiful and there was a certain, how do the french say it, je ne sais quoi. Hiro and Baymax were on their way out to the Lucky Cat Cafe, when the rest of the crew came. “Ay, what up little man?” Wasabi asked. “Nothin’. What’s up with you guys? You seem extra happy today.” Hiro could see Honey Lemon all bouncy and cheery. “Oh Hiro, you’ll never believe it, guess what?!” Honey Lemon asked. “I have a feeling that you are going to tell me.” Hiro replied. “Today, I found out that we have a new headmaster and you’ll never believe it! It’s Professor Dean Michaels!” Honey Lemon said in a high pitched kind of voice. Hiro’s jaw dropped to the ground, he couldn’t believe it! “Wait wait wait, you mean to tell me that Professor Dean Michaels, the scientist who won 3 National Robotics Awards, is going to be our college principal?!” Hiro said excitingly. “See! I couldn’t believe it either!” Honey Lemon replied. “Although I don’t know what we are so happy about, let’s head to the university! I want to try out my new mascot moves that I’ve been working on.” Fred told everyone as he was walking out.

Then, as the gang was walking out the door, they saw a humongous explosion about two streets over. “Oh no. Those people are in danger” asked Baymax. “Right on Baymax, which is why we need to suit up! My awesome mascot moves can wait.” Fred replied. “This is one of the days I wish I didn’t have to put my personal wellbeing and sanity on the line! But does anyone listen to me? No!” Wasabi complained. “Man up, now let’s get our gear!” Go Go said while she popped her gum. They went to go see what was going on after they put on their super suits. When they arrived at the scene, they were on guard because it was very quiet and near the area where the explosion hit, there was an abandoned warehouse. The team went inside the dark and mysterious warehouse, looking everywhere that they stepped. “Now remember, we need to be on guard. We don’t know what kind of monsters will come out” Wasabi said to the team. “Come on Wasabi, there’s no such thing as monsters.” Hiro replied. Then Big Hero 6 heard a loud crash towards the back of the warehouse, and when they ran to see what it was, they saw a pile of large boxes that had robot parts in them. “SO! You finally arrived, it took you long enough.” The mysterious figure in the shadows stated. Wasabi squirmed while GoGo said, “It’s gonna be fun taking this creep down.” “See I told you! There’s a monster in the shadows!” Wasabi whispered in fear. “I told you Wasabi, there is no such thing as a monster. It’s just……” Hiro and all the others looked at the villain coming out of the shadows, and they couldn’t…. believe…. their eyes. Hiro then said…. In shock, “Oh ….. My….. God. It’s you!”

What villain did they see? Will Big Hero 6 defeat the villain or will they have to flee? Find out in the next chapter.
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