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Everyone's Favorite Blonde

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Harry brings home a stray witch, Luna Lovegood. Arguments ensue.

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Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter.

Author's Note: Sorry to get people's hopes up, but the Dursleys won't be dealt with for a little while yet. Pansy hasn't forgotten them, though; she's determined to make them pay for how they've treated Harry. When Pansy sets her mind to something, well... you've all read the story so far.


They were now well into March, and Pansy had noticed Harry paying a great deal more attention to the Marauder's Map the last couple of nights.

"Are you looking for something in particular?" she asked as he sat on the couch once again watching over the school.

"Yes, sort of." He looked puzzled; she waited for him to continue.

"I've noticed something odd a couple of times in the last week or so."


"A girl out well past curfew near the Ravenclaw tower."


"I'm not sure what's going on. The house-elves haven't reported anything to me about this."

"What's the girl's name?"

"Luna Lovegood."

"Lovegood? That sounds familiar."

"Not to me, but then I'm not the social butterfly that you are." He smirked at her and Pansy flicked his arm in annoyance. "I'm guessing she must be a Ravenclaw."

"The only Lovegood I remember hearing of is the publisher of the Quibbler."

"What's the Quibbler?"

"Remember those muggle magazines you showed me with all the silly stories in them? Little grey men from outer space, a monster in Loch Ness, things like that?"

"Yeah, tabloids."

"Right. It's basically a magical tabloid. They post all sorts of strange stories. Ridiculous conspiracies, magical creatures no one has heard of before, that sort of thing."

"Hmm, I guess some things aren't so different from the non-magical world."

"So, this Lovegood girl, want me to see what I can find out about her?"

"Could you?"

"I'd be shocked if Parvati and Lavender don't already know a ton about her."

"Thanks, Pansy."

"You can thank me by washing my back."

"I'm sure I can oblige you, madame."

She got up and left the room. Soon enough, he could hear the water running, filling the tub no doubt. Harry looked once more at the map and saw that this night, at least, Luna Lovegood was in a corner of the Ravenclaw common room. She was alone, as usual. Harry wondered just who this girl was.


Harry had freed up some of his time as he was no longer needing to spend quite so much time keeping an eye on Hermione. Not that he minded being around her, but she was no longer as upset by Ron's behavior, plus Neville had taken to asking to study with her at times. He hadn't made any romantic overtures yet, but he was at least able to speak with Hermione without without constantly stammering or blushing.

He had to give it to Parvati and Lavender, they had done good work.

Pansy was less enthused, as her source of recreational amusement had apparently run its course, but that just meant he had to do more to keep her entertained. And if there was one thing Harry prided himself on, it was his ability to keep Pansy satisfied.


It was a Saturday night, and Pansy was at one end of the couch with her feet curled up under her, reading over her latest Charms essay. Harry glanced at her briefly and smiled. He knew it would tease her (and that could potentially lead to some fun in the bedroom if she didn't get too angry), but Pansy was definitely more studious than he was and that part of her reminded him of Hermione. She wasn't nearly as obsessive as his best friend, but he was willing to bet she would get much better grades at the end of the year.

Harry was willing to study but only when things interested him. He knew he was near the top of the class in Runes for example. Something like Herbology, on the other hand, as long as Harry passed, he couldn't care less how well he did. The practical portion brought up unpleasant memories of hours slaving away, all for Petunia's vanity. And the written portion, well, who the hell wanted to read about plants?

He looked back over the map again and saw a group in a room just a flight of stairs down from the Ravenclaw common room. It was almost curfew, and sure enough, there was Luna Lovegood again. This time, though, there were several other girls with her. Harry leaned over and stared intently. He grabbed a quill and found something to write on- the back of a letter he needed to remember to show to Pansy still- and quickly wrote out a list of names.

The other girls left the room, and he watched them as they headed back to the Ravenclaw tower.

Luna Lovegood 's name wasn't moving. And that worried Harry.

"Pansy, did you ever find out anything about Luna Lovegood from the girls?"

"Yes, why do you ask?"

"It looks like she's going to be out after curfew again, and I have a bad feeling about the reason why."

"Oh, um, well let me see. She's a second year. In Ravenclaw, you were right about that. Her father is the publisher of the Quibbler. She's apparently pretty strange. Seems to believe everything her father writes."

"I'll bet other people don't think too much of that."

"Not from what I've heard, no they don't. Apparently the little Weasley girl knows her a bit. She calls her Loony Lovegood. They live near the same town."

"Just fucking great. Dobby!"

The elf appeared, without a pop. Harry realized the little guy had taken to spending the evenings watching over them much more carefully after Black's latest attempted break in.

"Master Harry sir?"

"I need your help, Dobby, but I want to do this without drawing too much attention to you. Can you see where Luna Lovegood is in this room on the map?" Dobby nodded. "I'd like for you to ask one of the Hogwarts elves to check that room and see if Luna Lovegood is alright. Have them come see me if they need to."

"Yes, master Harry." He disappeared, and Harry got up.

"What are you thinking?" Pansy turned around as she watched Harry pacing around the room.

"I'm guessing that she's being bullied. A group of girls left her behind in a room just before curfew. Maybe they hexed her or something, and that's why she keeps showing up out after curfew all these nights."

"How many times now?"

"Three. That I know of."

"What are you going to do?"

"Make sure she's alright."

"Then what?"

"I don't know. A part of me wants to go kick the shit out of some Ravenclaw girls."

Pansy snorted. "How ungentlemanly of you, Lord Potter."

"Yeah, I know. I just hate bullies."

"I remember. Try to calm down, though, and think this through Harry. For my sake?"

"Okay. First, check to see if she's hurt. Then see what she needs. I guess help her back to her tower."

"Alright, that's good for a start. Let's see if the elves can tell us anything."

They only had to wait a couple of minutes, but Harry was noticeably impatient as he stalked across the room. Pansy suggested that he get his cloak out, just in case he needed it. Finally, Dobby popped back in with a second elf in tow.

"Master Harry sir, this is Oggy. Oggy checked the room for the miss Luna," said Dobby.

"Miss Luna is asleep sir," Oggy added.

"Thank you both. Dobby, I'd like you to stay here with Pansy. Keep an eye on the map, just in case I need your help. Oggy, can you take me to her?"

"Yes sir." Harry had his wand ready as the elf took his other hand and they disappeared.


When Harry arrived in the room, he first noticed the darkness. He used his wand for light and looked around. It was one of the many disused class rooms. The house-elf Oggy tugged on his arm and pointed over to the form of Luna Lovegood.

As he approached her, Harry first noticed she wasn't wearing any shoes. That couldn't be too pleasant- the stone floors were really cold at night. She had on an odd assortment of jewelry, although he wondered if the one earring that looked as if was made out of a radish had a missing counterpart.

She was unconscious, but Harry worried if her being "asleep" was due to someone using some sort of curse or hex on her.

That worry grew when simply trying to wake her did not seem to work.

"Dobby!" As soon as he heard the pop, Harry continued, "I need you to bring me my copy of the Standard Book of Spells."

Moments later, Dobby returned and Harry flipped to the index. He scanned through until he came across the reviving spell. After looking it up, Harry handed the book back to his friend and turned to Luna.


A flash of red light hit the girl and she quickly sat up. She looked around the dark room and Harry immediately noticed her most striking feature- pale silver eyes.

"You're Harry Potter," she said with a wide-eyed expression.

"I am," he answered with a smile. "I believe you're Luna Lovegood. May I help you up?"

"Thank you," she replied, taking his hand and being helped to stand.

"My pleasure." He nodded down at her bare feet. "That must be cold. What happened to your shoes?"

"I'm not sure. I was wearing them earlier." She did not seem to take note of the anger that flashed across Harry's face. "It's possible the nargles took them while I was asleep."

"I don't think you were just asleep, miss Lovegood. I had to use a spell to bring you back to consciousness. I believe you were attacked."

"Well, one of the girls did say she had a new spell to show me. I think it started with stoo."

"A stunning spell perhaps? Maybe 'Stupefy'?"

"That could be it, but I don't remember hearing the entire thing."

"You're awfully calm about this. Are you alright?"

"My feet are a bit cold."

"I could teach you a warming spell," Harry offered.

"Unfortunately, I also seem to be missing my wand."

Now Harry was pissed.

"May I?"

"Yes, please." Harry cast a warming charm over her feet, and Luna's face instantly flushed.

"That's too hot."

"Sorry." He took a deep breath to calm himself and recast the spell.

"Ah. Much better. Thank you, Harry Potter."

"You're welcome, Luna Lovegood."

"Would you help me look for my wand? I really do need it, and searching the room would go much faster with help."

"Allow me. Accio Luna's wand."

However, the wand did not seem to be in the room.

"I guess the nargles took my wand too."

"I don't think it was nargles, Luna. I think it was the girls who brought you in here."

"That could be."

"You aren't surprised."

"Few people seem to care about what happens to Loony Lovegood." How she was able to say this with such a serene expression baffled Harry. The girl was definitely a bit odd, but she also had something that surprised Harry. An untarnished quality, an innocent sweetness not yet broken by the evident bullying she was suffering. He was determined to not let that be taken from her.

"Well I care."

She looked up at him and for a second he saw a flash of amazement in her eyes. It tore at his heart.

"Thank you, Harry Potter."

"You're welcome, Luna. Should I help you to the Ravenclaw tower?"

"I don't think I want to go back there tonight. Could I come with you?"

Harry wanted to take her with him; he wanted to make sure no one ever hurt this strange but sweet girl ever again. But, he had Pansy waiting for him and all the secrets that they shared, which could not be revealed.

"I could sleep on your couch. I wouldn't bother you or your girlfriend."

Harry heard his own sharp intake of breath.

"I guess I shouldn't have said that. I'll swear not to tell anyone else, but it seemed obvious to me. I think you and Pansy make a lovely couple. Besides, I wouldn't want to risk your ire. I do owe you multiple life debts, after all."

"Multiple?" He somehow managed to ask that even as his brain was trying to process several different things at once and decide what the hell he was going to do now.

"I believe I owe you three. One for defeating you-know-who all those years ago. One for stopping the heir of Slytherin last year. Was it true that the heir's monster was an umgubular slashkilter? I would so like to see one of those."

"It was a basilisk, actually," Harry answered, almost on auto-pilot.

"Oh, I haven't seen one of those either," she said with a look wonder. She smiled, and it was such a look of unbridled joy. She then continued.

"And finally, I owe you a third for driving off the dementors last fall. Any one of those would be reason enough for me to vow to keep your secrets. With three, I would be loath to even consider doing anything that would bring your displeasure, especially not after seeing you kill Lucius Malfoy. People might think of me as strange, but I am not a fool."

"There's nothing wrong with being a little strange," Harry said jovially. Luna smiled shyly at him. "But I am going to need that vow if you want to come with me."

"I, Luna Lovegood, vow to keep any and all secrets of House Potter on my magic, my life, and my mother's grave."

Harry gasped. Luna still had that air of serenity.

"I'm sorry, Luna. I didn't know you had lost your mother."

"Thank you, Harry. Can I call you Harry?"

"Of course."

"You of all people don't need to feel sorry for me. She died four years ago. I miss her, but I will always treasure my memories of her. I know she's watching over me, and some day, I'll see her again."

"You seem sure of that," Harry sighed.

"I am. We live in a world with ghosts. Surely you don't think there wouldn't be an after-life?"

"I don't know. I didn't grow up in the magical world. From what I learned from church in the muggle world, there is supposed to be a God and a Heaven when we die. But I had trouble believing in that when I was young."


"I... I'd rather not say."

"Oh. Excuse me for prying."

"It's alright. Well, I guess we should get going. I'm sure Pansy's got to be worried by now."

Harry turned to the house-elves.

"Thank you for your help tonight, Oggy."

"You're welcome, mister Harry sir," he said with a bow.

"Dobby, take us back to my quarters, please."

And with a pop they were gone.


Pansy had been watching the map for what seemed like ages now. Her nerves were all at attention after Dobby left with a spell book for Harry. She wasn't sure why he would need a spell, but she couldn't think of anything good. And ever since she had been watching the names on the map.

At least Dobby was with him, but sitting there on the couch was badly trying her patience.

Finally, with a loud pop Dobby brought Harry back to her.

With a blonde girl on his arm.

Why was it always blondes?

She glared at Harry. What the fuck was he thinking bringing her here with him?


Harry tried to smile, but he wilted under her stare.

"It appears that some of the other girls stunned Luna, stole her shoes and wand, and then left her there."

"Or it could have been the nargles. They are terrible little thieves you know, and I'm not wearing my necklace today."

"Right. Um. Pansy, let me introduce you to Luna Lovegood. Luna, this is Pansy."

"My pleasure," Luna said with a small smile.

"That doesn't explain why she is here."

"Oh, well-"

"I asked him to bring me here. Don't worry though, I vowed to keep all of House Potter's secrets. I won't tell anyone about your relationship, although I am a bit surprised that Hermione Granger hasn't figured it out yet."

"She's had a lot going on this year," Harry said.

"Harry!" Pansy was furious. How the hell could he have been so foolish to let this happen?

"Oh, please don't blame Harry. He didn't tell me anything, I had just already observed the way the two of you interact. You are clearly quite close. However, recently Harry has been a lot more affectionate towards Hermione Granger, and yet even though you two have been constantly together all year, you've never shown anything like that with each other. I assumed that you had a secret relationship. Although if Harry really wanted to catch Sirius Black, using you as bait might be a better idea than getting stabbed. I would think knife wounds might make trying to duel rather hard."

Harry laughed as Luna finished her explanation, but Pansy looked ready to kill.

"Pansy, she did give me a vow, and as she told me, she wouldn't want to get on my bad side since she owes me a life debt."

"Or three," Luna added.

"Or three."

"Harry, please give us girls a moment alone." Both Pansy's tone and the look on her face made it clear that he had no choice but to obey this order. He saw the wand in her hand as well.

"Alright," he said as he got up. But he walked over to her and whispered in her ear. "Don't hurt her."

She was pissed, but the look on Harry's face made her stop for a moment. She should have known that he would leap into protecting a damsel in distress. Stupid, noble, bloody fool.

It was how they had met after all.

She let out a sigh and gave him a faint nod. Harry left, going into his bedroom. Once the door closed, she turned to the other girl.

"Let's get one thing straight, Lovegood. If you ever betray Harry, I will kill you."

"You don't need to worry about that. Harry is the first other student to be nice to me since I came to Hogwarts. Although I do appreciate your loyalty towards him. I wonder if I will feel such fervor towards him in the years to come."

"What do you mean?"

"Oh, I wouldn't try to interfere in your relationship. I don't think Harry would like that. He obviously cares a lot about you. I just meant that he protected you, and tonight he protected me."

"Just keep any fervor to yourself. I don't share."

"Of course. May we bring Harry back out now? I believe he might be concerned that we would argue or fight, and I would rather not worry him over such things. Also, it is rather late, and despite my unplanned nap, I am starting to get tired. What time is it anyway?"

"Just after midnight," Harry answered as he walked back into the sitting room. He smirked at Pansy's glare; it wasn't really a moment alone if Harry was listening in.

"Oh, it's my birthday then."

"Happy birthday, Luna. Dobby?" The elf appeared standing in front of the fire. "It's my friend Luna's birthday, and that calls for cake. What's your favorite type of cake?"

"Angel cake. But you don't have to go to all that trouble."

"It's no trouble, miss Luna. Master Harry is right. Cake is always good for birthdays, and sweets before bed bring sweet dreams."

Dobby got to work- Harry would always be amazed by house-elf magic. He doubted any witch or wizard could duplicate baking a delicious cake in less than ten minutes. While his little friend hummed to himself in their little kitchen area, Pansy spoke to Luna about the secrets she could not reveal to anyone else- namely, pretty much anything about Harry & Pansy's relationship. Harry added that she shouldn't tell anyone about Dobby or his abilities. He planned on taking advantage of this blind spot concerning house-elves that magical people had for as long as possible.

Soon enough, Dobby was finished, and a cake with thirteen candles sat on the table in front of the couch. A quick round of 'Happy Birthday' followed. A look from Harry had even guilted Pansy into singing along.

"Thank you so much," Luna said in a quiet voice as Dobby cut the cake and served up the pieces. "Won't you join us Dobby?"

"Dobby would be delighted, miss Luna. Master Harry's friends are Dobby's friends."

"This is already turning into the best birthday I've had in years. Two new friends. I wonder what daddy might send me."

"Is that what usually happens for magical families? They send something by owl to their students away at Hogwarts?" Harry knew very little of what birthdays meant to normal people. He couldn't imagine any bird large enough to haul the amount of presents that Dudley would have been sent.

"Most of the time, yes. Sometimes parents come to visit and bring presents, especially for older students who can go to Hogsmeade. Last year, my father was traveling, researching a story, so he sent me a present by owl. I think he's doing the same thing this year, although tomorrow is still a weekend, so anything is possible."

That phrase seemed to sum up Luna's point of view. They ate the cake and chatted for a few minutes. Pansy was even being nice to the odd girl. She might be a bitch, but she wouldn't ruin someone's birthday. At least, not if it would have pissed off Harry.

Finally, the plates were finished and stomachs were filled with the tasty dessert. Pansy was tired and stressed, Harry looked ready for bed, and even Luna's wide eyes were starting to droop.

"Alright, time for bed. Come on Luna, I'll find something you can wear to sleep in." Pansy led her to her supposed bedroom and dug through her clothes. She found something that should fit; Luna was just about her same size.

"Thank you for being nice to me, even if it is for Harry's sake."

"You're welcome." This girl was very insightful. Blunt too. That worried Pansy, but if she could be trusted, she might be of use. "You don't have to take the couch- you can sleep in here."

"Thank you. May I ask you something?"


"What's it like to sleep with someone?"

If Pansy had been drinking, she would have done quite the spit take.


"Oh, I don't mean to pry. I just wondered about the mechanics of it. I tend to toss and turn a lot when I sleep. I would think that might be unpleasant when sharing a bed with someone. I hope you don't think I meant about sex. I'm not interested in learning about that just yet."

Pansy didn't know how to answer either the actual question or the secondary notion, Luna's suggestion about her sex life. She had a feeling not knowing what to say would become her usual response to Luna Lovegood.

"Good night, Luna," ended up being all she could manage.

"Sweet dreams, Pansy. Tell Harry thank you for me, please."


She went straight to bed, casting a silencing spell behind her at the door.

"I should be mad at you."

"I'm sorry."

"Just don't make it a habit of bringing home stray witches."

"I won't, but I just couldn't leave her there. Not on her birthday."

"Yeah, yeah, don't lay it on too thick, Harry." Pansy stretched her arms up as she removed her top; she smiled down at Harry who had that same goofy smile on his face whenever he was staring at her breasts.

"Luna did suggest that I tell you thank you for her," she added with a smirk.

The silencing charm's strength would be tested before they got to sleep that night...


The next morning came too early, but Harry couldn't just stay curled up in bed for once. He had a wayward Ravenclaw to take care of.

Pansy grumbled a bit when he woke her, but he promised to make it up to her later.

In the end, once everyone was dressed, it was decided to have Dobby take them all back to the room Harry had found Luna in the night before. He didn't want to have to explain leaving his private quarters with a second girl in tow. That would probably send the gossip off the charts.

Harry checked the map to make sure the coast was clear. He also had his list of the names of the four girls he had seen leave Luna behind after attacking her.

They were soon making their way to the entrance of the Ravenclaw tower, where Luna had to answer a riddle to open the doorway.

"Does it always do that?" Harry asked.

"Yes. Why?"

"Gryffindor requires a password. Anyone that's good at solving riddles could get inside here."

As they stepped inside, Harry immediately noticed the bookshelves lining the walls. He motioned to them and turned to Pansy. "If I tell Hermione the Ravenclaws have their own library, do you think she'll kick herself for getting sorted into Gryffindor?"

"Possibly. But if you were nice, you would let me tell her instead."

Harry chuckled at Pansy's evil little grin. Luna giggled.

"You two are so funny."

A group of girls came down the stairs whispering together. They looked to be about the right age.

"Are those the girls from last night?" Harry asked Luna.

"Yes," Luna answered in that serene voice. It marveled him to see how she could let their behavior just roll off her. Harry led the way over to them; they all stopped and stared.

"Hello girls. Let's see who is who. Desford?" One girl gave him a smile. "Glossop?" A second gave him a little wave. "Kirkby? Randall?" The last two identified themselves as well. For members of the house of intellect, none of them must be all that bright Harry thought.

"Now then, which of you girls has Luna's wand? And her shoes as well as anything else you might have brilliantly decided to steal?"

"We didn't steal anything. Looney's always losing her things," Randall tried to argue.

"You expect me to believe that? I know the four of you attacked her and left her unconscious in a room one floor down last night. Want to try again?"

Silence was the only answer.

"If you're smart, you left her things somewhere easily found. Taking another student's wand in particular should see one hell of a punishment. I guess we'll find out soon enough if any of you are even remotely qualified to be in Ravenclaw."

Harry was fuming now. Pansy squeezed his arm, he turned to her and Luna.

"Luna, why don't you look up in your dorm to see if any of your missing things are there?

"Pansy, please escort Luna up to her room." As they went towards the stairs, Harry turned to the four girls.

"As for you stupid little bitches, let me make a couple of things perfectly clear. I hate bullies. Luna Lovegood is my friend, so the next time one of you moronic little cunts decides to pick on her, you'll be answering to me. The last person to cross me bled to death in the Great Hall. I'm sure you all witnessed that. Leave my friend alone. Got it?"

Four frightened voices squeaked out in agreement. Harry detected the smell of urine. It would have been funny, but he was pretty far from a laughing mood.

"Then get the fuck out of my sight."

As the girls ran off, an older boy walked across the room to Harry, who noticed the prefect's badge he was wearing.

"Potter, what's going on here?"

"Who are you?"

"Robert Hilliard."

"A prefect?"

"Yes, seventh year."

"Then I'm doing your job." Hilliard looked affronted by Harry's answer.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It means that people like you should be looking out for the younger students and making sure none of them are being bullied. Either none of the Ravenclaws are paying attention or none of them care. How else would you explain no one noticing a second year repeatedly being out after curfew?"

"What happened?"

"I took care of it. I hope I don't have to take care of anything else."

Harry's voice was low, and despite being four years his senior, Robert Hilliard quickly moved away from the angry young Gryffindor. He would mention this to the other prefects; they would need to keep an eye on Lovegood apparently. He wasn't going to be stupid enough to get on Harry Potter's bad side, not after what he saw happen to Malfoy. Rumors of an attack by Black that Potter also drove off, even being wounded in the fight, seemed all the more believable now.

Moments later, Luna and Pansy came down the stairs. Luna was wearing shoes this time, and Harry noticed her wand tucked behind her ear. He grinned as he saw Pansy rolling her eyes as she followed the blonde over to Harry.

"Find everything?"

"My wand was sitting on my bed. It must have been an awfully nice house-elf that left it there for me. Could you ask Dobby to thank whoever it was for me? I don't know any others."

"Sure, Luna."

"I hope my missing earring turns up. Otherwise, I'll have to somehow get another radish to make a new one, and finding a pair of of them that matched well enough the first time was a chore, let me tell you."

"I'll take your word for it, and I have a feeling that more of your things will be turning up soon. Would you ladies care to join me for breakfast this morning?"

"That sounds lovely. I'm surprisingly hungry even after the cake last night."

Harry and Pansy both snorted, and Luna smiled looking from one to another. She had eaten three pieces; Harry had been thoroughly amused by the girl's enormous appetite for sweets. 'Well she did say she thought we were a lovely couple,' he thought as Luna noticed their same reaction.

"Alright then. Ladies, after you," he said as he stood aside and they all headed off together to the Great Hall.


Arriving there moments later, they were bound to have another confrontation.

Harry had sat down with Pansy and Luna on either side of him. The hall was about half full. It wasn't very early, but being the weekend, some of the students were getting a later start as usual. Harry yawned and thought that he would like to take a nap later.

Hermione sat down across from him, and Harry introduced her to Luna. Of course, she asked where Harry met the new girl, and he quickly told her that he would tell her later. Thankfully, Hermione didn't press him. The last couple of months she had been a lot less nosy, and Harry appreciated it. It was one of the reasons he had supported her so much during the current feud with Ron.

Speaking of whom, Ron Weasley came down the aisle towards them.

"What's Looney doing sitting here?"

Tact never was his strong suit, but having a go at Luna today of all days was really not a smart thing to do. The fact that Parvati and Lavender had entered just after him and were now sitting by Pansy, with front row seats to Ron's latest bout of boorishness, meant this was going to be all over the school by day's end. His reputation might never recover at this rate.

"Luna is my friend. She's welcome to sit with me whenever she wants. What's it to you anyway, Ron? I thought you still weren't speaking to me."

"You used to be my best mate, Harry. Now all you do is hang out with girls. Or help Neville in class. That's what Hermione does, not you. What's happened to you?"

Harry noticed that the girls in question he was surrounded by all looked insulted. Looking over at Harry, Fred and George smiled and gave him a thumbs up- they obviously knew being surrounded by pretty girls was something to be proud of.

Hermione looked notably angry. Ron had taken advantage of her for help with classwork as often as possible since first year. She had been a lot more productive ever since she stopped having to carry his lazy ass. The fact that Harry was willing to get his own work done without relying on her this year had also been a nice change.

Neville came in and sat down by Hermione, muttering a quiet hello. Only Harry noticed his blush as the others were all scowling at Ron.

"Well Ron, a lot has happened to me. I was attacked by a dementor on the train to school. Then we were all attacked by them during a quidditch match of all things. I would think you would remember since you were there for both events. Then I had a Death Eater challenge me to a duel to the death. I had a second Death Eater attack me last month. One who somehow escaped Azkaban prison, which is supposed to be impossible. I've also had to deal with all sorts of legal issues due to the fact that I have no other family members to help me, you know, since I am the very last Potter.

"Plus, I'm responsible for another orphan- that's Pansy in case you were wondering. Another friend of mine who you have been rude towards for months on end. Did you even pay attention to the fact that her father had murdered her mother? You certainly never said a word about it that I heard. A semi-decent person would have at least said something like 'hey, sorry your dad was an evil bastard.' You couldn't even manage that much.

"On top of all that, I've had to deal with my best mate being a total wanker for the last month. I grew up, Ron. Are you ever going to?"

Silence had fallen over the immense room. Ron's entire face had gone red.

"You've been against me ever since her cat killed Scabbers. A real mate would have been on my side."

"You yelled at Hermione several times about how she needed to keep her pet locked up. If you really wanted your rat to be safe, you would have kept him in a cage. You never even thought of doing that though, did you? No, why should Ron Weasley get off his arse and do something when he can just blame other people instead?

"Screw you!"

Ron stormed out of the Great Hall.

Everyone was stunned. Harry Potter had done something truly amazing. He had kept Ron Weasley from eating.
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