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My one and only fake creepypasta. Enjoy!

Category: Sonic the Hedgehog - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Horror - Characters: Cream - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2018-11-15 - 363 words

I was going to play Round2.exe before i got my hands on that` one Sweet Sonic.exe genesis cartridge; and guess what, it turned out scarier-looking when i first booted-up the cartridge. I saw the Sonic title screen, changed to the Sonic 3 and 1 title screen. of course, i pressed "start". It started out with "Dark Hill ACT 1". Okay, i'm pretty smart too much of that's a ROM HACK, not a- well, bunch of Glitches. the screen screeched static as i walkked. Let me tell ya; Oh my a much of just- i can't explain. ANYWAYS, I was so bored i took off to boot up on a emulator by finding my save state+ it's rom hack. Again, Let me tell ya; In JUST 1 minute i found it and booted it up. Blah, with all saved into my Genesis, I found everything was back in the ROM. Ya, also Sonic.exe appeared out of NOWHERE. Yep, NOWHERE. Now as then it restarted with an sad SONIC.EXE for the title screen. I pressed start, and it just went back to where i was BEFORE that happened. Ok, i'm tails like the first time. Sonic.exe killed me, moving on to the next zone. The next zone? "Green Hill Zone ACT1". Such a stupid name for a scary game. No, it actually was scary. It was the green hill zone from Sonic.exe, expect, THERE WAS NO SONIC... I walked for 2 HOURS.... STILL NO SONIC. I did not like it, nor did you. out of NOWHERE,NOWHERE, AND NOWHERE AGAIN.. I GOT KILLED WITH LOTS OF BLOOD FROM SONIC.EXE. Ok, ok, turns out i can be... CREAM? Yeah, cream. Not the one like ice cream or to shave beards, the one from sonic. So i started. And she got killed. Same happened when i chose everyone else but Tails. So i had to play as HIM. YEAH, HIM. Tails was actually Tails.exe. Oh my, it was horrible. Blood everywhere! I walked 3 miles back, started a new zone... it actually rebooted, soon to be ended. Sonic.exe said See you later! and killed all the leftover people with an large axe. the end.
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