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Chapter 26

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Lost in a strange world riddled with demons and with no way to get back home, a mighty warrior catches the eye of the Organization. Co-Written with Drunkmansquawkin.

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The entire city was in a state of chaos.


People were dying to a youma they had never seen before and the guards were mobilizing in force to repel the attacker, stop any more casualties, and kill the youma in question.


That was what Sid and Galk came to find when they got to the epic centre of it all. They saw soldiers everywhere and frightened civilians being escorted out of the city. They had seen no bodies so far… but the buildings in this area were damaged, like something absolutely huge had hooked itself to the walls and used them as support beams.

Sid turned to the nearest soldier and barked, “What’s the situation?!”

“It’s bad! We’ve already lost several soldiers!”

There were more screams, screams of normal people, up ahead followed by the sound of shattering bricks and something big moving. A huge amount of smoke cloud rolled in and concealing whatever was happening on the ground. And from the dying, terrified screams going on inside that was probably for the best.

That was when Sid looked ahead saw something. Something dangerously big. And his eyes grew wide with gut-wrenching terror. “What… what the hell is that?”

The thing was huge, and looked like a damn spider from where he stood! It’s 8 crab-like legs were attached to many buildings around it, using it as a way to elevate itself well above the buildings and giving it the height advantage. It had several spike-like things producing from the bottom of it.

That thing could not be a youma! Or an ordinary youma! What the hell was it?!

Unseen by any of them, lying down on top of the creature was an attractive young woman with long and wavy auburn hair that reaches to her waistline, her hairline had a point in the front before falling in curls to frame her slender face and a noticeable lack of eyebrows. The woman has a noticeable hourglass figure with large breasts, a small waist, and wide childbearing hips. She was lying in quite the alluring position, her arms raised above her head and her legs were positioned in such a way it hid her vagina, but showed just enough to set a man’s libido on fire.

The woman had a look of complete and utter apathy on her pretty face. “How irritating. This is ridiculous,” she muttered to herself with irritation and a slight frown pulling at the corners of her lips, “Why do they think I’ve been keeping a low profile up until now? I even gave it my all to hold back on eating to avoid suspicion…” she let out a sigh of utter boredom and disappointment, “All this consideration… for nothing. How awful.”

The woman was the youma. She was the spider thing. No one could see her nakedness on top of the thing that acted as her platform.

Everyone was pretty much looking at the spider thing as if it came from the deepest parts of their nightmares.

“What on Earth is that?” a wide-eyed, near terror-stricken Sid questioned aloud, knowing he was not going to get an answer to it anytime soon.

“A-Are we dreaming?” an equally near terror-stricken Galk questioned; that thing, it simply cannot be real. It just can’t be! He had to be dreaming!


Sid looked to his right in alarm when one of the soldiers was yanked off the ground and pulled towards the thing by… hair? What the…?

That very same soldier was let out terrified screams as he was brought to the very top, where the woman was lying. And while he was still terrified, his fear was mixed with utter bewilderment, and arousal when he saw he was being brought to an attractive brunette that was stark naked.

“There’s no need to be scared,” the woman cooed enticingly, there was a hint of hunger in her voice as she brought the armoured man to him with her arm outstretched in his direction. “It’s alright… I’ll be gentle…”

The bound man just stared down at the naked brunette with a frightened look on his face, even as his helmet was pulled off by one of those tendril-like hairs. The woman partially closed her eyes and opened her mouth, and cupped his cheek, as if to bring him into an embracing kiss…

Then he was cut in half at the waist. The chest plate being ripped in twain effortlessly. He let out a pained gurgle before the life left his eyes. The woman closed her eyes and raised the corpse above her head and started drinking and bathing in the blood that flowed from his waist like a waterfall. Then she tossed both halves of the carcass off the platform and to the ground below, shocking Sid, Galk and many others when the carcass landed in front of them.

“Ah, this is luxury.” the blood-drenched brunette sighed with pure delight. She looked at her outstretched arm and admired the red liquid that dripped from her hand. “Enough blood to bathe in and quench my thirst. Simply wonderful!” She closed her eyes and smiled, “For all the time I held myself back up until now… I think I will treat myself to something special today.”

Around her several more hair-like tendrils shot out of the platform the woman was on and headed towards the soldiers who were staring up at her in terror. Sid and Galk hopped to the side to avoid them and looked over their shoulder just in time to see several men getting plucked from the ground and brought up to her screaming in pure unadulterated terror.

“And now… break.” the blood covered brunette smiled sultrily up to the soon to be dead men, “Let my body bathe in that lovely flesh and blood you are made of.”

The tendrils flexed and the men in her tendrils exploded in gore. Nothing remained of them except for the blood. The woman literally let out orgasmic moans as she felt the blood and skin drenching her naked body.

“Ahh… I can barely take it!” she leaned her head back so she could bask in the feeling of her physique getting wettened, and smiled widely with satisfaction, “This… this is it! This is the one thing I have craved and yearned for all this time!” She loved this so much she could almost bathe in it! Hell, she wanted to bathe in it! She needed more, to state her thirst and hunger!

But, alas, someone decided to crash her little party as several spears rained from the sky, impaling her perch and even piercing her forearm in one case.

The woman blinked and looked at said forearm as she raised it with a slight frown, “Oh? What’s this?”

Below the guards of Rabona had finally shaken off the fear that gripped them and was mobilizing, with Galk himself taking direct command.

“FIRST SPEAR SQUAD! SECOND SPEAR SQUAD, PREPARE!” Galk bellowed, and at his orders, two whole platoons of armed guards formed ranks and reared their spear holding arms in preparation to hurl their spears at the monster terrorising the Holy City.

“ATTAAAAAACK!” Galk roared, and the two platoons threw their projectiles at the tall, towering spider-like creature that was attached to the buildings. Their aim was impeccable and their throwing arm was impressive as the projectiles travelled upwards in an arch before they descended upon the woman on top.

The woman stared on up at them as the projectiles rapidly descended upon her. Her face was the epitome of boredom. The brunette didn't even appear to be threatened by the spears.


And the projectiles were intercepted and knocked off course by several tendrils. Not one of them managed to hit her, much to the shock of Galk and the soldiers below.

“Such boring attacks. There’s no way you can win like that, no matter how hard you try.” The woman said with utter contempt in her voice.” Then, suddenly, she smiled and quirked her head to the side, “That is what I thought… But…”

More tendrils wrapped around Sid who had taken to the rooftops and leapt onto the platform in order to attack her from behind! The hair-like tendrils wrapped around his sword arm, torso, and neck, stopping the blade that was several inches away from taking her head off.

“Tch-!” Sid growled defiantly and struggled to move his sword arm. Just a little further and her head would be off!

The woman chuckled in a sultry manner and looked at him partially over the shoulder, “This is the actual attack, isn’t it? You were so close to getting to me. Maybe if you had one more step?” Then her tone and expression turned inquisitive as she added, “But those were some well-rehearsed movements… Movements as if you’ve assumed me to be a non-human opponent right from the start… Could it be that you were attacked by a youma or something in the past?”

Then the woman stood up… and revealed that she was ‘hooked’ up to the platform, as her hair actually was going into the platform itself, with many more going in her back. Sid bared his teeth as the woman strode on over to him with swaying hips. The blond man was honestly more than a little creeped out, and aroused, but mostly creeped out by this chick. He leaned his head back in an attempt to get away from her touch as the non-human, youma, whatever she was, cupped his cheek much like a lover would.

“Hmm, you’re pretty handsome. How about it? Feel like having fun one last time before it’s all over for you?” she offered, and made herself sound as enticing as possible in order to get him to accept her proposal.

Sid gave her a wry smirk and with a chuckle said, “Heh, sorry, but I’m not interested in monsters.”

“Oh? What a pity…”

Before he could even blink, Sid’s arm was wrapped in three tentacles and he let out a cry of pain as all three of them tightened around his arm to the near point of having his bones snapping under the pressure.

“Sid!” Galk cried out. Then, a feminine blur entered his field of view and he heard Sister Latea’s voice.

“Sorry, big guy.”

Before he could react, he felt someone, Sister Latea, grab his shoulder plate.

“I’ll use you as my shield for now.”

And then he was tossed toward Sister Latea’s pursuer, the Number 4 Miata who had the pointy end of her sword aiming for Galk’s back. The little girl bared her teeth and moved her claymore out of the way in the nick of time, and embedded the tip into the ground.

Sister Latea was kneeling down as she stared at them with her blind eyes, she was smiling in relief. “So they did hammer in the iron rule of not harming humans. I’m relieved.” her smile got a little wider, “Well then,”

Then the blind former Number 3 hopped on up one of the many crab-like legs, and continued to do so until she reached the top. There she slashed at the tendrils that are wrapped around Sid, freeing him from the non-humans grasp and surprising her immensely. Galatea landed behind Sid and wrapped an arm around his torso.

“Nice effort. But you are way out of your league,” she told him in a polite manner. Then she leapt back with Sid in her arms, just as several tendrils shot out of the platform where they were standing. The woman let out a soft chuckle. She had sensed that coming a mile away.

Then Sister Latea turned around mid-air and threw Sid towards Clarice, “CATCH, COLOUR-HEAD!”

Down on the ground, Clarice looked up in confusion. “Eh?” Then, she saw Sid careening towards her and immediately started panicking. “Gah! Wait! This is too sudden!” Despite her protest, however, the girl dropped her sword and caught him in a bridal carry. The man let out a pained cry prompting the worried brunette to quickly lower him to the ground, “Oh my gods, I am so sorry! Are you alright?”

Miata followed Galatea up and landed on the roof… with the deserter on the building opposite her, and the monster-woman in the middle.

As Miata bared her teeth, glaring at the former Number 3, and Galatea stared back with a smile and the brunette in the middle watching on in utter boredom, Clarice couldn’t keep the surprise out of her voice as she said, “An Awakened Being? Here? In the Holy City of all places?!”

“A hunt for me with just the three of you, counting the colour head? I am sure being taken lightly for a former Number 2.” The Awakened One in question said with a heavy frown.

“A-Ah… Number 2…?” Clarice felt her mouth go dry at that. There’s no way… this Awakened Being was a former Number 2?! How was she supposed to deal with someone that powerful?! She won’t stand a chance against her! There was no Youma Hunter to bail her out of trouble this time around either! Would Miata and even the former Number 3 be able to fight her?!

Sister Latea, Galatea, smirked. “I knew all along,” she said. “Incredibly strong and frighteningly prudent… Your name was Fresh-Blood Agatha, if I remember correctly. Indeed, a little too much for me to handle by my own, which is why I lured out these two warriors from the Organization using myself as bait.”

That admittance had garnered a surprised look from Clarice. She risked her own life just to get help in order to save these people? But why didn't she just send a request for an extermination squad?

The brunette got her answer from Galatea, who continued, “Sending an extermination request as usual would have been an option. But if the warriors had come carelessly in small groups, I feared you would go wild and wipe out the entire city. This meant I had to make sure they sent warriors so powerful they could suppress their energy far away from the city and still be able to take me down without fail.”

Agatha was quiet and so Galatea continued, “But the one behind you, including the colour-head being the only ones who came… is somewhat of a let down. Even so, I believe that one of them has sufficient power to make up for this.” then the blind woman let out a sigh before adding, “Of course, the Youma Hunter being here would have been of immense help in taking you down since he had managed to defeat Riful of the West without getting serious, but he perished in Alphonse seven years ago.”

“...So, with essentially two of you, you think you can beat me?” Agatha asked and if she had eyebrows they would be down right about now.

“I would say… we are evenly matched.” The former Number 3 replied with confidence.

Agatha snorted dismissively, “Don’t be ridiculous…” suddenly the platform spun around, the tendrils shooting out and demolishing the buildings around her; this forced Galatea and Miata to jump off the rooftops they were on in order to evade them.

“Ch- So fast, despite that huge body…!” Galatea inhaled sharply through her nose when she sensed Miata falling behind her. And so the woman promptly turned around and blocked the overhead strike of the Number 4 with her own claymore.

“MIATA!!” a shocked Clarice shouted; what was she doing? Why was Miata attacking Galatea instead of the Awakened Being- it was there that the brunette remembered.

“Damn!” Galatea cursed, releasing her yoki in her arm to the point it started to gain muscle mass and tear the fabric, the woman swiped at Miata. Because their swords were in a stalemate, when Galatea increased the strength in her sword arm it allowed the woman to force Miata away, throwing the little girl across the clearing and through a window on the opposite end of the street.

The woman landed on yet another roof, and hopped back when she sensed Agatha attacking once again. Moments later, many tendrils smashed through the roof tiles Galatea was standing on. Galatea’s acute yoki sensing had alerted her of an attack from behind, and she leaned down and ducked under a swipe that would have taken her head off, curtsy of Miata. She turned around and blocked yet another attack from the little girl.

While they were in another deadlock Agatha used their distraction to her advantage and tried to kill them once more. So, she sent four tentacles to impale them above… only for something to take control of her extra appendages and caused them to miss completely and hit the roof around them.

“Huh?” Had Agatha had, eyebrows they would be narrowing in confusion. How did her attack miss?

As she pondered on that, Miata kept on pursuing Galatea with sheer determination. She was so focused on her that the little girl didn't even seem to realise there was a much bigger threat to them right there watching them.

The girl didn't even seem to realize she was starting to get sore all over her body, as she kept up her pursuit of Galatea.

“An interesting trick,” Agatha mocking said to Galatea after realizing how she missed her previous attack. The woman took control of her yoki briefly and made her change its trajectory; but now that she knows… “but it won’t work a second time.”

Galatea grunted in pain and dodged yet another attack from Miata who brought her claymore down onto the tower she had been on top of, shattering it into several chunks. The former Number 3 herself landed on the roof opposite the girl.

“What’s wrong?” Agatha questioned with a mocking smile, “It looks like your predictions were a bit off…”

“Oh boy…” Galatea winced, and took a brief glance at her left shoulder… where her arm use to be. “...things just don’t go as well as one thinks…” nevertheless, despite the less than ideal situation she was in, the woman still had a smile on her face, and acted as if there was nothing wrong at all.

Clarice started to sweat nervously. This… was pretty bad.

“Oi! What the hell is wrong with you?!” Sid snapped, scaring the living daylights out of the poor woman, “Weren’t you going to cooperate to defeat that monster?!”

Clarice nervously swallowed the lump in her throat. “W...we...are here by the order of the Organization. The extermination of an Awakened Being is not part of those orders. Our priority here is, th-the execution of Galatea.”

Sid and Galk could only gawk at the mudhead’s answer and Miata dashed forth to try and kill Galatea.

Then to make the day even more grim, it started to rain. It was light at first, then the drops of water before more and more until it became a heavy rainfall.

There was a resounding clang as Galatea and Miata’s swords clashed. The former managed to deflect the latter’s blows despite only having one arm left and the both of them evaded Agatha’s tentacles as she tried to take advantage of the situation whenever she got the opportunity.

A narrow-eyed Galatea bared her teeth as she went to block Miata’s attack. Their swords clashed and Galatea found it hard to concentrate between evading Agatha’s tentacles and blocking Miata’s attacks. Both girl and woman jumped up to avoid Agatha’s tentacles once more, the extra limbs shattering the roof they were on upon collision. The Number 4 landed in a crouch on the ledge of a roof, just under the window, before pushing up towards Galatea who was still in the middle of falling. The sheer force behind her leap had caused the part of the wall Miata had been crouching on to shatter.

Galatea sensed Miata making a beeline for her… and she could sense Agatha’s tentacles coming for her from behind. She could dodge, use the girl as a platform and get away from the tentacles but leaving the girl to take the hit. Or… she can use herself as a shield to protect the little girl from being skewered by Agatha’s tentacles.

The answer for Galatea was obvious. This was going to hurt, a lot!


Her curse was cut off when she was stabbed through the stomach and out the back by Miata’s sword, and into the back by no more than three tentacles.

“NGH!!!” She let out a cry of pain before bringing out more yoki to increase her strength. She kicked Miata away before slicing the tendrils stabbing into her into several pieces with a flourish. She landed on yet another roof and was, by this point, panting heavily and bleeding profusely from no less than four different injuries.

“I thought you were supposed to be a superior defense-type soldier…?” Agatha observed the blood flowing from Galatea’s wounds and onto the roof tiles. With the rain pelting her dress, it was like a small river of blood was flowing from the injured woman. “But even you have your limits I see. Why not admit your defeat? I mean, it’s painful even for me to watch that pathetic figure of yours struggling to survive.” Galatea didn't say anything, right now, the woman was trying her damn best to stand on her own two feet… and if this woman wanted to monologue and give her time to rest then she’s all for it!

Of course, Agatha did continue. “I just don’t get it. For what are you fighting for? Just what possessed you to take this ridiculous risk of hoping that the other soldiers who were sent to kill you, would turn around and cooperate? From my point of view, I never imagined you to be the naive type to sling to such wild delusions.”

Galatea closed her eyes and chuckled tiredly, “Well, it’s not like I didn't see this coming.” she admitted, “It’s just that I didn't have any other options but to place my bet that it might work, no matter how small the chances.” she opened her eyes again and stared at Agatha with her blind eyes, “I doubt you’ll find my incentive appealing. I just want to protect this city and all those who live in it. It’s as simple as that.”

“Are you serious?” Agatha’s tone was almost in disbelief, “That reason’s almost pathetic enough to make me laugh.”

“Really? You too? I thought the same way.” Galatea joked; after everything she’s been through so far, she needed to find humour in something. Even if it’s at her own expense. Then she smiled a genuine smile. “But, strangely enough, it’s not all that bad. You should give it a try yourself sometime.”

Unimpressed by Galatea’s conviction and reason, Agatha merely let out a disgruntled scoff, “Hmph…”

Galatea sensed Miata moving again and she turned to block her attack once more. The two of them were once again knocked off the roof and onto another one as they danced around one another.

On the ground, a shaking Clarice could do nothing but watch helplessly as her charge kept up her pursuit of attacking Galatea while the Awakened Being herself tried to kill them both.

“Yeah… this is… this is the right thing to do…” The brunette thought to herself, though she sounded very unsure of this herself. “We don’t stand a chance against the awakened form of the former Number 2. I have no reason to put Miata in danger like that. For right now, we’ve got to finish our mission as soon as possible. Then if we report the situation to the Organization, then surely...”

The ‘mudhead’ knew this was wrong, that this wasn’t right, but a job was a job… no one can blame them for that, can they?

The woman was snapped out of her thoughts when she heard Galk yell, “MOVE! YOU’RE IN THE WAY!”

Clarice looked over her shoulder and was shocked to see several platoons assembled behind her! How come she didn't hear them- oh, wait, it was because she was so focused on the three-way fight between the former Number 3, Number 2 and the current Number 4 that she had not noticed them.

Galk turned to face the soldiers behind him and bellowed, “SPEARMEN! FIRST SQUADRON STAND READY! SECOND AND THIRD SQUADS, PREPARE TO ATTACK!”

“Wh.. what?” Clarice gasped, looking utterly horrified. “There’s nothing you can do! No matter how hard you try, you can’t damage her! Just run!”

“Not an option,” Galk replied, turning to address her. “We will do everything we can to stop that thing. If you’re not going to fight then stand back!”

“Wha...!?” Clarice looked at him as if he had lost his mind. Them, going up against an Awakened Being?! That was insane!

“Hurry! There’s no time!” the brunette turned her attention when she heard Sid yelling out commands to a group of soldiers that were removing their plate armour. “Take off all your armour! Lighten your load as best you can!”

Clarice was taken aback by that. Just what were they planning to do? Seeing as she was beside someone who looks to be in command of the entire platoons here Clarice turned to Galk.

“E-excuse me,” Galk turned to her prompting the brunette to ask, “what are you doing?

“We’re going to launch an attack from behind after the spearmen attack. We’re going to try and aim for her head, just like before.” The scarred man replied.

“What?!” Clarice looked even more horrified to learn they were going to try it again. “But it didn't work!!” she protested; she didn't want them to die needlessly, why won’t he listen to her?! There is nothing they can do!

“This time we’ll try several men at once. Because her attention will be drawn to the attacking squadrons, we’ll have a chance to attack her then.” Galk looked at the Awakened Being with a determined frown. “If this attack, with our timing, is just right then our chances of success will be just a bit higher than last time.”

“N-No way…!” the wide-eyed, open-mouthed Clarice really could not keep her surprise and shock suppressed if her life depended on it, “You’re going all out with no hope for survival?!”

“Didn't I just tell you?” Galk questioned rhetorically, “We will do everything we can. This is our only option in the first place.” Clarice watched on in astonishment at the man’s bravery in the face of death, even as he turned to address Sis, “Are the men in position?”

“Yeah, they’re scattered,” the blond replied before he slowly brought up his right arm, “If only my arm wasn’t injured… shit!” He wanted to help! He had a bone to pick with that bitch! But with her almost breaking his right arm in three places, Sid knew he wouldn’t be of much help.


“3!” All spear squads raised their spears.

“2!” They all took aim at Agatha and prepared to throw their projectiles at her.

“1!” They reared back their arms.

“W-wait!” Clarice tried to stop them from making the last mistake they would ever make. Unfortunately for the Number 47 she went completely ignored.

“FIRE!!” Galk roared, and as one the assault squad threw their spears at Agatha to the horror of Clarice, who could only watch on helplessly as the projectiles sailed through the air.

As for the Awakened One in question, she frowned with both contempt and boredom upon hearing the many projectiles sailing through the air towards her. She scoffed and partially closed her eyes, “They just don’t know when to quit, do they? I don’t have time to play with you right now.”

As Agatha put a hand on her hip, the platform seemed to bulge out, before several tendrils shot out and intercepted the spears that were thrown at her. Many of the guards below, including Clarice, could only watch on as the projectiles were turned around until the tips were facing them.

She grinned down at them maliciously, “It’s useless no matter how hard you try. Allow me to return them-”

The woman was interrupted when she felt a blade slicing through her neck. Her now headless body fell to its knees before falling on its side.

A very alarmed Galatea quickly looked in their direction as she cried out, “NO! THAT’S THE WRONG TARGET!” unfortunately the woman had her hands full with Miata, who was beginning to get slower. The blind woman didn't notice it yet, however, due to the sheer amount of chaos going on.

Clarice furrowed her brow in confusion as she looked up. What was Galatea talking about…?

As for the unarmoured guards on the platform who were responsible for the severation of her head, they had a full-eyed view on the fruits of their labour. They were staring at Agatha’s severed head in both shock and disbelief.

Agatha was grinning at them. “Gotcha~!” she playfully chirped.


“RUN FOR IT!!” Sid who realized the danger they were in, yelled at the guards with desperation.

All four men were speared through their torsos by an assortment of tendrils before they could react, killing them instantly. An eye-shaking Clarice gasped in both shock and terror at the brutality of their deaths while Sid grit his teeth in both despair of frustration at the deaths of even more good men.

“Damn it!” The ponytailed man cursed.

Then, in a rather grotesque display of regeneration, Agatha began to regrow her entire body from the base of her neck. Her feet grew out first, followed by her legs, then her thighs, hips stomach and hands and shoulders.

“Such a shame. What you people see is just for show. If you wanted to cut this body, then you really should have gone for my hair on my true body below.” the woman taunted while she regrew her body; the rain washed off the blood on her fair skin leaving her looking ‘good as new’.

Galatea growled and went towards her.

Agatha just looked at the blind woman, as she approached. The brunette had an utterly amused expression on her face, “Oh? You’re coming at me? But… you haven’t shaken off your little pursuer yet.”

Galatea sensed Miata on her left side and she immediately threw herself out of the reach of the girls sword that tried to cleave her in two. A frustrated Miata pursued her, pushing herself off of rooftop after rooftop in her pursuit of the blind woman. The girl was solely focused on taking Galatea’s head and was ignoring everything else around her.

“She’s such a good girl. So loyal to the Organization’s orders.” Agatha stated aloud to herself with a coy smile. “It looks like she’s getting a little upset and can’t see what’s around her. She’s certainly strong but is a little too inexperienced.”

Agatha knew that any experienced warrior worth their salt would have put aside their mission to take on the bigger threat. In this case her. But Miata was ignoring the Awakened One completely and kept mindlessly going after Galatea’s head… and the foolish little girl was completely ignoring the attacks she’s been sending her way as well.

The Awakened One sent more tendrils to them. Galatea sensed their approach and immediately hopped off the rooftop before they smashed into the tiles. Shattering that part of the roof entirely.

Miata hopped in front of her and the older woman blocked the girl’s sword with her own. And, as she began to deflect and block the girl’s strikes easily, that was when she noticed someone alarming.

“What? Her power and speed are dropping?” Galatea narrowed her eyes in confusion and focused her yoki sensing a bit more. Her eyes narrowed even more. Why could she feel pain emitting from this girl? She didn't sense that earlier… something was definitely wrong, here.

Unfortunately, the girl wouldn’t listen to her any time soon. Which means there was one person this girl would likely listen to. And she was down below watching the four-way battle take place.

“Hey! Brunette!” Galatea called out to Clarice, startling the woman below, “Take a look at your partner’s body! What’s going on?”

Clarice narrowed her eyes in confusion, “Going on…? What do you…” she took a closer look at Miata and gasped in both fear and horror at what she saw, “MIATA! STOP IT AT ONCE!!” She cried out.

Almost immediately Miata’s feet touched the damp tiles of yet another roof and slid to a halt. She didn't pursue Galatea, but now that Miata was not pursuing Galatea the little girl was feeling sore all over.

“Mama… Mama…” Miata groaned softly in pain.

“I…” Clarice swallowed the lump that formed in her throat, “I don’t believe it.”

Miata had wounds on her body. Her uniform was torn in some places, showing light scratches. Then there were the gashes, where blood was running freely, and finally some missing chunks were missing from her body.

The girl was in obvious pain, she was shaking in place and had a pained frown. But despite that she didn't cry or show any other visible sign of discomfort. The girl had a huge pain threshold that’s the damn sure.

“Mama… Mama… my body hurts, all over…” she groaned; the poor girl sounded utterly lost and confused. Why did she hurt all over?

“Miata… why…” Clarice couldn’t bring herself to finish that sentence. How on Earth did someone so far stronger than her sustain that much damage! It couldn’t have been from Galatea since the woman was purely on defense and Agatha was more focused on Galatea herself…

The blind woman however, thought otherwise as she turned her ‘gaze’ to the former Number 2 in question. “Agatha… it was you, wasn’t it?” she questioned, despite already knowing the answer.

“What? I started easy on her!” The woman exclaimed, outright confirming Galatea’s suspicions. “Just some light scratches, and when she got used to the pain I just upped the damage little by little. Her makeout took a bit of a workout, let me tell you!” The Awakened One was amused and couldn’t help herself, “It was pretty easy to do as well. While the little one was focused on you, and you were focused on her, I merely sent my hair to inflict some damage… she didn't even pay attention to them, even when she felt them cut into her. Even the ones I sent to you got in a few hits!”

Galatea growled in disgust at the woman’s callousness.

Miata was still feeling the effects of Agatha’s attacks and was still confused and utterly lost. “It hurts… it hurts mama…”

And as for Clarice, she couldn’t keep off the look of pure unadulterated fear from her face. Her eyes wide and teeth bared, she was inhaling and exhaling shakingly. They… they had no chance here. They were outmatched.

“What do you think?” Agatha asked with a sadistic, half-lidded, look on her face, “Isn’t she a work of art?”

The look on her face promised pain. A lot of it.
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