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Chapter Three

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Chapter 3

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Skyrim -Chapter 3-

Ralof had listened to Ulfric stormcloak, nodding. “I’m going to look up the stairs in this tower. Maybe..” He had rambled on until he got quiet. Saeta had glanced to his right and seen two Stormcloak soldiers laying there, their bodies being slashed and gashed upon with wounds. Saeta had sat down next to the nord, his cuffs, still killing his wrists.
He looked down at the blonde Nord, her eyes watering, her breathing ragged and torn. She had a slash across her chest, reaching from one side from another. Saeta had felt the slightest bad for her, but he didn’t like to pity people.
The wings of the dragon whipped through the sky, roaring and thundering. The dragon’s mouth opens as to breathe fire, his mouth curling and forming words. “..Ro Da..!” The dragon had stationed himself onto the top of a different tower, breathing fire at the mages, who quickly try to hurt the dragon with their Frost spells. The cold ice and flames dance in the sky, lighting up and creating a beauty, daring and deadly.
Ralof had went up the stairs, signaling for Saeta to follow. Jarl Ulfric Stormcloak had stayed down at the bottom. “We’ll have to move some of the rocks to get to the top of the tower..” And with that, the window to the tower had bashed open, rocks and rubble flying everywhere. Saeta had thrown himself to the ground, Ralof quickly ducking down, his arms put crossed above his head.
Saeta had looked up, getting on his feet, now crouching. The dragon’s head was sticking out and into the side of the hole in the wall. He took a big breath of air, breathing fire, the two backing up the quickest. “Yol..” The dragon hissed as the fire he spewed.
Ralof had screamed against the sound of the dragon, yelling to get back. The dragon had then chanted, “Toor..Shul!”
Ralof gets up and looks at Saeta, looking back then at the ginormous hole in the sidewall of the tower. He looks back again at Saeta, speaking, “See the Inn over there? You’ll have to jump down through the tower to get to it. Hurry!” Saeta nods, a small wave of nausea hitting him. He takes a sharp breath, getting a small headstart and he starts running headlong. He jumps quick, hurtling himself into the Inn, the wind rushing against him. He lands into the Inn, through the hole in the roof. Once he lands, he tucks and rolls, landing perfectly. Ralof yelled down to him, “Go! We’ll catch up when we can!”
Saeta looks back at the tower, it still aflame. He runs down the stairs, pieces of logs come crashing down the stairs after him. He quickly escapes the logs before they crush him and potentially kill him. Hadvar, the imperial who asked who he was, yelled, “Haming! Get over here!” His voice deep, but on edge. “Haming! You need to get over here, now!”“That’a Boy. You’re doing great.” Haming had went in front of a house, his head tucked between his knees. Hadvar had looked ahead when he wasn't much focused on Haming. “Torlof!” He yelled, his voice hurting, the air he breathed in, thick and dissatisfying. “By the Gods..Everyone get back!” Torlof grunted, rubbing his forearm. Blood poured down his arm, trickling to the ground. He shrugged off the pain.
Hadvar had glanced at Saeta, who was behind him. “Still alive, prisoner? Keep close to me if you want to stay that way.” Saeta nodded and followed him. “Gunnar, take care of the boy. I need to join General Tullius and join the defense.” Gunner nodded slowly, outbursting, quick and pleasent, “Gods guide you, Hadvar.”
Saeta and Hadvar ran through, Hadvar’s Iron sword in his left hand, ready to strike when need be. Saeta had looked around, the dragon shouting and blowing flames that danced in the afternoon sky, the town alighten with flame. Hadvar yelled at Saeta, “Stay close to the wall!” He said as they both pushed up against the cold, stoney wall.
The dragon had landed on the stone wall, his wing several inches away from the two. The dragon seeming irate, furious, he suck in a breath of air, breathing out fire. A crowd of mages and archers taken out, their bodies being crisped and turned to anything except black. The dragon shouted, “Yol…”
“Quickly, follow me!” Saeta had pushed himself off of the wall, getting ready to run after Hadvar. An Imperial soldier had muttered under his breath, “It moves so da*n fast..” He had run past them, through the burnt houses, and onto the blooded battlefield. Bodies were spewed everywhere, screaming, crying, it had hurt Saeta’s head.
Violad was laying on the ground, his arm ripped off of his body. “..Tell my wife and children I fought for them, on the side of bravery..” He was going in and out of it, until he finally stopped opening his eyes. His body lay motionless.
As Hadvar and Saeta ran through the town, Saeta was stuck with bits and pieces of horror as he watched the town be struck down, knowing no one will have homes after this. “What in the eight divines is this thing?” An Imperial soldier shouted. A different soldier had carried Violad off of the battlefield, bringing him to the side of a watch tower, ripping off chunks of flannel from his armour, wrapping it around Violad’s bicep.
“Use everything we have!” The sergeant of the imperial group he commanded.
“It’s you and me, prisoner, stay close.” Hadvar ordered. The dragon wizzed above them, creating a even bigger chaos with his flames, shouting his chants. “..Ro..Da!”
Saeta and Hadvar had sprinted like the wind, Saeta had passed him up, being too agile and fast.
Ralof had already been there by the time the two of them had gotten to the keep. “Ralof! You da*ned traitor! Out of my way!” Hadvar shouted. Ralof looked back at Hadvar, speaking loud and clear, “We’re escaping, Hadvar. You’re not stopping us this time.” Hadvar replied snarkily with, “Fine. I hope that dragon takes you all to Sovngarde.”
Ralof looks over at Saeta, Hadvar running into the keep. “You! Come on, into the Keep!”
Saeta follows Ralof into the keep, not wanting to waste any time he had left upon his chance for freedom.
Saeta and Ralof enter the keep, Saeta feeling a small twinge of hope string high above his head. “We just need to go through the keep and get out, far away from Helgen. My aunt lives down the path from here, it’s about a small walk. Won't take ya’ long.” He says, his breathing becoming more calm, less jagged.
Grab some armour and weapons, loot the place, I don’t really care.” Saeta nodded, speaking then. “You must un tie Saeta from his bonds..” Ralof gave himself a smack on the forehead. “Of course, you won’t kill me though, will you?”
Untying Saeta, he cracks a small smirk. Saeta moves his hands up and down, and side to side. Saeta is filled with relief. Worry still makes Saeta feel weary. He knows the inevitable has happened. How could this..monstrous dragon done so much damage? Will he do more? It couldn't have been stopped.
As Saeta walked around the room, searching in chests, he finds a chestplate, gauntlets, boots, and a helmet. The blue fabric made into it, he realizes it is Stormcloak armour.
Saeta stretches and puts on the armour, his feline ears feeling irritated from the helmet. He looks to his left, finding a weapons rack, finding two small iron daggers, a iron sword, and one steel axe. Seata instinctively grabbed the two daggers.
Ralof had spoke softly, “Hey, you should join the Stormcloak rebellion. Once we get out of here, I think you would be a good member to the fight to free Skyrim. You could talk to Ulfric Stormcloak and have him initiate you and join the rebellion.”
Saeta nodded, possibly might wanting to join them. Heck, he may even want to join the Imperials for all he knows. Saeta doesn’t really know how to cope with all of this. Heck, he just got freed and now he’s trying to survive a dragon attack.
The fire hadn’t burned down the keep, yet. Saeta had hoped it would smolder, slowly burning into nothin, becoming ash and dust. The smell of the fire, and the blood, had acrid his nose. He would from time to time, shake his head.
Ralof had stringently told Saeta to keep his guard up, not knowing what would come forth. He nodded, showing Ralof he understood, Ralof seeming too strict in a time like this.
Saeta had walked down the stone halls with Ralof. The walked down a flight of stairs, entering a room. Saeta had kept his guard up like Ralof said he would. Saeta had heard two people talking, he slowly opened the door, seeing a wooden pole holding the ceiling in place. He crept up behind it, listening in on the conversation.
“Yeah we need to be taking our leave soon..” One voice drunkenly said.
The other replying, sounding sober, his voice rough and horse, “Yeah. We should then now start on our way then, right, Kenflir?” He had glared at the drunk. Saeta had pulled out his daggers, slowly walking toward them, seeming cool. The men looked at him, seeing his Stormcloak cuirass. They pulled out their swords, swinging left and right at him. Ralof had ran into the room, Stabbing one of the men with his one handed axes. He clean cut him in the chest, the drunken man falling to his knees.
Saeta had stabbed the man in the head with the small blade, the man falling down, toppling his buddy.
“Glad we got them, I assure you the others we encounter will act just the same.”
Saeta had believed him, noticing how the scenario had gone down with these two. He looked at the stone walls, noticing they were neglected, or negligent.
The two had continued on their way.
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