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Chapter 23

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Lost in a strange world riddled with demons and with no way to get back home, a mighty warrior catches the eye of the Organization. Co-Written with Drunkmansquawkin.

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Taking a deep breath, Naruto looked to Luciela. "Lucy, I'm out of the loop. A lot's probably happened in the past seven years so, I will need some help in regards of catching up. So do the other women."

"Of course." Luciela gave her friend a smile. "What do you want to know?"

"Seven years ago, a large group of Awakened Beings should have came out of the North following our defeat at Pieta. What happened to them?"

"I can answer that." Riful said, manipulating her ribbons as to lower herself towards the ground. "The Abyssal One of the North, Isley split them in half. He sent 6 to me and the remaining 7 to the Organization. The fools had no idea they were set up to die as cannon fodder. The remaining Awakened Beings were annihilated with not a single one surviving."

That took Naruto by surprise. "What? I can understand you being able to kill off your group of Awakened Beings, but how did the Organization take out of the ones that were sent to them? With 24 warriors being sent to the North to die, and the others being out on the field, they would have been short on manpower."

"Since you're not part of the Organization, it's understandable you didn't know about it." Luciela told him.

"Yes. The Organization has no oversights." Riful said with a solemn nod. "Unnoticed by us, they have created a claymore that is strong enough to oppose us. You could call her a new Abyssal One that is under the thumb of the Organization. When the 7 Awakened Beings reached Sutare and marched on the Organization's headquarters they had unknowingly walked to their own deaths."

"And while Riful and the Organization were preoccupied, Isley himself came down to Mucha to take it from me. He won, and almost killed me. Fortunately, due to the low number of Awakened Beings that were sent her way, Riful was able to deal with them fairly quickly and was able to find me in time to help." Luciela's expression turned bitter as she added, "Isley was near death when he defeated me the first time. The two of us working together would have killed him, too, were it not for his bitch appearing by his side when we confronted him."

"Priscilla." Naruto stated knowingly; he rubbed Luciela's back comfortingly. "I was told about her by Elda the Huntress, an Awakened One who was Number 5."

"From Teresa's generation," Riful chimed in knowingly. "I've heard of her in passing. Was she among Isley's little entourage?"

"No, actually. She was actually hunting me down to see if I was a threat to the Awakened Ones." The blond said in clarification, "Not long after Pieta she found me. We fought… she transformed… and I fucked her snake ass into a gurgling mess."

"I take it she's the one hanging out a few-dozen yards northeast of here," Luciela mused. "That does seem to be the direction you came from."

Naruto nodded. "Yeah. That's where she is… her and the others. Despite what's been said, there have been survivors from the Northern Campaign. They had a plan to play dead since there was no way they could win."

"So, you're willing to have this 'snake' bitch tag along but not me," Riful muttered bitterly.

"To be fair, it's been seven years since I first met you. My situation's changed since then," he replied defensively. "And she just kinda hung around from time to time. She's more or less doing the same now. And I'm used to her... your brand of diet, now. And as for Lucy here, when I first met her I never even knew she was an Abyssal One. She didn't come with me, because she declined my offer."

"So, I take it you're willing to have us tag along~?" Luciela cooed.

"Seven years have passed and I'm more comfortable being around people such as yourselves so yeah, I'm willing now." Naruto chuckled, rubbing his hand up and down along Luciela's back some more. Then he looked at Riful and asked, "What about that guy who was with you the first time we met? What was his name… Daff? Doof?"

"His name's Dauf, Naruto." Luciela corrected, doing her best to hide her amusement upon hearing Doof. That actually summed up the man pretty well. He was a bit of an idiot in her opinion.

The blond in question snapped his fingers, "That's the name! Thanks, Lucy." He said, smiling thankfully at the auburn-haired woman, before turning to look at the still transformed Riful, "What about him? Is he anywhere around?"

"He's guarding my castle, a kilometre west of here," Riful replied. "I told him to not leave it unless it's to feed himself."

"I see. So he's the brawns and you're the brains. Even though you can be both. And he does everything you say too." Naruto nodded to himself in a sage-like manner.

"He's the only friend I didn't have to break," Riful replied fondly. Luciela cleared her throat and gave Riful a pointed look. "...and you too, I guess." She added half-heartedly. To be fair, their alliance was forged out of necessity, though they got along well enough.

"Love you, too, asshole," Luciela replied teasingly.

"Well… if there's a couple of good things that out of me breaking my promise to have you as my slave: you saved Luciela and you're not my slave."

Luciela blinked and gave the blond an incredulous look, "Riful offered to be your slave and you went back on it?! What the hell were you thinking?! You could've had a strong ally in her!"

"I was thinking more along the lines of keeping my girlfriend safe. And I was never all that good in thinking ahead anyway. Believe me, there isn't a single damn thing I regret doing more in my life," Naruto replied with a heavy sigh. All those lives could've been saved, were it not for that decision.

Then Naruto came to a sudden realization and he looked back towards the hill he knew the others were at. "I've been away from the others for long enough. I'm pretty sure they're worried sick about me - Flora especially."

After going on a goddamn rampage when she thought he was dead, Naruto was more worried that Flora would do something drastic. The woman had almost awakened several times during the Battle of Pieta and was more possessive of him now after all.

"Oh? Are you introducing us to your friends?" Luciela asked. She was rather curious about them if she was perfectly honest.

Naruto nodded. "Yeah. I pretty much told them to stay behind while I went on ahead and tried to save the newest generation from you… no offence intended."

"...whatever." Riful huffed, raising her nose haughtily.

"Okay. I'll take whatever I can get." Naruto sighed. "You're gonna have to transform back into your human form, Riful. They're gonna be jumpy."

"They'll be jumpy regardless," she pointed out with an uncaring shrug but complied nonetheless. She shrunk down and her entire body morphed into that of a 14-year-old girl, who… just happened to be buck-ass naked.

"True enough." Chuckled the blond. "They were literally shaking in their boots when they sensed the two of you." Then Naruto gave Riful a look over. "Even though I saw you like that once, I always thought you looked kinda cute."

"Flattery alone will only get you so far," Riful cooed. Though she appreciated the compliment, it was far from enough to make up for that insult, seven years ago.

"True," Then Naruto closed his eyes and went completely still. Luciela watched with intrigue when she saw the orange pigmentation form around his eyes. That was certainly new. "...The claymores that you were toying with are still running away and are now about half a mile from here. The other 8 that are in the general vicinity are keeping well away and are avoiding this place entirely. As long as the two of you keep your yoki aura suppressed as it is now, you will be able to keep out of their notice."

There was another presence in the West. It was hard to make out who it was, but Naruto was certain this presence belonged to a very powerful Awakened Being. The person was very far away from here though, so there was no point in going out of his way to investigate.

"How do you know that?" Colour her intrigued Luciela knew he was able to accurately pinpoint where people with yoki are. Be they Awakened Ones, Claymores or Youma. But what from she observed, it had a limited range.

"I guess letting you know can't hurt," Said Naruto, as he opened his eyes, revealing his now transformed toad eyes to the Abyssal Ones. "I can go into an empowered state that gives me a boost in pretty much everything, from strength to durability, to my reflexes. It even makes my attacks more powerful."

"So that empowered state was what you used to beat me?" The young looking Abyssal One was looking up at him with a small frown.

She was surprised when he shook his head. "No, actually. I defeated you in my base form. Even when you transformed, you were still underestimating me. Had you not, then I would have been forced to fight you like this." Naruto told her while gesturing to his eyes before they turned back to normal.

"I see…" While she didn't like being reminded of that, Riful had to admit she was impressed that this human had beat her in his base state. He was that powerful without resorting to power-ups… and she could tell he was holding back against her back then too.

"Alright!" Naruto chirped, "Let's go see the others!"



"Wh-what the hell was that?" Juliana whimpered, just now recovering from the wave of malice they all felt.

"LET ME GO!" Flora shrieked in anger and dismay, no less than ten women holding her down. She had to get there and save her boyfriend! She had to!

"You'll get yourself and all of us killed if we do!" Clare shouted,

"...The Single Digits are safe and with the other two. And Luciela came out of hiding. She's… bewildered?" Tabitha didn't know what to make of that and it showed on her face. "She's also feeling happy… very much so."

"And Riful?" Miria asked, being one of the few women who wasn't trying to hold Flora down.

"Shocked, embarrassed, angry…" Cynthia answered. "She seems to have calmed down, but something has her horribly flustered. I could sense her attack someone shortly after. Most likely Naruto. Luciela's actually amused by whatever is going on but isn't engaging him in a fight."

"Luciela's moving now. And reaching down to pick someone up. Since neither of the other claymores is in danger, it's most likely Naruto." Tabitha added. "Whatever he did to fluster Riful must've been enough to get him hit."

"Knowing him, he groped her," Natalie giggled.

There was a long pause, before Tabitha let out a sigh of relief. "...The hunting party is leaving now and neither Luciela or Riful are pursuing them." She announced.

"Um… That's good. Right?" Yuma asked them from her place on top of Flora.

"That... might depend on what Naruto offered them in exchange," Cynthia replied with a nervous chuckle. "They're coming this way."

Miria's head snapped to her. "What?!"

"It might not be bad," Tabitha said prompting Miria to snap her head over to the former Number 31. "Riful went into her normal form just before she started moving. They'll be here in a matter of minutes."

"...Can you all PLEASE get off me now?! I'm calm now!" Flora yelled out from under the mass of bodies on top of her.

"As soon as you promise to not try and run away!" Clare barked, with Jean nodding frantically in agreement.

Flora groaned in exasperation. Though their reactions are understandable. "Fine! I promise! Please, get off of me. I need to breathe!"

Feeling satisfied, Miria nodded and the rest of the girls hopped off. Flora refilled her lungs with the oxygen they so desperately needed and exhaled. Then she slowly got up and acted like nothing happened, much to everyone's bemusement.

"How far are they now?" Miria asked Cynthia or Tabitha.

The women in question closed her eyes. "...Riful and Luciela are actively suppressing their yoki, but at the pace they're going, I'd say they will arrive in a few minutes, more or less." Tabitha answered.

"What should we do, Big Sis? Helen asked.

"They're with Naruto," Miria replied. "It's safe to assume that they don't mean to harm us, so be on your best behaviour."

"I think no one here is dumb enough to pick a fight with two Creatures of the Abyss." Elda pointed out to Miria with a roll of her eyes, "But it's good advice nonetheless. One thing that's gotten me curious is why Luciela is over here instead of Mucha. Maybe if they're willing they can provide answers."

"Or maybe Naruto's already asked," Wendy said with a nervous frown. "He did say that he was friends with Luciela."

"That too is also a possibility," Elda admitted. "Either way, we may have ourselves some very powerful allies if all goes well. Anyone here particularly good at negotiations?" No one answered though a few looked to Miria pointedly. Clare, Helen and Deneve were some of the few. "Well… if you're good at convincing people then this might just work… as long as you don't intentionally antagonise them."

"They're-" Tabitha started.

Just as she said that three blurs appeared from the treeline as they leapt up towards the sky, going above the 18 women and over them. They landed on the ground behind them, revealing Luciela, Naruto, and the still-naked Riful.

"-here." Tabitha finished lamely.

"My, my," Riful chirped as she looked back at the women. "I didn't expect there to be so many survivors." And she let out a pleased gasp when she saw three familiar faces amongst them. "Oh! I remember the three of you from Seven Years ago! It's so nice to see you again."

"I don't think they share the same sentiment." Luciela drawled out. "Knowing how you 'make friends', I think you scarred them for life. The one with no eyebrows is shaking like a leaf, the poor thing."

While the two Abyssals were talking, Naruto walked on over to Miria. "Miria, I learned a couple of things I think you need to hear."

Hiding her fear as best she can, the woman peered over his shoulder to look at the Abyssal Ones before looking back at him. "So you claim. What have you learned?"

"For one, the Organization has a claymore capable of fighting the Abyssal Ones under their command. So there are four Abyssal Ones now." That got Miria's undivided attention. There was another Abyssal One!? "Half of the Awakened Beings were sent to the West and to the East. The ones that was sent East were wiped out by her and her alone."

"Any word on this warrior's identity?" Miria had a good guess as to who she was, but no actual proof.

"If I had to guess, I would say it's their Number 1." Luciela interjected. "I was part of a failed experiment of theirs to create a controllable Awakened Being. Hysteria came after me, then it was Teresa. And now the current Number 1 is from your generation and she is still this one's."

"Alicia the Black," Miria said in a thoughtful tone. "I've heard of the experiment you were a part of. It ended in failure with you Awakening. Allegedly, she and her twin sister, Beth the Black were snatched up as infants and were heavily conditioned to lack emotions, though I was unable to find any records as to why. This experiment seems to be the most likely reason."

"They wouldn't let a 'set back' like mine stop them." Luciela pointed out with a scoff. "Even if I almost destroyed them upon Awakening. I heard of the infants being taken by the Organization sometime after I Awakened. Rafaela and I were normal sisters. These ones are twins from what I heard."

"And if I'm guessing right," Naruto added. "when the Organization heard there was an army being gathered in the North, I bet they sent all 24 of you up there to buy time to get this 'Alicia the Black' combat ready… and likely saw this as an opportunity to get rid of their more troublesome subordinates. I won't be surprised if they started replacing you the second you all were sent North out of your regions."

"Tch… That sounds like something they would do," Luciela said. "I heard a rumour that the Number One after me, Hysteria the Elegant, had seen something she wasn't meant to. The Organization then fabricated her impending Awakening, before they sicked all 46 warriors on her at Rockwell Hill. That nearly crippled the Organization as they had too few warriors left by the time she was slain. Teresa of the Faint Smile, Rosemary the Red and Quicksword Irene was there. They were some of the few survivors. If what the rumours of that day are true, then Hysteria was confused and shocked that her comrades had drawn their swords on her without hesitation and was actively trying to stop them at first. Only they didn't so she was forced to kill them to save her own life."

"Wouldn't surprise me," Riful chimed in. "They tried to off me for being too rebellious, causing me to lose control and awaken… So I ate them… all of them. I haven't the foggiest clue where their replacements came from, but I never did bother to check in all fairness."

"...It seems to me they have the tendency to kill off problem warriors." Naruto said with a deceptively calm look on his face. This Organization is reminding him of Root, of Danzo to be more specific. That man may have had the best intentions for Konoha in mind, but the way he did things had made Konoha more enemies than friends. Hell one of his unsanctioned missions he had given to Root had came to bite Konoha in the ass a few decades later! The result? Konoha being turned into a damn crater!

"So, about making it up to me…" Riful began as she leered at Naruto. "How exactly do you intend to do that?"

Naruto opened his mouth to answer before his eye twitched. Suddenly, he snapped his eyes to Flora and said, "Don't you dare!"

Flora had an innocent look on her face. "Dare what?"

"You know what, Flora! I know you…"

"Oh, fine," she giggled teasingly. Truth be told, she was actually still debating on whether or not she should, given that it might result in the Abyssal One snatching him up for herself. Sure, she had the oaf, but still...

"She's already naked, you can fuck her." Luciela impishly said with a cat-like grin, causing Naruto to look at the auburn-haired woman, gaping like a fish in utter shock. As for Flora…

"Oh~! I think I like you!" The woman was grinning impishly. Then Flora looked at Naruto and said, "I like her suggestion." She wasn't outright stating it, but it was what she was thinking of saying in the first place. Teasing him was so much fun after all!

Naruto twitched violently at that. "You will be making it up to me, missie!"

Oh, she was perfectly willing to do that~! "Do you want me to get down on my knees and suck your dick right here, right now, as part of it~?"

"That's… I… Ugh…" He buried his face into his hands with dismay. How the hell did he end up with such a lewd woman?! Oh yeah, she wanted to be his girlfriend and he said yes.

Pervy Sage must be laughing his ass off in the Pure Lands.

"So, is that a yes?" Riful asked, legitimately curious.

"Oh, don't mind him." Flora said to Riful with a friendly smile, while she went over to put an arm around her boyfriend's shoulder. "I usually have to goad him into fucking other women. He's very loyal to me you see."

"So the rumours of him bedding you were true?" Luciela asked, acting all surprised. "I've been sending hints of wanting to lay with him soon after we first met, and he never noticed!" Sure it was rather frustrating, but instead of getting annoyed the woman found it cute.

Flora shrugged. "He's rather clueless like that. He's perfectly willing to flirt with other warriors. But laying with them is something he considers taboo… unless I'm there to goad him on. I had to do it with Lucia and Miria here you see. And he's still rather shy about bedding other women too, even though there are quite a few among our group that wants to lay with him."

As he felt Flora slip behind him and wrap her around around his waist, Naruto felt his eye twitching again. What's more Flora parted his cloak in the front and made sure to press her breasts up against his back in order to get a reaction out of him.

Riful actually licked her lips as she stared dead ahead at his groin. Naruto never saw it. He was looking straight ahead of him at that point and was ignoring everything else that was going on. But, the Abyssal One of the West was going to enjoy finding out the fun way if he really lived up to that reputation of his.


Sometime later, the 17 women, plus three Awakened Beings, and Naruto were all sitting comfortably around a campsite; with many sitting on rocks. Well, in Naruto's case he was standing.

"Okay… so we have two Abyssal Ones in front of us and neither of them is trying to rip our faces off. That's progress!" Cynthia commented, trying to sound optimistic, despite how terrified she was to be in their presence.

"Naruto's not moving, though. He just standing there…" Natalie stated, looking at Naruto who to everyone's bewilderment was looking off into the distance. He never moved. At all. And it was very creepy.

"I think me, and that one broke him through teasing," Luciela said as she gestured to herself and Flora with an amused grin. "So… whoops?"

"It happens more often than you think, actually." Flora giggled.

"I'm still waiting on that answer, but it looks like I won't be getting it from him anytime soon." The still-naked Riful sighed, looking utterly bored. Then she looked at Miria since everyone seemed to refer to her, and that told Riful this one was their leader. "So, it looks like I'm stuck with doing the negotiations with you."

Miria cleared her throat nervously. "Uh… right." Taking a deep calming breath, she approached the Abyssal One of the West and gave her a respectful bow. "So… where do we begin?"

"I believe I can help there," Luciela said before Riful could say anything that could ruin their chances. "We are currently looking for allies to Awaken, strong claymores to be more specific. However, since all of you are friends with Naruto the both of us are willing to ally ourselves with you without trying to awaken you."

Riful snapped her head to Luciela with a look of outrage. "Excuse me?!"

The auburn-haired woman let out a sigh and decided to be straight with the second oldest Abyssal One. "Look, Riful, so far your method of doing things has not gotten any results. We're running out of time and sooner or later, either Priscilla or the Organization's new pet will come for us. You have 'Doof'..." She tried to keep her amusement from showing on her face, "...and that's it. These ladies are not aligned with the Organization anymore and they have no allies anywhere."

Riful frowned, conceding that Luciela had a point. "I'll need to give it some thought," she said. "Until then, I need to know what the lot of you are planning to do. If your cause aligns with mine, that'll do wonders for us both."

Miria frowned in contemplation. "Each and every one of us is intending to defeat the enemies' of our friends and comrades. Naturally, this will pit us against the Organization since in their eyes we are seen as deserters. And Clare has things she wants to do. And then there's Priscilla… and if Elda's words are true, then she has power beyond the Abyssal Ones."

"There's also the matter of the Organization itself…" Naruto added after he finally turned around. "While you already mentioned them, I have a gut feeling you, in particular, have a bone to pick with them Miria."

At that Miria closed her eyes and nodded. "I do. I… intend on destroying them." She admitted, and that got everyone to look at her as if she had lost her mind. Though, Elda, Riful and Luciela were all intrigued. "It's a long story that I've needed to tell everyone, but I have reason to believe that they are the ones who created the youma in the first place."

"Wouldn't surprise me..." Riful shrugged. "I always did find it odd that they were disproportionately abundant in the regions closer to the East in my time… They're less-so, now, but not by much; even to this day, I haven't even seen a single one on the coastline of my territory - despite its relatively-dense population, one might add. You'd think most of them would be farther away from the Organization's headquarters if that wasn't the case, no?"

"I always found it odd that more Awakened Ones keep showing up out of nowhere," Luciela added with a perplexed frown. "I can understand if it were warriors that Awakened, since it happens from time to time. But the amount of Awakenings in every generation is minor. Even after the so called 'Battle of the North' more Awakened Ones have come out of the woodworks. I've heard that these Awakened Beings are all male... which is odd."

"Yet another oddity," Riful agreed with a nod. "The so-called 'Lost Generation' was actually the smallest - having only thirty members in total, if memory serves, and half of them were killed in action while the others Awakened. For so many male Awakened to exist - to this day, no less - makes no sense."

Naruto scowled and rejoined them. "Y'know, the more I hear about this nameless Organization, the more I'm willing to bet they're the cause of it." He said as he sat between the two Abyssal Ones. "They have a tendency to kill off trouble warriors. They're mysterious. And over price towns and cities for their services, who are attacked by a force of youma if they refuse shortly after. And if Flora's Handler is any indication they barely see you as human beings, and more like tools to be used and discarded once your usefulness has dried up. And if they're capable of creating you, then it's a safe bet to say they're also capable of making Awakened Beings too. And thanks to those Awakened Beings Isley sent to attack the Organization after the battle seven years ago, who knows what they've been doing with their corpses."

"A pretty apt description," Riful agreed with a nod. "And thanks to that little fiasco Isley pulled in the North, The Organization has changed its mindset on Awakened Ones. Warriors are actively sent out to hunt us down even if they get the slightest hint on our location. Then their corpses are recovered."

"Desperate times call for desperate measures. I can see why you're looking for allies." Naruto sighed. "I would be too." He looked at Miria, "Knowing you, I'd bet you've been looking for proof behind the scenes. Gathering evidence and the like. Have you found anything?"

He was pleasantly surprised when Miria nodded. "I found a couple of promising sources. One, I found a settlement in the East fairly close to the Organization's headquarters that had no idea what Youma's were or what even Claymore's are. When they saw me for the first time they were shocked. Another thing I found was something we warriors carry: our claymores. Our swords are a little too sturdy for fighting against youma, don't you think?"

"...Now that you mention it, that is odd." Zelda said with a slow nod. "A standard greatsword or even longsword can do the job just as well. Ours are overkill now that I think about it - both in durability and cutting power."

"Rather odd when you consider that the Lost Generation were equipped with the very same weapons," Riful chimed in. "Sure, you can argue now that they're needed to take out Awakened Beings, but they didn't have to worry about that at the time since they didn't exist. Rather curious that these swords were coincidentally able to cut them, no?

Miria nodded, secretly happy that they were following her train of thought. "Yes. Our swords are very durable and in all my years as a warrior, not once has my sword gotten damaged or chipped in battle even against Awakened Beings - not even the edge has been damaged in the slightest. Even when they're used as grave markers for the fallen warriors, they never lost their cutting power. I've searched this land high and low for the material that was used and neither of the ones I've found were as strong as the one that made our swords. And like you said, The Organization has been making them since the Lost Generation. It's like they were made for fighting Awakened Beings."

"Which begs the question of what their endgame is…" Luciela added. "Clearly, they'd anticipated that Awakenings would happen and accounted for that, but I see no way that they could have… not to this extent from the start, at least."

Naruto rubbed his forehead. "This Organization is getting more and more like the Akatsuki the longer I hear about them…" They and The Organization had shared some similarities, but they were fundamentally different too.

"The...Akatsuki?" Luciela asked, with many women now looking at him with intrigue.

"An… Organization where I'm from. They have some similarities to your Organization. Only mine was hellbent on taking over the world. Their methods were also different, but the behaviour was identically heinous. Trust me when I say you know nothing when it comes to power. Each member of the Akatsuki are Kage level and quite a few of them are strong enough to make even the Abyssal Ones look like kittens in comparison."

While she had no idea what 'Kage Level' meant, Riful nonetheless scoffed. "Yeah right."

"Can you, Luciela or Isley make a moon… as in literally create a second moon? Can any of you turn an entire city into a crater in less than a second? Can any of you revive the dead? Can any of you rip out people's souls? Can any of you control gravity? Can any of you absorb almost any technique thrown your way? And can any of you, via the control of gravity, send any attack away from you?" Naruto flatly asked her question after question after question without giving the girl a chance to answer. It was only after he finished that Naruto was giving Riful an expectant look.

"Uhhh…" That was all Naruto needed to hear.

"Wait, there really was someone with that kind of power?" Miria was looking at Naruto with a gaping mouth; what was even more unbelievable to her was that she could not sense any deceit from him.

Naruto nodded and he crossed his arms. "Yeah. There was. That guy was also the Leader of the Akatsuki. He was also my sibling student, as he learned under Jiraiya the same as me. He won't be too much of a threat now, though. He died bringing everyone he killed back to life after I talked to him."

"...He died… by reviving the people he's killed, after you talked to him?" That sounded a little too unbelievable. Even for Miria. The only person who believed him entirely was Flora because she saw it.

Naruto nodded in the affirmative. "A lot of friends I made in the past had started out by me kicking their asses and then talking to them. You would be surprised what a little talking can do."

Then Elda let out an impish giggle. "That's what you did to me! Except, instead of talking after I was defeated, you fucked me silly~!"

"Yes. Yes, I did. I fucked you until you were a gurgling mess." Naruto said with amused exasperation. Truth be told, if a lotta the guys he took down back in the day were hot chicks, he'd likely have a shit ton of kids running about… especially given his age at the time. Then he blinked and scratched the back of his head in confusion, "What were we talking about again? I forgot."

"Organization. Us wanting to ally with you. Riful wanting to know where you stand." Luciela reminded.

Naruto nodded slowly. "Ah, right. Okay then, so to make a long story short: Miria wants to take down the Organization. And everyone else here wants to do the same I'd bet. Clare wanted to head here for some reason… most likely to find that Raki kid she was hanging around with. You want to have allies with the threat of Priscilla looming over your heads, and we have no one other than ourselves. If we throw in our lot with each other, we'd have a much better standing and you both would have a better chance of survival."

"Very true," Luciela agreed. "I for one am perfectly willing to ally myself with you and your… harem."

"I don't have a harem!" Naruto exasperatingly said as soon as he heard the last word being uttered.

"You have multiple lovers," Flora pointed out with a giggle. "Myself, Natalie, Lucia, Elda, and Miria. There's quite a few others amongst us that want to bed you as well. Eva, despite her subtly is one of them. Juliana is obviously trying to bed you. So does Jean as she discussed it with me on that day we came to her, Galatea and Clare's rescue. And I am sure that others are interested as well, even if they're good at hiding it. That right there is a harem by definition."

"Oh? So that means you know how big he is!" Luciela grinned much like a cat as she leaned forward eagerly. "I must know! How big is he?"

"He's big enough to make you feel absolutely full." Flora's smile turned to a full blown grin when she heard Naruto groan in dismay. "And he will make you crave for more too~!"

"I'm really tempted to go over there and give you such a spanking!" Naruto muttered under his breath. Flora really was trying to pimp him out to other warriors...and female Awakened Ones too, it looks like!

Unfortunately for Naruto, his girlfriend heard what he said.

"Ooh~!" Flora cooed, liking the sound of that. "That sounds fun~!" Before Naruto knew what happened Flora outright launched herself at him, taking both Abyssals by surprise and causing Naruto to let out a startled squawk when he was knocked down on his back with Flora on top of him.

Despite her wearing a cloak, one cannot forget that Flora was wearing a sleeveless leotard underneath it. The only armour she wore was a pair of gauntlets and greaves… and apart from the leather strap that is used to carry her claymore on her back, that was it. So Naruto was able to feel her crotch rubbing up against his own very well. The woman was practically dry humping him!

"Go ahead! Spank me! You know you want to!" Flora cooed down at him with mischievous intent. Riful, in all her nudity, just looked back over her shoulder after getting over her initial surprise and stared at the couple with a single raised brow. Luciela was more amused than anything else.

Naruto… just swapped himself with a log and reappeared a little ways away from the group. He wasn't dealing with this right now. Not in front of two very powerful, and very dangerous individuals.

They needed to hash out some kind of deal.

"Oh, Nar~uto~!" Flora called out.

...Right after he deals with a playful Flora.

"I find this far more amusing than I should," Luciela commented with a hearty chuckle. She watched as Naruto started running away from Flora who started chasing after him.

"Many of us often do," Miria admitted. "It's also good for observation. Naruto often shows off more of his techniques when this happens. He… has a lot."

"Oh? How many?" Riful asked.

"He hasn't shown much, but you clearly saw one of them," Miria replied. Then she added, "He can swap places with other objects, and people. He can also make solid copies of himself that can do everything he can do. He can transform into other objects and people. He is capable of manipulating the very elements themselves. He can enter an empowered state that makes him utter hell on the battlefield."

"I have yet to beat him in that state," Zelda chimed in. "Not for lack of trying, either. It's very impressive."

"In the Battle of Pieta, he made these spheres of energy." Jean added. "He has many different versions of them, but the ones I saw were strong and destructive enough to bypass your defenses and kill you in a single hit. The other one I saw on that day can make a turbulent wave-like vortex of destruction that utterly crippled an Awakened One. He was alive but barely. The destruction tore apart his armour and left him in a state of near death and unable to move despite being conscious."

"Ah yes, I believe he called that Awakened One 'a retarded looking lizard'." Helen snarked.

"He can also use another attack he calls' 'Tandem Paper bombs'," Wendy said. "It's basically a technique that uses water and these pieces of paper that can make explosions. It's powerful enough to kill an Awakened One with one use."

"A sphere made of energy?" Riful mused aloud, "I remember him using one against me… Though it was a big one. If I remember right, he said it has enough power to level an entire mountain if it were allowed to explode."

"'Massive Rasengan' is what it's called, though neither of us has seen it for ourselves. And those are just some of the ones we know. He has plenty more up his sleeve but has not shown them. I am pretty sure he can devise more devastating techniques if he wants. Those solid copies he can make of himself can learn to do new things and can last indefinitely provided they are out of combat. In theory, Naruto can learn anything in a matter of days rather than years. That includes making new techniques." Miria concluded.

"He can be in two places at once for an undetermined amount of time and from what I gathered is very resourceful," Luciela mused aloud. "A valuable ally, indeed."

"So it would seem," Riful admitted. "I still have an axe to grind, mind you, but if we kiss and make up, he'll prove quite the asset in bringing down Priscilla."

Clare visibly perked up at that. There were two things she cared about in this world, after all: finding Raki and murdering the fuck out of the bitch who killed Teresa.



And from the sound of things, Flora had finally captured Naruto...
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