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The solution against loss by bar code system?

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The solution against loss by bar code system?

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The solution against loss by bar code system?
You want to manage groups of goods by bar code system, goods import price table, sales management return, sales report by product, detail table of each product group.
"Bar Code Systems include: product bar code reader, a barcode data management software "package, billing printer""

Solution of loss by bar code system. Today's supermarkets are very popular. Customers can choose the product samples as you like. But then there is the challenge for managers. There are a huge number of products at the supermarket. The typical supermarket products are small products. Controlling them daily is not easy. Goods are shipped from the warehouse to the store, or the goods are returned to the store. Managers also need specific data for each item.

A bar code system for internal products can completely prevent the loss of goods. It also allows you to better understand the flow of your goods more easily and accurately. A bar code system has been used by many advanced countries.

Anti-loss by bar code system
Today, most large scale retail businesses are using bar code systems. They are used in many developed cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. The bar code system is claiming to be one of the best management practices for retailers.

Barcode systems include

A software product data management. It is possible to use a conventional computer system or a processor specifically designed for sales tasks. A barcode printer used for printing decal paper bar codes for the products. A bar code reader uses bar code scanning to read each bar code. A display screen according to the application of the control panel can be used for the type where the requirements are small or large LCD screen where the space is spacious. The printer bills a retail invoice printer for the customer.

These devices, depending on the design, task and layout space, are integrated into a system or disposed on separate peripherals connected by common standards such as Parallel, LPT, USB. , COM, LAN

Bar code reader

All products are bar-coded at checkout. Bar code systems will be read by the reader automatically and the data collected will be provided to the management software. The cashier scans the barcode scanner under the cash register. The machine will automatically read and decode the bar codes on the items without the dimensional bar code.

A set of data management software

Or also called software sales. This software will store your imported and sold data on a daily, hourly basis. They manage the product to each small product. Designed and used by product storage through their serial number bar code systems.

Printer bills payment

Invoice printers are made for the purpose of printing invoices using paper rolls. That is a small roll size paper from 76mm - 80mm just enough to print the list of items and prices. Can print multiple Ply and cut paper automatically after printing to deliver to customers quickly. If we do not have the specific bar code equipment for a shopping center model, we can not solve the customer's shopping needs and thus result in poorer sales performance.
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