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The soul within you

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Getting pulled into another world where the unknown is where her life is in a danger all the time girl fighting for her life within a place unknown to her yet so familiar to her, what will she ...

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A young woman sits in a big field with a bunch of different flowers, of every color you think of. Where you could see for miles, as she feels the heat from the sun shining brightly in the sky as its blind her eyes. When she feels two strong arms wrap's her waist and pulls her against his chest. As he kisses her neck then in a deep voice "it's beautiful isn't it, I feel so calm when you here kiyomi."

Kiyomi's eyes scanned the horizon She'd been here before. Though she couldn't quite put her mind on how. The sun on her face was blinding, but the warmth felt good on her skin. Someone's arms were around her, but she couldn't see his face.

Beep Beep alarm goes off, in a dark room. When a young woman was sleeping, as her face squint's up out of annoys. When she throws her alarm clock off the wall. Which breaks into pieces, as she shoves her head under her pillow, as she groans loudly. As a young boy throws her bedroom door open, running to her bed and throws her blanket off making her feel the coldness on her bare legs.

The young boy climbs up onto her king size bed and began to bounce on her bed. As it makes the bed wobble “Kiyomi wake up, you promised to make me blueberry pancakes". As he kept bouncing on her bed making her body move with the mattress, making her body moving uncomfortably "Get off my bed, now Shin or I won't make them.” He began to pout at her while getting down from her bed. As he looked at her with that pouty puppy look. "That's not fair Kiyo! You promise, and you said you wouldn't break your promise or I'm going to tell on you".

Kiyomi groans again as she pushes her head under her pillow more, as she gets annoyed with her younger brother on her bedroom. While she wanted to sleep more, as she was having the loveliest dream ever. As she remembers some of it, but it felt so real to her even though she didn't remember all of it just the small piece.

Shin wasn't happy, that his sister was not going make the pancakes like she said she would. “MOM KIYOMI WON't MAKE MY PANCAKES!” Kiyomi jumped out of bed as fast as Shin start shouting. As she knew, she in big trouble, since she didn't want to make shin breakfast, As she was still sleepy because she stayed up late on her laptop, researching for homework last night before she has that dream.

Kiyomi mom's shout up the stairs “Kiyo you better make shin breakfast or your ground for a month, with no phone, laptop well as not begin able to go to Sango's sleepover tomorrow for her birthday." Kiyomi starts to get angry. She threw on some clothes without caring. She goes downstairs to start shin breakfast when she ties her long hair up in a high ponytail.

10 minutes later she was done. She goes back upstairs, she walks through her bedroom door. She felt sand on her feet, she looks down when she has seen sand near her feet then looks up with a startled as she realizes, she wasn't in her room anymore at all. When she turns around to see her bedroom door wasn't there anymore. Kiyomi hears rusher of water hitting off rocks and against the loose and powdery sand. When she saws few trees here and there with a big green forest off in the distance along with mountains far in the distance what almost looks like a mist. “where am I? This has got to be a dream or am I going crazy here. I hope I'm not!”kiyomi starts to freak out of fear of the unknown. kiyomi felt she was going crazy, she nips her arm hard without realizing which had hurt a lot. "OUCH!".

"Little girl what are you doing here." When a male clear dangerous deep voice out of nowhere, making Kiyomi's heart starts pounding against her chest. When kiyomi started looking around everywhere, with fear of the unknown voice. When Kiyomi saw him sitting in the tree, while she gasps from shock as she sees him in the tree. Since Kiyomi didn't see him there a moment ago, her mouth hangs a little opened from how he looked.Blue silver hair in a high ponytail as it long half down his elbow, when she noticed he was only wearing baggy hakama pants what look like from the Heian period, as she noticed something on his chest. As kiyomi saw what was on his chest was a tribal tattoo from his abdomen going up to his shoulder onto his full arm, what it looks like to her was. Since Kiyomi sees them all the time when she walks down the street.

While she was thinking she didn't realize, the man was in front of her already. When she finally notices him there, “h...ho… how did you get there, it's impossible for you to move that fast?”, He smirks at the look on her face of fear when she realizes he wasn't human, she starts to back away from him. As kiyomi knew she needs to run, but her legs wouldn't listen to her brain. But before she could run, He had moved too fast as the eye couldn't see. When he had thrown her to a tree very roughly, as the bark of the tree digs into her back “now-now, we can't have you running away from me. It could make it's worse for you when I chase you down, killing you slowly and painful death but I could have my way with you instead” he licked her cheek slowly as she shivered from the disguising felt of his tongue what felt like rough sandpaper, as also from the pain from him pushing her into the tree. The bark roughest trying to rip into her skin through where the skin showing from her clothing.

“Stop it!" as kiyomi try to push him off her but it didn't work, then she felt a bit of rush wind. The next moment she knew was he was being thrown across the river on the other side as she heard "damn it" as he shouted it before he hit a tree hard knocking him out, she just saw another male in front of her, who looks like the similar to another guy who pins her down “I'm sorry about my little brother, little one” kiyomi was speechless but slightly in fear as the older male talked “I'm sorry, my name is Raven and what yours be?”As she doesn't know if Raven would hurt like his brother as he classed the other male was.

When Kiyomi start looking at Raven as he was gorgeous; when she didn't hear him talk while looking at him, he had black hair what past his shoulders a bit, strong jawline, and dark tanned skin along with wearing red and gold Armor on one of his shoulders what just touch his breastplate while the rest of his chest was bare skin showing when she noticed he was wearing bandied under his Armor, as she saw he had pointed ears as there were couples piercing. He was wearing the same kind of baggy hakama pant as the other male but there were red and gold.

He noticed her looking him, wonder if he had something on him or something. When she answers “oh, my name is kiyomi, wait I shouldn't be telling you my name Not after your brother threading to kill me!". He starts to smirks a bit finding it funny how she was acting!"Don't worry he won't, as he wouldn't want our father to find out how he be treating civilians badly. After we just made peace with the surrounding humans and civilians."

Raven was looking at kiyomi "kiyomi, your blonde hair color is rare to come across in the west of Romatha kingdom” kiyomi eye's wide "what!You must be joking my hair is black, not blond.”she quickly runs over to the river as she saw her appear to change to a blond hair and her skin to a light soft tan as well her eyes to a blue color than her normally brown eyes she loves so much, she screams as she sees her appear had changed and her ears were the pointer than the around ears she would normally have, and she noticed her clothes change to a bluish green dress.

"This shouldn't be possible, I'm human. This must be a trick of some kind!, wait you said this is Romatha?”she hears him chuckle at her silly question and from her reacting "you are not human little one at all, never have been but you will find out soon enough and yes this is Romatha." with an amused look on his face, when she looks at him like he crazy. "I have never heard of Romatha" when she starts to storm off not caring where she was going, she looks behind her to make sure he wasn't following her or anything.

When suddenly she realized it was getting dark, to the point all she could see was darkness. "Hello? Anyone there."There was no reply when kiyomi spoke, its start getting colder by the second, she didn't know what to do. Kiyomi didn't have anything on her, to keep warm from the coldness of the air. When she slides into an unconscious as she falls to the forest ground.
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