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Blank life

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Neji stops to think about his life. REALLY REALLY SHORT...

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Blank life
Neji stops to think about his life.


A pair of deep silver eyes looked out of the largest window in the house, into the rain that fell upon the Hidden Leaf Village. It was said that the Hyuuga clan had the best view of the village from where they lived. Too bad the boy who looked out the window wasn't interested. The Hyuuga that looked out the window had amazing talent even though he was not part of the main branch of his incredible clan. He wore a white jacket and a pair of white shorts with his dark blue Hidden Leaf forehead protector. The powerful ninja had dark brown hair in which he wore in a loose pony tail. In stead of looking out the window into the rain... he was looking at his reflection in the window. For the first time Neji Hyuuga looked at the boy that reflected back at him... he looked back into his life for the first time...

The boy in front of him had a frown upon his face as usual. His eyes filled with no emotion at all. Neji Hyuuga thought hard trying to think of a time were he might have been happy... he might have showed the slightest bit of affection toward his parents... a time where he might of laughed with someone... He could not think of such a time. Neji could not think of a time in which he had any friends, or a time him and his parents were happily together. He knew there had to be some happy moment in his life... but the more he pondered the more he began to think about his life. It took awhile to think back into his life. He had never done it, think about those times when he was young. Neji always focused on the present or the future never the past. Yet, all he could find was painful, unhappy memories. Neji thought his life should have been happier but with the rivalry about the main house and the branches that came off of the main house... there was so much pain and pressure. Neji's parents trained him to be the best; no exceptions the best was all he could be. The horrible pain came when he didn't do his best caused him misery. The young Hyuuga learned to live with the pain his parents gave him, the pain the people from the main house gave him, and all the rest of the pain from being alone.

Neji remembered something a girl who lived in the main house had said to him in the middle of a battle once... the Chunnin exam preliminaries. The girl was shy and not as skilled as him yet she had the heart of a lion. She believed in herself which even though she was the farthest thing from his equal gave her an edge. Near the end of that battle her words pierced him, not physically but mentally. Hinata Hyuuga had told him this in the exact words, "Brother, I can tell that you have been through more pain than I have been in..." Neji remembered those painful words. At that time he had not known why those words had affected him so much? Now he knows... those words that Hinata spoke that day affected him because they were the truth. His life was so painful and yet he never noticed that until now...

Neji looked away from his reflection that was filled will so many sad memories. He thought about Hinata. Had she gone through the same pain that he also went through? Had Hinata been shunned away her whole life? Hinata had gone through everything that he had... Hinata was... just like him. Her parents rejected her. She was to shy to actually make real friends. She's put her whole heart and soul into becoming a Hyuuga prodigy just like he was now. As he looked out the window the rain lessened and the sun came out. The warm sun dried up all the rain (on, jeez it sounds like I'm singing, "The Itsy Bitsy Spider!") that had drowned the streets and ground. There she was walking down the street... Hinata with her short blue hair and silver inherited eyes. Neji thought about what a jerk he had been to Hinata. She was walking with Naruto. Oh, Naruto will understand that he needs to fix things. Neji thought about how that hatred he had been feeling toward the main house had swarmed him over the years. That's the only reason he had trained so hard. He had talked about how he hated the main house so much he should start doing something about it instead of complaining. The first thing he can do is make friends with Hinata. Ummm... I should get down there quickly because Naruto and Hinata are walking away from the house....

Neji ran down the stairs and out the door after Hinata and Naruto.

"Hey, ummm... Naruto do-do you mind if I talk with Hinata for a while then you and her can go back on your date?" Neji for the first time in his life felt unconfident in himself.

"Sure Neji..." Naruto tried to say this happily but Neji still caught the questioning tone in his voice. Naruto smiled at Hinata and told her he would be waiting at the Ramen Shop.

"Ummm.... Hinata I-I'm sorry... I've been a jerk because of the whole main house and branches thing. Ummm... do you think we could really become brother and sister you know start over?"

"Don't worry... we already have, brother..." Hinata smiled when she said this and this made Neji feel great.

"Maybe we can fix the rivalry that has come between the main and branches of the Hyuuga clan? I can't do it with out you, Hinata, will you help me?"

"Of course I will brother."

Hinata and Neji looked at each other, and for the first time Neji felt happy. That was the first happy memory that Neji looks back on even now...


I will tell you this... Neji and Hinata are not a pairing in this story! I put Naruto walking in with Hinata on a date so you all see that Hinata and Neji just want to be friends and fix there clan... nothing more (sorry all you Hinata/Neji people)... I always thought they should fix there clans problems together so here's the fan fic for it!


PLEASE! Comment and tell me how I did.... Even if you really hate it tell me why... I promise I won't hunt you down (LOL) I would really like to know how I can make my fan fics more enjoyable.

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