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Free! Eternal Summer Fanfic

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I know Makoto doesn't go to Australia, but i wanted him too. Enjoy the story!

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Iwatobi swim club fanfic.

"Haru!" The green haired boy, Makoto, called. "We don't want to be late for the swim club!" Haru came out in his bathing suit and pink apron. "Um, Haru." Makoto laughed. "You won't want to wear that in the pool, would you?" Haru went back inside and took off his apron. Then he grabbed his lunch.

They were nearly 15 minutes late by the time they got there. Makoto apologized. "Hey, guys. Sorry. Haruka-chan was busy making miso mackerel again." "Again!? Haru-chan, you should eat something other than fish!" The blond haired boy named Nagisa said to him. "Did you know if you have to much of something, you could become allergic to it? You should start eating other things without mackerel for a change." Haruka looked down at his feet and hesitated. "Okay," he mumbled. "I'll give it a try." Makoto smiled. "Now, let's go swimming!" "Yeah!" The others (except for Haru) shouted in unison. Then they all happily charge off to the pool.

By the time they got inside the building, most of the other members were already there. "Hey!" A man came over to them while shouting. "You're all late. Did you all sleep late or something?" "No, coach, sorry. We were a bit busy, that's all." Makoto said to him. "Yeah!" Nagisa chimed in. "We were busy getting Haru-chan out of his house!" "Oh?" The coach questioned. "Nagisa," Makoto gently elbowed him. Nagisa covered his mouth. "Whoops. Sorry." He whispered. The coach sighed. "Well, as long as you guys show up on time tomorrow, I guess I could let it pass this time." The young boys nodded. "Yes, coach! Goodbye!" They hollered to him. Then the group of boys ran off to the pool.

The boys splashed and played with one another...well except for Haru. He was busy swimming and relaxing. "Hey, Haru!" His friend, Nagisa, called. "Come and play with us!" "No thanks." Came the reply. "Aww man. Don't be such a party pooper, Haru. That's no fun." Nagisa whined. Makoto changed the subject. "I know we're kinda young, but what are you guys going to do in the future?" "Hmm I don't know. But why are you asking that now? We've got a long time until we go to college." The blue haired boy, Rei, said to him. "I know, Rei." Makoto replied. "But, shouldn't we be planing on what we are going to do in the future? It's not like we can stay together forever." Suddenly, Haru swam over to them. "Hey," he said. "Who said we weren't going to be together?" "Well, uh..." (Makoto stammered) "Well?" Haru pushed. Nagisa joined the conversation. "What he means to say Haru, is when we graduate, we'll have to split up." "We could," Rei said butting in. "Or we could all go to the same college." "Yes, but what then? Wouldn't people think it's weird if we ended up living together? I honestly think we would want to be apart and start our own families." "Okay, enough about this." Haruka said angrily. "Let's get back to swimming." Then he floated away.

It was nearly their bedtime by the time they were done swimming. (They stayed after the other members left.) "Ahhhhh." Nagisa said in his squeaky voice. "Don't you love that feel of the water? It's so refreshing!" Rei and Makoto nodded. "Yeah," (Rei said) "It feels so good after a day of track." Haru stopped and looked at the stars. "Doesn't it look nice?" Makoto asked him. "Hmm? Oh yeah, I guess." Haruka replied. "To bad it won't be able to be like this forever." Makoto sighed. "Oh well." "W-wait. What do you mean?" Nagisa whimpered. "Didn't you hear? I'm moving away to Australia." (Makoto answered) Haru looked at him with a cold stare. Then he looked away. "Wait, why are you moving?" Rei asked Makoto. "Because, there is good education, more land, and I heard they have a giant swimming pool." Nagisa stood in awe. "Wow." He said. Nagisa couldn't even imagine what it would be like. So far he's only been in little kid pools. "How big is it?" He asked finally out of his haze. "I dunno. Probably like 30 feet at least." (Makoto said.) Haru mumbled. "It's not that big." "Well, I gotta go. Catch ya guys later!" Makoto ran off towards his house.

The next day was when Makoto had to pack. He and his family were going to travel to Australia to see if they wanted to live there. "Aww man. I wish we could go with them." Nagisa whined. Rei nodded. "Yeah," he said. "But we've still got school to do." "But then why is Makoto traveling when he still has school?" (Nagisa asked.) "Because he (Makoto) got permission from his teachers and the principle. As long as he writes the paper about Australia, he'll be fine. Now how about we go and see if he needs help packing?" "Yeah! Let's go!" (Nagisa hollered.) Then the group ran towards his house.

"Ding dong, ding dong!" The doorbell rang. "Hang on a minute!" Came a voice from inside. The boys waited. Suddenly, the door opened and Makoto's mom was standing in the doorway. "Can I help you?" She asked. "Well," Rei began. Nagisa interrupted. "Wow, you're pretty!" He said. "Why-why thank you young man." She replied smiling. "Why don't you all come in and have some cookies?" "Okay!" Nagisa said and walked inside. The others followed.

When they entered, Makoto's mother gave them cookies and milk. "Now, why were three adorable little boys at my doorstep?" She asked them calmly. "Because," Nagisa began while eating his chocolate chip cookie. "We wanted to ask Makoto if he needed any help packing." "Oh, so that means your friends of Makoto?" "Yup." Nagisa replied. "Can I please have another cookie?" The mother laughed. "Okay, but only one more." Nagisa grabbed another cookie. "Thanks!" He said smiling. "You're welcome. Now," she said as Nagisa finished his cookie. "Do you all want to go and see Makoto?" "Yes, please!" All of them shouted, well, except for Haru. The mother yelled up the step. "Makoto!" She shouted. "Your friends are here!" "What? I mean, okay, coming!" Makoto galloped down the stairs then halted. "Hi guys. Why are you here?" Rei cleared his throat. "We're here to see if you need any help with all the packing." "Oh," Makoto said. "No, I can handle it. Thanks though." "Okay," Nagisa sighed. "I guess we'll be going then. Come on guys." Makoto frowned. "Wait," he said. "I just remembered I do need help with something. Follow me." The group brightened and followed him up the stairs. Well, almost everyone. Haru was still doing his usual grumpy face.

When they got to Makoto's room, they gasped. "Wow!" Nagisa said as he looked amazed. There were posters of one of the best swimmers that ever existed: _____ Matsuoka. "Wow!" Nagisa said again. "Yeah," Makoto said. "I've got a collection of them in my closet, because my mom doesn't want me to hang them all over my walls." He shrugged. "Oh well. Hey, have any of you met his son, Rin Matsuoka?" "No, why?" Rei asked. "Well," Makoto began. "I heard that he is in Australia right now!" "What seriously!?" Nagisa screamed jumping up and down. "For real?" Rei said trying not to jump up and down with Nagisa. "Yes, and I might be able to meet him and his dad. I can't wait!!" (Makoto said excitingly.) Haru mumbled. "Didn't we come up here to help pack?" Makoto looked at him. "Oh yeah. Sorry." He (Makoto) grabbed a large suitcase and placed it on his bed. "Here." He said. "I need you to get all my shirts out of the middle drawer of my dresser." "Oh! I'll get it!" Nagisa said already running over. "Wait, Nagisa don't run in here. It's to small!" Makoto warned. 'Boom!' To late. Nagisa had already bumped his knee on the dresser. "Ow! Ow! Ow!" He screamed as his knee started to turn purple. Makoto ran out of the room. "Mom!" He yelled. "Come quick! And bring an ice pack!" "Alright dear!" She hollered. Then she dashed up the steps. "What happened?" She asked. Makoto answered, because Nagisa was busy drenching the room in tears. "Nagisa was running to my dresser to get out some of my t-shirts. I tried to warn him not to run in here, but it was to late." "Hmm." His mother looked at Nagisa's knee. "It doesn't look to bad. Why don't you come downstairs with me and have another cookie?" She invited. Nagisa nodded and tried to stand up. "Here, let me help you." Makoto said trying to ease the pain in Nagisa's knee. Then he and his mother carried Nagisa down the steps.

Meanwhile, the others were busy "looking" through Makoto's things. There was an awkward silence between the boys. "It's really sad that Makoto is leaving us." Rei said to break the silence. Haru didn't say anything. And so the silence continued.
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