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The Heir of Eden

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Adam was created by God, the four Satans, and various other gods as a means of treaty between the groups. When he fell it was agreed that his 77th generational descendent with a Sacred Gear would b...

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June 15, 1995.
"Freak, you have mail."Petunia Dursley called upstairs to her bum of a nephew, who since retiring from his freak school two months previous had not done much except stare at the ceiling in his room or walk around the neighborhood staring into space.
"Mail, for me?" Harry asked aloud confused on why he Aunt would have received mail for him, when all of his friends used owl and none of them were responding to his letters.
"Yes you useless bum, it says it is from a Kuoh Academy, probably one of your freak schools but being that it came by normal means I did not just burn it." Petunia said as Harry came down the stairs.
"Kuoh Academy, never heard of it before, and I know it's not a school like my own at least not one in Europe." Harry said taking the letter and opening it and reading it.
Dear H. Potter,
We at Kuoh Academy, the primer year round boarding school in Japan, have just changed our school policy to accepting all genders to our school, for a year trial, and at the urging of our History professor Carter James, who was your sixth grade teacher, would like to invite you to join our prestigious school. Enclosed is a two way plane ticket to our school. Being based in Japan we will begin hosting Japanese classes starting July 1, and if you desire to attend our school we will expect you to arrive by this date. Room and board will be covered for the first semester to help in the adjustment.
Please respond if you are not interested as soon as possible.
Principals Richard and Lisa Hunter
"Well freak, it looks like your freakishness is going to cause you to lose an opportunity of a lifetime." Petunia said sneering at Harry having read the letter over his shoulder.
"Actually Aunt, I have heard that Japan has a very well renowned area for my kind that is ancient, and after all the crap that has been going on here, I think I would like to give this place a go. Do you think you or Uncle Vernon could drop me off at the London International Airport this Saturday, and then I will let you know in a few months time what is the plan for next summer." Harry said calmly.
"Is this a joke, you freak want to give up your freakishness for this opportunity, what about the letters?" Petunia asked in shock.
"The yearly letters are charmed to go to your current address and yes I would forsake this area as they don't care about me anyway, they all think I am an attention whore. Also when Dumb-as-a-door or his minions come and question you about where I went I would pay you handsomely to say you don't know, or even better if you were just to move away from here, to the Colonies perhaps, I would pay for it." Harry said calmly.
"And how would you manage that you are a penniless beggar." Petunia said suspiciously.
"My father had a good amount of money and I would be willing to pay you $200,000 if you move by the end of the summer, or $300,000 if you are ready to move by this weekend." Harry said unfazed as he knew he had at least 100 Galleons on him and each galleon was worth over 1,000 dollars.
"What if I don't believe you freak?" Petunia asked coldly.
"Well dear Petunia, here is a deal, I will give you 125,000 right now in good and then you can go and convert it to cash today and then on the way to the airport if we stop by the area of my kind I will get the rest of the gold needed, but before I give you this money I need an oath that you will fulfill your end of the bargain." Harry said calmly.
"Fine, but if you do not actually have the money I will have you locked in the room the rest of the summer." Petunia said coldly.
"Fine, now just say 'I Petunia Dursley being of sound mind do swear to do agreed on the conditions promised so help me God.'" Harry said before smirking as he also remembered he had over 400 Leprechaun Galleons that would vanish in six months or so between his trunk and vault.
"Very well, I Petunia Dursley being of sound mind do swear to get my nephew to the London Airport this Saturday after allowing him to go to the freak alley to get us money before having my family and I move that same day on the conditions of receiving $300,000 in gold, so help me God." Petunia said before getting a nod from Harry who quickly went up to his room and after a few minutes returned with a small trunk.
"Here you go Aunt Petunia, this is 100 one t oz pieces of solid gold." Harry said opening the trunk showing it was full of gold coins.
"Very well, I will phone Vernon and let him know he needs to leave work so he can being packing everything while I go and sell all of this." Petunia said dismissively.
June 17, 1995 3:00am
"Well Nephew, it's time to go." Vernon said shaking Harry roughly, he having become slightly nicer since Harry had given them the gold.
"Of course uncle, are you all ready to leave?" Harry asked quickly opening the window and letting Hedwig fly out so he could put her cage in his chest.
"Of course, now shall I take your trunk?" Vernon asked kindly.
"Thank you for the offer but I am fine." Harry said grabbing the trunk and a cloak that he had purposely left out.
"Very well, now what was the address for the entry into your world?" Vernon asked kindly.
"Charing Cross road." Harry said as he got into the car's passenger seat, Petunia having taken the moving truck in the middle of the night with Dudley.
"Very good." Vernon said as he started the car and making his way to the Leaky Cauldron.
"Well uncle, I will be back in an hour or so, I need to get a few things beyond the money." Harry said as he slipped his cloak on heading into the alley and making his way straight to Gringotts.
"Wizard, what can Gringotts do for you today?" A goblin asked seeing Harry walk in.
"I need to make a withdrawal, and would like to purchase all of the Leprechaun gold you have please." Harry said cautiously.
"And why would one want Leprechaun gold, you know it won't buy anything in the wizarding world except small trinkets." The goblin asked suspiciously as Harry handed him his key.
"Yes that is true for the wizarding world but not the muggle world and I am helping some muggles move by having them sell Leprechaun gold to various gold buyers." Harry said calmly making the goblin smile.
"I like that idea Mister Potter, we will first get your withdrawal and then we will sell you 100 Leprechaun gold Galleons for 10 of ours if that is a deal for you." The Goblin said calmly.
"Very good, could I purchase 1,000 Leprechaun Galleons?" Harry asked as they headed to his vault.
"That is basically all we have, but very well." The goblin said after a few minutes consideration as Harry went into his vault and filled three large bags with Galleons, each bag holding 200 Galleons.
"Very well once we get to the surface we can make that purchase, now do you know where Alastor Moody bought his multi compartment trunk?" Harry asked as they got back into the cart.
"Of course, we made it, why are you asking?" The goblin asked smirking.
"Well I am going on an extended trip in the muggle world and could use one, maybe to purchase for 150 Galleons?" Harry said shrewdly.
"I like your thinking Mister Potter, that can definitely be arranged and to make it muggle proof will only take an extra 25 Galleons." The goblin said shrewdly.
"Make it 15 extra and you have a deal." Harry said calmly.
"We will make it look like a regular suitcase and give it automatic lightening charm and all other protections for the 175." The goblin said smirking.
"I will pay no no more than 170 unless it also contains all the school books for Hogwarts and you remove the trace on my wand." Harry said calmly.
"Very well Mister Potter, please give me your wand and I will have the trace removed. And how do you want the Leprechaun gold?" The goblin asked smiling as Harry gave him his wand.
"200 Galleons in a large non shrunk trunk, with a lightning charm that is canceled as soon as I put it down, and then the rest in the multi compartment trunk under stasis so it does not expire." Harry said calmly.
"Very well Mister Potter, it will take us about an hour to get everything collected and made, would you like to wait in the lobby or in one of our waiting rooms?" The goblin asked kindly.
"In one of your waiting rooms would be preferable." Harry said before getting escorted to a room.
"Greetings Mister Potter, I am Runsaw the head of Gringotts counterfeit division before we give you the Leprechaun gold I will need an oath that you will never use it to try and fool goblins." A goblin said walking into the room almost an hour after Harry had sat down.
"Of course Master Goblin, I Hadrian James Potter the 3rd do swear on the Heavens, Earth and Hell below that I will never willfully use Leprechaun gold to fool Goblins or any like kind, so help me God." Harry said before being a bit confused at his statement.
"Very well Mister Potter, and to answer your question, Magic will cause you to say your full birth name even if you don't know it yourself and then call on the most binding thing for you to make your oath on." Runsaw said calmly before 3 more goblins walked in, two holding a suitcase and the third holding a large trunk.
“Thank you Master Runsaw, now can I trust that you will say nothing of this to anybody?” Harry asked calmly.
“Of course, now where are you going if I might ask?” Runsaw asked kindly.
“I was accepted into Kuoh Academy in Japan so I am going there as no one seems to believe me here so screw them, they can save their own asses against Voldemort.” Harry said calmly.
“Very well, we will make sure no one can touch your accounts just in case you ever do return.” Runsaw said before Harry took his suitcase and the trunk and walked out of the bank and once back beside Vernon’s car he tapped on the window waking Vernon.
“Well nephew, what took you so long?” Vernon asked calmly.
“Well it took them awhile to get all the gold and I also needed a new trunk so I could take Hedwig.” Harry said opening his suitcase to the seventh compartment which was a small apartment and placing his old trunk inside and having Hedwig fly in, he having picked her up while leaving the Cauldron.
“Understandable, now get in I believe you said your ticket said that you need to be at the airport by 6:30 and our ship leaves at 9:00 so we best hurry.” Vernon said as Harry got in the car having put the trunk with the gold in the backseat opening it briefly so Vernon could see inside.
“Of course uncle, now once you are all settled please send me a letter just so I can be sure to let you know if anything happens.” Harry said as he leaned back until they got to the airport.
“Well Nephew, it has been nice knowing you, but this is your stop, if you ever need anything please contact us, unless it is dealing with your freakishness.” Vernon said as they arrived at the airport.
“Of course, uncle pleasure doing business with you.” Harry said as he grabbed his suitcase and headed into the airport.
“Hello there young man, what are your flight plans today?” An airline employee asked seeing Harry looking slightly confused.
“Yeah I am headed to Tokyo Japan, could you direct me which direction I would need to take to get to that flight?” Harry asked nervously.
“Of course, I am headed that way myself so just follow me.” The lady said kindly.
“Last call for Flight TY777, all remaining passengers please get in line to board.” A Voice said over the loudspeaker.
“That’s my flight!” Harry said really nervous now.
“Don't worry too much the line is just over there, I am going to Australia so have a good trip in Japan.” The lady said directing Harry to where a short line was waiting.
“Thank you so much, have fun in Australia.” Harry said as he rushed over to the line and rather quickly was onboard the plane knowing his life would never be the same.

AN: So I am back finally and have found a muse again. Don’t know how often I will be posting.
Poll will be put up on my profile about the role that Issei will play in the story, notice he will not have boosted gear for long.
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