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Prologue - A Memory

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Nine years ago. A flashback to when Leo's sister died.

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WARNING: If you can't handle depictions of blood please skip to the bottom. :(

Nine years ago...
My sister and I waited anxiously for an audience with the queen. Queen Lorena was a ruthless queen, and my sister had just been blamed for a crime she did not commit. My name is Leo Shinoda, and if I can remember well, I had always been a street rat. An orphan struggling to survive.
I tugged on my big sister's sleeve.
"What's goin' to happen to us, Sis?" I whispered, afraid. My own ten-year-old voice sounded weird to me.
"Don't worry li'l brother," she replied in that soothing voice of her's. She had always been the salve for my pain and worry. She cupped my face and placed her forehead against mine. It was her way of showing affection towards me. I closed my eyes. I was safe with her.
Her head snapped back up as the massive double doors opened with a boom.
The guards nudged us into the audience room. My sister took my hand and we slowly walked inside. The spotlessly clean carpet stretched to a massive throne. There, the queen lounged, an imposing, regal figure. The hold on my hand tightened, and I glanced over at my sister. She seemed afraid, and suddenly, I was afraid too.
But I refused to focus on that and instead looked around. The walls were covered in tapestries, glimmering with energy, and there were guards everywhere, all armed with long swords. I admired them eagerly. I had always been fascinated with weapons. My gaze travelled around the room and I noticed another sword leaning on the throne. It was slenderer and was golden-hilted unlike what the guards had. My gaze continued to travel and locked eyes with the queen. There was a cruel glint in her eyes and I immediately looked down at the ground, my feet suddenly seeming interesting. The queen spoke to my sister and she replied in a shaky voice.
"Who are you?" the queen demanded.
"I am a street rat from Redhallow, Your Majesty," my sister's voice rang out, echoing in the spacious room.
"And who is this?" the queen asked. I looked up, and my eyes met hers once again. The Queen's eyes seemed to bore into mine. I looked at my sister, wondering what I was meant to say. Her throat bobbed.
"This is my little brother, your majesty," she replied.
"Was he aware of this crime?" Queen Lorena questioned, twirling her hair.
"No, your majesty,"
"Then, he will not be punished,"
"Thank you, your majesty,"
Queen Lorena paused. My sister's hand tightened on mine making me wince.
"Prepare for your punishment,"
"Yes, your majesty," my sister replied in a resigned, choked voice. I looked over at her, confused. Queen Lorena motioned to one of her guards and I felt someone grab my arms from behind. I struggled against the grasp and cried out as I was dragged away. I tried to grab on to my sister's hand again as I yelled to her loudly. She looked at me with a sad smile.
I watched as the queen stepped off the throne and walk towards my sister. There was a glinting blade in her hand and I cried out in fear. Wasn't there supposed to be a trial? Then why was the queen walking towards my sister with a sword?
The temperature in the room suddenly felt like it had risen a hundred degrees. The flames encircled the blade, threatening my sister.
"Sis!" I yelled trying to get free from the guards. One of them placed a hand over my mouth, muffling me. My sister smiled at me with tears glistening in her eyes. Her mouth moved,
"I love you lil brother,"
But suddenly she went still. The blood spilled from where the sword had pierced and appeared from the other side. The flames burned her, which made her cry out in pain. Her blood dripped onto the luscious carpet, staining it. My silent tears trailed down my face and I closed my eyes, wanting it all to be a dream.
"No," I whispered, "Please be a dream, please," I begged as if it might somehow change things. I opened my eyes, but the scene was still there. My tears flowed more strongly. My sister stood there for moments more, gasping with blood trickling from her mouth. Trailing down her chin before dripping onto the carpet. There were polka dots of crimson red now staining the once spotlessly clean carpet. The queen pulled the sword out; the sword coated in my sister's blood.
I watched in horror as my sister collapsed. She lay lifeless as the queen stared disgustedly.
"Ugh, the blood is staining my carpet, get a new one."
With this, she flung the sword down and checked her dress for sprays of blood. I stared at her, unable to say or do anything. The guards released their hold, and I fell to my knees. I heard screaming, and realised it was my own. Without thinking, I lunged for the queen, she raised an eyebrow in mockery and challenge. The guards stepped in and shoved me back. My head hit the ground with a crack, making my senses swim. I was pulled to my feet by my shirt, a blade glinting at my neck. I froze.
The guard pressed the blade to my neck, creating a scratch. My blood trailed down the blade to the hilt, then dripped to the floor. I followed the drop of blood with my eyes. Maybe this was my last moment of life.
I vaguely heard the queen say something to the guard before I was roughly thrown to the ground.
The queen crouched down and placed a hand on my face. I squirmed away from the touch. I had to get away from my sister's killer. But she was insistent and tilted my face upwards. So close, I could see my own reflection in her starry blue eyes speckled with gold.
"The boy is reckless and misguided," she said almost to herself, "no need to kill him, just get him out of the palace,"
When I finally twisted away from her grip, the guards roughly pulled me to my feet. The palace was a blur as they guided me out. Their firm grips on my arms gave me no chance to escape. I slumped, giving up. They led me to the palace gates and shoved me out. I stumbled to Redhallow, not caring where I went. There was no one to go to. I was all alone now.
When I reached the town, the usual smell of spices, bakeries and sweetshops greeted me, coaxing out the adventurous side of me.
I wandered around, not particularly going anywhere. The smells in the town were very tempting but I ignored it. I had no money to speak of.
It felt like the whole world was mocking me. Everywhere I looked, there were street rats going for once in a blue moon treats with their families, or them just having fun with their siblings.
My eyes burned with tears and I became overcome with grief, remembering my last moments with my sister; my only family. How she had held me and told me everything would be okay. I turned and ran, away from the memories, away from the pain. I stumbled into an alleyway and fell over sobbing. I pulled my knees to my chest, and cried for a long time, my tears soaking into my tattered breeches.
"Would you like to come with me boy?" a mysterious voice asked. I rubbed my eyes and looked up.
A man with a scarred face stared back. His cheek was marred by a horrific burn. His dark eyes created no contrast with his dark hair.
I wondered who he was, as looked at me expressionlessly. I shook my head, not knowing what he wanted from me. His face took on a kinder expression.
"I can help take away your pain," he said quietly. I froze. Trying to register the words that had just left his mouth. Hesitantly, I nodded. What did I have to lose anyway?
Basically, Leo's sister was killed right before his eyes and he hates how he was helpless. The queen kills his sister herself, and that surprises him. He asks 'isn't there supposed to be a trial?', because he's genuinely confused. He starts to show the first sign of hatred, and agrees to join a guild at the end, not knowing what he was joining. ;) You'll find out in the next part. Keep reading plz? I know I'm not a good writer but I try, I really do. :D
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