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DMC3 Angst fic from Dante's P.O.V, although more serious than his usual tone. -Do you remember what we used to say- The deep rivalry of brothers. (One Shot)

Category: Devil May Cry - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst - Characters: Dante, Vergil - Warnings: [!!!] [V] - Published: 2006-09-20 - Updated: 2006-09-21 - 613 words - Complete


"Remember what we used to say?"

That was a long time ago, before these crazy parties, before we tried to bleed each other empty. Why were we so harsh on each other? You were so cold; I so carefree. Why couldn't we make amends?

Mother never meant to hurt you. Dad never loved me more. We both received amulets; mementos of our lost parents. But you never forgave me for the sword. It never meant anything; it never meant to hurt you. Dad left me a sword because I was weaker than you. You could deal without it. I needed a reminder-humans aren't our enemies. I thought having mother was enough for you, but I could see I was wrong.

"Rebellion" is mine. It is the sword I use to hack my way through life and make my own destiny. Rebellion is what I feel towards my demonic heritage. Rebellion is all that I am. It was never clearer untilnow justhow different we are, how different two half-demons could actually be.

We are sworn enemies, yet still I fear losing you. Standing here atop the tower of fear itself, I am cold in the rain. Sadness consumes me; the rain falls down like the tears I wish would run freely. Tonight is truly the darkest night I've ever experienced. Knowing that I will lose you is still the greatest fear. It is inevitable; I know I am stronger. I have to be, to save the humans you are trying to destroy. Your pursuit of power will be the end of you, and only I can stop you. I want to persuade you out of it, but I know it won't work. Our father's blood flows through us both; you too are Rebellion.

I gaze upon your ghostly silhouette; intensity magnified by the full moon on the horizon behind you. Will this be it? I thought so, but it wasn't. You tried so hard to kill me, but you merely unlocked my inner demons I've built up inside. I sensed you holding back as well. To let me go? Or to cause more pain later on? No one will ever understand, but I do. It's a feeling shared between brothers.

Now we stand once more, side-by-side, rallied for the same cause for the first time in awhile. Our father's legacy, defiled by this corrupt human, must be put to rest. You end up with my gun. You're gonna try it my way for a change. Could this work out after all? All the hatred leaves my body with a single word:


And just like that, the deed is done. For a few seconds, we were together again. I follow you to the depths of Hell only to realize that you are still just as blinded by power as ever. There is no changing you. And there is no changing me. I will still see to your end. We will have our final bout, arousing a strange pleasure that drives me, and at the same time sickens me. I yearn to make you bleed. I yearn to end this rivalry.

You'll never understand. Maybe it's just Rebellion's desire to be one with you again, inches deep in a bloody wound. Maybe it's just my way of showing that I care too much about you to let you hurt innocents like our mother. But most of all, I think the feeling is indescribable. But I know you feel it too.

It's just a pain shared between brothers.

I'll be sad to see you go. But I won't cry. Devils never cry. I'll only remember the good times.

"Remember what we used to say?"

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