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Elegy of the White Chimera

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VIDEO GAME CROSSOVER, part of The Phoenix Chronicles. See author's note in prologue for details. A band of space-faring mercenaries and their stowaways are the only ones standing in the way of Ragn...

Category: Final Fantasy 9 - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Action/Adventure, Crossover, Fantasy, Sci-fi - Characters: Zidane Tribal - Warnings: [!!] [V] - Published: 2005-06-28 - Updated: 2005-06-28 - 1132 words

I am the White Chimera.
I am the last of the Great Holy Espers.

I am the wrath of the summoner tribe.
They hail Alexander, but I was there long before.
I brought the people of mist to light... and to ruin.

I didn't know it--I couldn't know, but he was in control the whole time.
I was merely another pawn.
The dragons, the neiphiti, the espers...

Even the Phoenix.

He knew everything that would happen, all along.
We were just his good little soldiers.

But now...
I'm tired.

I don't want to fight anymore. He knows it, too. He can see how weary I am.
My body is young, but my soul so old!
It's almost too much to believe.
I've lost my prime, before I even realized it.
I have seen so much, and been so many places.
I have known life...

and love...

...and death.

But soon, I will transcend it all. They say my end is coming, and I can't argue it. My time here will be over soon, and I will finally know what lies beyond the void.

I know, now, that this is what you intended for me all along.
I wouldn't be here, like this, if it weren't for you.
But then again, I wouldn't... be.

I'm the greatest eidolon this planet has ever seen. My power could crush mountains.
I have faced the Darkness and defeated it.
I stood at the edge of oblivion and said I wasn't afraid.
I wasn't afraid to die.
Not then.
Everything was so different, then.
We were all there, fighting together, giving each other strength...

But this...
This isn't about that.
This isn't about me. This isn't my story.

My death will be a footnote to my life,
and my life has been in the service of my master.

Whether I've wanted to serve or not.

I am the White Chimera.
I am a guardian force of the universe.
My spirit has survived in this world for aeons.

But now I'm dying.
And once I'm gone, the reign of the Great Espers will end.


Long ago, in the land of dragons, Life and Magic were as one.

In this time, aeons long past, on a world whose identity has been lost to posterity, humans, children of the earth, and espers, the children of magic, lived together in harmony.

Mankind lived and worked on the land, and the espers watched over them under the guidance of their king, the great Bahamut. Bahamut was hailed as the king of dragons and lord supreme of the espers, and it was said that he lived in a palace in the heavens with the greatest of the espers in his court.

Then came a hundred years of discord, the First Dragon War, in which man's many kingdoms waged war with one another. The battles were long and terrible, and the human armies exploited the espers' powers in their attempts to gain an upper hand.

The weary and dying prayed to Bahamut for an end to the strife, and the dragon king listened.

He found six warriors with pure hearts and granted them his special gift: /Gi'ira/--the "Talent of the Beast." With the beast talent, the ability to summon forth one's "inner esper," or "beast," the six courageously brought an end to the fighting and restored peace to the land.

The souls of these warriors were preserved in Bahamut's name, becoming the first of many immortals of the Esper Realm. Being reborn again and hitherto as braves and saviors to many worlds--past, present and future--the six heroes and their subsequent incarnations became known as the /Ellichronrisen/--"They who don't know Time."

The heroes' corporeal descendants inherited the beast's talent in a new way, begetting hybrid creatures that walked upright, heads held high and proud like men, yet wielded the strength, cunning and grace of the animal kingdom.
They were called /neiphiti/--"dragon's children"--and they assumed the role of the dwindling esper race as guardians of men.

In time, however, the neiphiti grew discontented with their role, forever subservient to mankind, a physically and magically inferior race. A belief brewed among neiphiti lords that their species, the perfected evolution of magic, beast and man, deserved to dominate the land in mankind's place, and with this mentality the Second Dragon War ensued.

The neiphiti's might and magic overwhelmed the humans, and with their growing ambition the dragon's children reached out to other worlds as well, taking many races under their power.

The tyrannized people prayed to Bahamut, the great esper king that lived in the stars, with hopes that he would fly to their aid once again as he did thousands of years before.

Bahamut was furious, and he answered their entreaties. For the first time in human history the esper king interceded personally, bringing his wrath to bear on the neiphiti and banishing the entire people from their homeland. The neiphiti were sent away to a distant star, where they were forced to start their civilization anew.

The birthplace of the dragons and their children, henceforth called Genova by the beaten and wiser neiphiti, was never found again.

Neiphiti scriptures claim that before the time of Darkness comes, Ragnarok, the neiphiti will at last expiate their crimes in Bahamut's eyes and be returned to the place of their genesis. Biding the centuries until that day in exile, the dragon's children have spread their influence throughout the heavens, exploring and colonizing many worlds, this time in the name of peace.

Espers are less optimistic about Ragnarok, the "Doom of the Powers." It foretells the coming of the Darkest One, Jorumgand, and the end of the Living Universe as all know it. Life, Magic and Death will be reduced to One--The Nexus--The Void--The Zero World--Forever Nothing, Nothing Ever.

Bahamut will do everything in his power to stop Ragnarok before the espers and their mortal charges are wiped off the face of history.

Jorumgand will do everything to see Ragnarok to its ultimate, singular end, with himself as the Alpha and Omega of a kingdom of Darkness.

And now, on the eve of Ragnarok, the key to the outcome of the third and final dragon war lies with a single esper.

Fire and Light.

This is the Inheritance of the Ellichronrisen.
This is the Doom of the Powers.
This is the Final Quest.

Fire or Life?

Two sides of the Same Coin.
Two souls to the One Beast.
Is Life the same as Death?

Cleansing Fire, Light of Life.

This is the Story of the neiphiti, the cursed tribe.
This is the Quest of their children, the Traukee and the Mii Sci Kee.
This is the Legacy of the Espers.

This is the Legend of the Phoenix.
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