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The One About The Bird In The Cage

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Everyone know the infamous mass murder, Sirius Black. But what they also know is that he had a wife who is the direct bloodline of Salazar Slytherin. Now Arielle Marie Black the daughter that carri...

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My bird is learning how to fly

Soaring on the wings of her song

If sometimes she flies a bit too high

It’s ’cause she was in my cage for so long

I don’t own Harry Potter. Only OC. This was an inspiration from bfireworks5 called, ‘Azkaban's Daughter’. Hope you enjoy!
DEBUT: A Black is Born!
A quiet night and the waves are calmed in a prison called, Azkaban. However, the prisoners are the most deadliest and brutal wizards and witches in there. Not only that many of them are stronger supporters of the Dark Lord, You-Know-Who, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and…
Thunderstorm shooked the fortress, waves slamming into the island and many prisoners are panicking. However there is one special cell that was few meters away from other prison cells.
Inside a woman screams out of her lungs, body sweats and her breathe was heavy with gaps for air. Three people are in the cells.
One is Sirius Black.
One is Bellatrix Lestrange nee’ Black
“C’mon, Ellie. You can do this.” Sirius is kneeled behind her back and holding her hands. As he gazed the most beautiful witch he had ever seen. Her appearance is long, brown curly hair and beautiful deep brown eyes and tannish skin with a right height that she was almost as tall as him. (Keira Knightly 12822158.86694996)
This woman name is Cerelle or likes to be called Ellie Black ‘nee Johnsons Slytherin. That’s right folks, The Slytherin. She was an orphaned daughter who was raised by muggle parents. In other words, despite being a student from Hogwarts in house of Slytherin; she captures Sirius Black eyes and heart. She is the last member of her family, but Lord Voldemort is also a descendant of Salazar Slytherin. She wasn’t into an ideal of the stereotype of the four houses, lineage of purebloods, Blood traitors or simply muggleborns’.
She was cunning and clever for someone who didn’t know the existence of magical world despite her pureblood linage. Her muggle parents were Edward and Mary Johnsons who found her on the pouch when she was a newborn babe. They were surprise that their adopted daughter is a witch not only that her family name is considered royalty. They loved her regardless of who her family was since they couldn’t conceived and simply adopt her.
Cerelle still love them as any daughter would love her parents by blood. Suppose that’s why Sirius Black developed a crush on her since she wasn’t like anyone else. He often be annoying and pick on her which she managed to invade his pranks. She even made a fool out of Sirius Black in front of his friends and her house.
However, though time and patient, in their final year; Sirius decided that it’s time to face the truth by telling her; how he feels about her and he went as far to punch her so-called date in face.
That’s when he kissed her. He said that he want to be with her. Right there and then they got married in a small private wedding with her parents and he invited James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettgriew. Lily Evans was there along with members of the Order of the Phoenix.
After the Potters were murder and betrayed. They arrested Sirius Black including wife, Cerelle Black while she was carrying her unborn child. They were sent to Azkaban with trial and sentences to life in prison. Many believed that Sirius Black did murder Peter Pettgriew and several muggles including her muggle parents. Cerelle is joining her husband in prison; being name Black and Slytherin.
“It hurts, Sirius. It hurt’s so bad.” Ellie whimpered as she tried to breathe. She is trying to be brave, but she knew that she is dying.
“All right, princess. Your heir is ready to come out now.” Bellatrix held respect for Ellie not only that she is A Slytherin, but she is quite a powerful witch.
Sirius kissed his wife’s head and prays that their child lived. It has been several hours for his wife to be in labor until now she is in dialoged. Ellie cries out in pain and her body is exhausted as it trembles through her pain. It is so much painful that she has to go through. She is sweating and gasping for air when she felt another hit on her lower back.
“Lady Cerelle, it’s time to push now.” She nodded her head as she push while she screams in agony.
She desperately prays to the God that her baby is not dead. No matter what she will keep her head up and face it.
“Ellie, you are stronger than this. Keep going.” Sirius told his wife.
‘They’re right. I can’t give up now.’
So, Cerelle sits up a bit, square her shoulders (Sirius helps her straighten her back) and took a minute to breathe in order to push. So she did push.
She screams in agony, but didn’t stop pushing her baby out.
“Oh dearie, I can see its head coming!” Bellatrix praised her. Thunderstorms still went boom, bam and clash together. But their main focus was delivering the baby.
She continues pushing her baby, her tears mixed in her sweat while her body jolted at the sound of thunder outside. She felt that her baby is scared, but Ellie wants to assure her child that she is here.
Its’ ok, baby. Mommy’s here and so is your daddy and your auntie. She thought to her baby.
“Bella, Bella! She is having a fever!” Sirius panic as he felt his wife forehead. It’s hot to the touch. That can mean one thing, baby fever it makes sense that since the warden or anyone is not properly taking good care of his wife’s pregnancy since many are hoping that she dies.
‘Just because she is married someone whose part of the family of Black and being born a Slytherin!’ Sirius angrily thought.
“Focus on the damn baby!” Ellie screams as she pushes her baby. She knew that she won’t make it, but her will on this child will be out of this cage soon. She is sure of it.
She gives out a one final loud screams that was drowned by a final thunder that had struck down. Then the storm had suddenly stops.
No one single sound until wails of a baby cries. It sounded strong and healthy. Ellie felt relief from all that pain. She began to cry at that sound of her little miracle. They all fussed over her baby and gotten it cleans for her.
She couldn’t contain her excitement. She needed to see her baby. She has to know if it’s a boy or a girl. She must know.
“What is it? Is everything alight?” Cerelle asked fervently fear for her baby.
“A girl. You have a girl.” Sirius said joyfully. Sirius kissed her forehead happily. Cerelle was shocked, couldn’t contain her excitement. Sadly, this union comes to an end. She felt nauseas as fell on her husband side. Sirius quickly holds onto her. Bella notice that she is losing too much blood. Bella cries in tears as she was holding her niece close to her and heard Sirius whispers ‘no’ multiple times as his beloved wife is slowing wasting away.
“Please don’t leave me yet. We did say a daughter for you and a son for me. We didn’t even get a dog for us.” Sirius cries a bit and laughs a little that seem to break his sobs. He was rocking her body with his silently begging to God or anyone who would listen to him to let his wife lived.
Cerelle looked at the man she had loved. She was dying and she knows it.
"I want to be brave." Cerelle said as she whimpers a bit.
"Shh. You are." Sirius wiped her hair out of her face to get a better look at her.
"I'm not. I don't want to die." Cerelle admitted to him. She looked at her daughter; she wants to hold her before she fades away. Cerelle signal Bellatrix to let her hold her daughter.
Bella went to Ellie and let her hold her daughter. Bella gave her a kiss in the forehead whisper ‘see you soon’ to Ellie.
Her daughter has snow white skin, but her eyes and hair made her look dark hair and her brown eyes. She loves her baby girl and wished that she could see her grow up and enjoy life out there. Cerelle leans into Sirius ear and whispers.
"Her name is Arielle Marie Black. If he-who-must-not-be-name finds out, he will go after her. You know he will. You have to protect her. Promise me, Sirius. Promise me."
He nodded and he kissed fully on her lips. It felt wet, but neither them cared about it. They mumble each other ‘I love yous’ and ‘We’ll be together soon.’
Cerelle Black died at that moment.
Sirius yelled out in sorrow and pain at the loss of his wife. He grabbed the cleanest cloth, he could find and wrap around his daughter. His tears kept falling from his eyes as he tried to hold it in. His voice was whimpering a little.
“Shh shh, its ok daddy’s here.” Sirius places his daughter into his arms and put her in a proper position to hold her.
“It’s okay, princess daddy is here. And he won’t let anything happen to you.” Sirius nuzzled his face to his daughter’s cheeks as she fallen asleep.
‘Someday, you’ll be free.’ Sirius thought as he saw the window that it’s sun was rising. ‘Someday soon, Arielle. I promise.’
13 years later~
At the private window of the house, a 13 year old boy was practicing magic under the cover of his bed sheets. Harry James Potter was practicing his Lumos spell, hiding the fact that his Uncle Vernon kept repeating his steps to check in on Harry over the strange lights coming from his room.
Harry simply laugh quietly and calls it a night to go to sleep. Across the ocean there is the fortress called, Azkaban. A girl that is also, 13 was asleep and sharing a cell with her father. Her appearance is dirty, messy and wild. Her skin is like deathly pale, but overall they said that she is healthy and strong. Hey, that’s Azkaban prison life for you. Her father told her that if she hold onto that wish it may come true.
She wants to be free. She doesn’t know the outside world. She was meant to leave when she was born, but those jerks from the ministry of wizards said it’s better to keep her in Azkaban, her father told her that he was both sad, but at the same time he gets to keep his little girl. People gave up hope of ever leaving this place, but not her. She still has hope. She just needs to be patient.
How much fate likes to play between these two individuals. Let’s just say a certain powerful wizard decides to step up the game changer.
Well, what do you think? I would like some reviews and pm me. This is my first, Harry Potter story so go easy on me. By the way, for those of you that likes my stories. You can look them up and review and pm me. Thank and Happy Fourth of July.
Arielle Marie Black looks exactly like (f8a6c1faf533f0977a23f76d1beb0b7c)
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