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Uzumaki Legacy: The Reborn

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After being hated by almost everyone in the village, Naruto planned on leaving it for good and starting his own village and making it the strongest in the elemental nations. The Uzumaki Legacy must...

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"Someone talking"

'Someone thinking'


''Summon/Kyubi talking/jutsu''

'Summon/kyubi/jutsu thinking'

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto.

Chapter 1-Legacy Reborn

My name is Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze, Son of Minato Namikaze, Yondaime Hokage, also known as 'Yellow flash' and Kushina Uzumaki also known as the 'Red Death or Red Hot Blooded Habanero'. I am also the Jinchuriki of the strongest Bijuu, Kyubi no Yoko, the nine tailed demon fox.

My life was not always this great. I was not always the Uzukage of a great nation and great clan of Uzushiogakure, which was once almost annihilated from the elemental nations that I rebuilt from scratch to be the strongest village and nation to ever exist and will ever. I did not always have all these beautiful women by my side that I love equally and unconditionally.

I was once called 'Demon' or 'Demon Brat/spawn' for something that was beyond my control. I once wonder why they hate me. What did I do to deserve such treatment? The same people I had vowed I was going to protect when I had become a ninja for my village, the same people who my father and mother had died protecting, the same people of the once strongest village in the elemental nations, Konohagakure, village hidden in the leaves but now as I think about it, none of this wouldn't of happen if it wasn't for the villagers. These stupid arrogant people will never understand. I wouldn't have been the Uzukage of the strongest nation across the elemental nations. I wouldn't have got beautiful women to love me and I certainly wouldn't have been the strongest man alive since the 'Rikudo Senin'.

All I wanted was to be love and recognize, to be...recognized. I vowed to resurrect my once decease family, whatever means necessary, through blood, sweat and tears. Not through fleshly or inhumane means, but by words and action. The 'Legacy' of the Uzumaki clan must live on. Let me tell you my story of where it all began. This is my Legend; this is the Legacy of the Uzumaki Clan.

''There, that will teach the demon not to come around us and our family anymore'' said one villager. ''Yea let's get out of here before the demon loving Hokage gets here'' said another villager.

You might be wondering what they are talking about, well it's no other than the village's trouble maker, Naruto Uzumaki, nine tail jinchuriki of the Kyubi No Yoko.

It all started four years ago on the same night as this October 9, when the Kyubi attacked the village hidden in the leaf for no apparent reason. Their greatest Hokage, Minato Namikaze give his life to seal the demon inside an orphan boy.

Said boy being Naruto Uzumaki, lying on the ground beaten, bruised and bleeding heavily in an ally away from prying eyes.

Everyone was about to leave when they were suddenly hit by an oppressing wave of kill Intent (K.I) that stop them in their tracks. Being civilians that they were, they couldn't move, some black out from too much pressure while the ninjas that were in the mix tried to get away but were block by the Hokage's personal guards.

''What is the meaning of this?'' ask the Hokage angrily.

''Hokage-sama we were finishing what the forth started and repaying that what the demon did to ou... '' That villager didn't get to finish as a kunai was imbedded where his heart lie courtesy of the Hokage.

''Take these villagers and ninjas to Anko and Ibiki and tell them to have fun and don't hold back.'' The Sandaime shouted. After a chorus of ''Hai'' from the Hokage bodyguards they escorted the prisoners to the Anbu headquarters for Anko and Ibiki to look after them.

''Hokage-sama what should we do with Naruto-kun?'' ask the only remaining anbu who was wearing a crow mask.

''Take him to the hospital and don't leave him, we don't know what else these villagers will do to him while he is unconscious.''

''Hai Hokage-sama'' said the crow mask Anbu and with that he departed to the hospital with an unconscious blond in his arms.

Next morning

''Damn… what hit me?'' groaned Naruto as he woke from his sleep.

''Morning Naruto-kun, how are you this morning?'' ask the Hokage, smiling slightly at the boy he came to love as a grandson he never had.

''Morn jiji, I don't know why the villagers hate me; I promise I didn't do them anything.'' Naruto said desperately.

''I believe you Naruto-kun just try to ignore them okay." The smile faded into a frown as he spoke those words. Life was becoming more and more difficult for the young blond but the Hokage only hope he made it through.

"Do you know why they hate me?" Naruto ask looking up at the old man. Big blue eyes stared inquisitively at the man.

Hiruzen shook his head negatively, "Sorry Naruto, but I don't why. Also, why are you not in the orphanage and on the street?" he asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Well jiji they threw me out of the orphanage six months ago and I was living on the streets ever since."

The Hokage growled lowly and muttered under his breath, "Those stupid people when they would learn the difference between a kunai and the scroll it is kept in."

"Huh, you say something jiji?"

"Ammmm I said I would deal with them later ok Naruto-kun. Let's get you out of here and get something to eat. How does that sound to you?"

"Sounds great jiji but I don't know why my family would leave me, was it because they didn't want me jiji?" he asked looking down at his lap. He then looked at the Hokage, "Do you know who my family was Hokage-jiji?"

"Sorry Naruto, but I don't know who your parents' were." at that same time the Hokage could feel the hidden crow mask anbu shift in his spot but didn't say anything.

"Oh…okay." was all Naruto said before he blank out deep in taught for a minute or so that he didn't hear the Hokage calling for him.

"Huh you say something jiji?"

"Yes I was asking if you are ready to leave and get something to eat and maybe get you somewhere to live and some new clothes as well." The old man said hoping to cheer up the blond.

"Yes let's go. I hate the hospital, too much white for me. It makes me feel sick even though I am not."

The next day Naruto wakes up in his new apartment that the Hokage had gotten him. It was nothing fancy, just a small one bedroom with a small kitchen and sitting area right next to that. He had also gotten some food stuff like bread, eggs and milk. Thankfully the Hokage accompanied him or else getting food would've been harder than he thought. .

'Yo fur ball are you up?' the blond thought in his head.

"What do you want brat?" replied a very angry and annoyed voice.

'You were right the Hokage is lying to me. I don't see why he can't just tell who my parents were and why the forth Hokage sealed you in me. It's not like I would tell anyone, the whole of konoha probably knows already if how they treats me doesn't show it already'.

"Look brat as I told you yesterday I dislike humans, you use each other to satisfy you're our wants and need. Some of you are worst than the demons you called us. Treating your own kind bad and a child no less for something he has no control over, you humans are despicable."

There was brief silence for a few minutes until the blond spoke, 'hey Kyubi do you know who my parents are?'






"I do"

'Would you tell me who they are?'

"When you are older and stronger then I would tell you. Gain my respect then maybe I will indulge you"

'ind- wha'

"Never mind just get stronger, and brat, don' tell anyone I talk to you okay. The less people know the better it is for both of us"

'Sure thing, see-errr I mean chat with you later fluffy' and with that Naruto's voice faded out of his mind.

The Kyubi growled indignantly, "Damn human, come in here and tell me that to my face. Let me squash you like the insignificant insect you are human."

Just like your mother, can't wait to see how you will turn out in the future brat. Prove me wrong just like your predecessors, that not all humans are worst than demons.' the Kyubi thought.

With that the Kyubi return back to what it was previously doing before it was disturb so violently and that was sleeping.

Hokage's office

Here we find the Hokage, the famed Professor and God of shinobi, sitting behind his desk in a battle he was pretty sure kami herself couldn't win. Here he was fighting his arch nemesis, paper work. The famed Hokage who survive three great ninja wars was force to be a paper pusher, how life was cruel for him as he taught if he uses a katon jutsu on the stack of paper that was glaring at him from the head of his table, would his secretary notice it was missing. As he was in a glaring contest with his paper work he didn't notice the same crow mask anbu who was with him the day before just appear out of thin air until there was a cough.

He looked up suddenly and blushed slightly with a cough, "huh oh…ehem right, report crow."

Said anbu straightened and began giving his report, "Mission accomplished Hokage-sama, bandit camp eliminated."

"Very well crow nice work, your mission pay will be sent to you during the week. Is there anything else you would like to add crow?" he said with a nod and finished with a question.

"Hai", the crow mask anbu started, shifting on his feet in front of the man in charge of the village before continuing, "I would like to request to be Naruto Uzumaki's personal guard Hokage-sama."

There was a long pause in the room, the Hokage stare long and hard at the crow mask anbu for a few seconds that seem to stretch for time indefinite. The hidden anbus shift in their spots as the temperature in the room drop a couple degrees. It wasn't until a few moments after then the Hokage spoke.

"Remove your mask captain." and with that the anbu removed his mask and behind it was a shoulder length raven hair teen with black eyes and tear drops marks at both side of his nose (pretty sure everyone knows how Itachi looks like).

"Why do you want to do such a thing Itachi?" a question if answered incorrectly, could lead to more harm than good. Without even missing a beat Itachi spoke.

"Because Hokage-sama, a boy should not grow up being chased and beaten by the same people he will more or less have to protect in the future and it is the least I can do for Kushina-sensei." said the now name Itachi, who was looking the Hokage straight in his eyes.

The Hokage stared at Itachi for another few seconds. The hidden anbu in the room dare didn't make a sound or even shift to scratch an itch. The moment was tense as it was. It wasn't too long before the Sandaime made up his mind grumbling something intangible before saying, "Fine Itachi, I am hereby giving a S-rank mission to protect one Uzumaki Naruto until he finishes the academy or until something of much more importance comes up."

"You are to report to me every six month on his well being. Also, Itachi, if anything and I mean anything happens to him so help me kami you will be my sparring partner for six months and I will have you fetching Tora for the next year. Am I understood?" the Hokage finished in finality.

"Hai Hokage-sama." There was not an ounce of fear or lack of conviction in Itachi's face or posture. Such was expected of someone dubbed as the 'Perfect killing machine'.

At the mention of Tora everyone had a shiver up there spine as if there was something viler than seeing Orochimaru in a pink bath robe and slippers with a yellow rubber duck going and take a bath.

"Dismissed Itachi and I hope you do well on your assignment." Dismissed the Sandaime before he flicked his wrist and like that Itachi was gone just as he came. As the Hokage was about to have some quality time reading his favorite orange book, he looked at the paper work on his desk and could have jump out his skin. The papers grew two times the size while he was taking with Itachi.

"DAMN YOU MINATOOOOOOO!" was the shout that came from the Hokage's office and all the anbus in the room were snickering at there so called fearless leader being reduce to nothing by a stack of papers.

1 week later

We find our favorite jinchuriki at an abandon training ground trying to throw some kunai that he got from the Hokage after bugging him for them. The Hokage had inquire of him as to what he wanted them for and he told him it's for training for the academy so he wouldn't get left behind when all the children that he go to school with got training from their parents. So here he was trying to hit a training post for the hundredth time for the day with some kunai.

Itachi was in the trees watching with amusement at his never giving up attitude thinking how much off his mother he inherited. It was mid-day and Naruto was still trying to get a kunai to stick to the post properly without staying for a few seconds then fall out. Itachi couldn't take it anymore and decides to help him.

"You know you are doing it wrong." stated Itachi, walking out from the tree line towards the blond jinchuriki.

Naruto suddenly spun around; startled by the appearance of someone he didn't know. "What, who are you? And what are you doing here? You are not here to hurt me are you?" he asked quickly while suddenly backing up slowly.

Itachi frown when he heard this. Someone so young, barely out of their diapers, facing things some adults wouldn't in their entire life. Kushina would have killed all of them for even thinking bad about her son.

Itachi shook his head from his thoughts, "No I'm not going to hurt you Naruto-kun. I am actually a bodyguard the Hokage put to watch over you so no one will do you anything else." Itachi said.

He was standing in the middle of the training ground with the blond but staying a few feet away so he wouldn't scare him away. "As I as saying you were doing the exercise wrong and you have to put more power in your throws. Also, you can't swing your hand back too far sometimes or else you would over extend your throws."

Naruto slightly narrows his eyes, watching Itachi for a few seconds as if he was trying to figure something out. Itachi stood still allowing Naruto to come to terms with what he just said. The raven hair anbu almost smirk under his mask as he watches Naruto watch him. The sight was almost funny. Keyword, almost.

"So you are one of those anbu, right?" Naruto ask with inquisitive eyes. He had seen and heard the old man talk to them while he was in the office. Itachi nod his head at the blond, showing he was correct in his assessment.

"So you gonna show me how it's done or stand there and watch me?" asked Naruto.

With that Itachi walk up to Naruto a little closer and without looking threw 3 kunai at the three training post that was in the middle of the field, about twenty feet away from them faster than Naruto can see. All Naruto heard was three thumps, when he looks at the post he saw three kunai imbedded in them direct at the center of the circle (cough) thingy (cough).

Naruto blinked before a large goofy grin lit up his face, "Whoa that was awesome. I didn't even see you move you gotta show me how to do that." shouted an over excited blond bouncing on his heels like a giddy school girl. He was thinking of all the possibility that can happen if he got this anbu person to train him. He will get strong faster so he can get the fox to tell him who his parents are.

"Don't get ahead of yourself brat. Getting strong is not about getting it down the fastest time. You can learn a thousand techniques in a few years or so (Kakashi) but someone who only knows about 20 or so techniques and take time to master them can beat that person with those one thousand techniques/jutsu.

"Why? Well because that person with less techniques take time to master his own, where as the one who has a lot a jutsu never take the time to master them so he doesn't know how to use them properly. So you understand now brat."

'Yea I think I understand now Kyubi. Thanks for the help.'

The Kyubi snorted, "Whatever brat, just don't get ahead of yourself. I will tell you who your parents are when the time is right. You just focus on getting strong to protect yourself later on in the future."

'Yea sure I can do that. Get strong to protect myself. It's a promise. I will be stronger than all the Hokages to protect myself…and any special people in my life.'

With that the Kyubi cut the mental connection between Naruto and itself.

"So will you teach me how to throw kunais or better yet, would you teach me how to be a ninja? I want to join the academy but I have no one to train me. So when I join I would not be kept back in class because the children would have training with their family and I have none. So would you train me please?" and as if the universe was on Naruto's side he unlocked the most feared Doujutsu in existence, the feared 'Puppy Dog Eyes'.

All of Itachi's mental powers came crashing down like a castle build of cards in front of a fan set on high speed, but Itachi was not going to let him walking away with a get out jail free card so easily so he taught of something that would save his years of anbu mental training to keep up his facade.

"Okay Naruto-kun here's what I will do, I will teach you the correct way for throwing a kunai and if you can throw 3 kunai at the same time with the same hand and hit all three of those markers in one week I will train you. How about that, are you up for it?"

Naruto grinned pumped his fist in the air, "Hell yea sensei, I am up for it. Once I have that stance down you wait and see by next week you would be begging to train me because I am that awesome. Believe it!"

"I am sure you will get it down Naruto-kun"


One year has passed since the 9 tailed jinchuriki began his training with his sensei Itachi and he is doing very well. He got the kunai technique in one week after lots of cuts and bruises. Itachi also taught how to unlock his chakra so he now knows how to walk on a tree and on water as well. He also recently learned 2 of the 3 academy jutsu that a compulsory to know.

The one he is having trouble with is bunshin no jutsu and Itachi-sensei had said he will tell him the reason why he can't do the jutsu and also give him a jutsu that will substitute for it. He also learned the academy fighting style but he wants to create his own style. Naruto also change physically also he no longer looks skinny and short but he has some meat on his bones even though he still have some of his baby fat still on his face and other parts of his body.

We find our blond making his way to training ground 43 next to the infamous training ground 44 or better known as the 'Forest of death'. As he was about to jump in the woods to head to his destination he heard a small cry and he decided to check it out.

As he gets closer to the cry, he saw a small girl about the same age as him surrounded by 3 boys a few years older than her. She was kneeling on the ground tears running down her face while the leader of the three boys from what Naruto can tell was telling her to say sorry for something. He didn't really care what it was but from seeing this brought back memories of his past and he didn't want anyone to live through what he did, so he ran up to the leader and punch him in the back of the head and stand up in front the girl protectively.

"Hey what are you guys think you are doing to this poor girl? What did she ever do to you for you to treat her like this?" ask Naruto rather angrily.

The supposed leader of the trio got off the ground with a huff and snarled, "Who the hell are you? Wait a minute, blond hair whisker marks you're that kid my mom tell me not to go around right…? The prankster." ask the leader of the kids.

"Yea that's him." Boy number 2 answered. "My mom warned me about him also. She said something about demon but I can't remember."

Boy number three cuts in, "Anyway you're gonna get it. For getting the boss while he had his back turned." They all laughed.

"What are you going to do? We are in the academy and we are older than you. You don't even have a clan so how hard can beating you be." The leader said.

With that Naruto put his hand in a cross sign and the smirk. Right away the boys stop laughing and backed away slightly. Meanwhile, Naruto was sweating in his mind hoping the bunshin no jutsu would work this time so he can buy some time to get the girl out of the area but as all the rest of time the bunshin can out looking like it was just revived from the dead. It was looking sickly green and wobbling on the spot then after a few second it fell to the ground and dispel.

But that was all the time Naruto need as he used that as a distraction to attack the leader with a straight right hook to his left jaw which knocks him on the ground out cold. The other two were afraid to attack which shows that there leader was the muscle of the group and he wasn't even much, just a school yard bully. With that they picked up their boss and ran away saying they will tell their mothers. Naruto didn't really care because he didn't like 99 percent of the villagers already.

So with that Naruto turn back to see if the girl was okay only to see her looking up at him with wide eyes from her place on the ground. Now that he got to look at her properly, he can see she is the Hyuga heiress that sensei told him about when they were doing all of Konoha's most influential clan in the history lesson of konoha.

Naruto just give her one of his foxy grin that only he can do to perfection while scratching behind his head.

"Hey are you alright?" he asked, slightly worried that she was hurt. He didn't need people blaming him for something he didn't do.

"H-H-Hai, arigato for saving Me." said the heiress. She was looking at the ground in embarrassment.

Naruto nods his head breathing out a sigh of relief, "Well my name is Naruto Uzumaki and what's yours?" he ask politely after having manners beat into him from Itachi literally on their monthly spars, where he can't last 1 minute even if his life depends on it.

"M-m-my name i-i-is H-Hinata Hyuga. Nice t-to m-m-meet you Uzumaki-s-s-s-san"

He raised an eyebrow at her stuttering but just shook it off as her being weird."Nice to meet you too Hinata. I hope you don't mind me calling you that?" he asks slightly. She shook her head negatively. "So what are you doing all the way out here? And where is your mother or father?"

"Kaa-san died a few months ago when my sister was born and Tou-san doesn't have time for me anymore." She cringes at the memory of losing her mother. "Most of the time I am with one of the branch house members." Hinata said unaware that she did not stutter for that whole sentence but Naruto didn't call her on it.

Right when Naruto was going to say something a man with the same eyes as Hinata came into the woods veins bulge around his eyes most likely using his blood limit.

"Hinata-sama, o thank god, I was looking all over for you. Your father would not be happy, where did you ran off too?" ask the man. When he turned his head to see who she was talking with he quickly grab her hands and drag her away from Naruto telling her that she should not associate with the likes him.

All Naruto could really do was smile sadly at her and wave. By the time she blinks and goes to wave back he was already gone from his spot in the woods. Hinata just had a sad look on her face hoping she would be able to see her savior once again. Maybe he would be going to the academy as the same time as her. She can only hope.

At the training ground Itachi was waiting patiently, wondering what's taking his student so long because he usually don't be late for his training. He didn't have to wait long before he saw a yellow blur shot out from the woods and land in front of him.

"Sorry for being late sensei had some problems on my way here but that's been taken care of." Naruto apologies with his head bowed. He knew how much his sensei dislikes tardiness.

Itachi nods his head, accepting Naruto excuse. He wasn't one for being late for training. "OK Naruto-kun, here's the scroll that has the substitute jutsu for the bunshin; it's called Kage bunshin no jutsu. Now this jutsu uses a lot more chakra than the bunshin. Even I can't use this jutsu to make more than 10 clones of myself. I want you to read to scroll carefully and then practice the hand signs. When you are done then come to me in an hour and we will see how well you do. OK Naruto?

"Hai sensei." He answered with determination in his eyes.

-1 hour pass-

"OK sensei I am finish"

"Okay, now do the jutsu and put as much chakra as you can without emptying your reserves."

"Fine, here goes. (Kage bunshin no jutsu),"and just like that 300 hundred clones fill the training field all over.

'Wow never taught I would see someone made this many clones since Kushina-sensei,' taught Itachi. Clearly he was impressed.

"OK Naruto, I am going to tell you the reason why so much people hate you OK. What I say here today is not to be repeated to no one" said Itachi seriously. He stopped wearing his mask to their sessions after the first date, so Naruto could see how serious he was.

"Sensei if you are talking about the Kyubi I already knew about him since I was 4." If Itachi was surprised he didn't show it on his face, he just nod and leave it at that. It was not him to get into people's business but there is one thing he had to make sure of.

"Naruto-kun did the Kyubi ever try to take over you or anything like that and do you speak to it often?" not forgetting that Naruto said him instead of it.

"Well now that I think about it sensei, no he never tried to take over me. He is really a nice guy wants you get pass the treats and stuff like that." He chuckled sheepishly.

"He said he would tell me who my parents were once I'm strong enough to know. So I am training hard so I can get him to tell me." Naruto said pumping his fist out. He then looked at Itachi.

"Itachi-sensei, do you know who my parents are?" ask Naruto

Itachi just stood there looking down at Naruto contemplating whether to tell him or not, but decided to tell him about his mother's family. He didn't think the boy can handle hearing his father, the forth Hokage, his hero sealed a demon inside him.

"OK Naruto-kun I will tell you about your mother's family OK. I will tell you about your father when you are older and able to understand."

With that said Itachi led Naruto to a tree in the training ground to sit under so he can tell the story after having Naruto release all his shadow clones and explaining to him the advantages of having shadow clones and the memory transfer.


One year has passed and Naruto is now 6 years old. We find him lying in his bed thinking about what he had done for the past year and the friends and rivals he had made.

After that afternoon when Itachi told him about his mother's family and the Uzumaki clan, how they were masters at Fuinjutsu (the art of sealing) and Kenjutsu (the art of swordplay) and how they were also one of the founders of konoha and also the spiral that all ninjas chunin and up wear on their flak jacket is in memory of what the Uzumaki clan did for the leaf village, he made a special vow.

To honor his family no matter what.

It was also said the Shodaime Hokage married an Uzumaki and they are the one that created the barrier that is currently around Konoha protecting it from invaders. Saying Naruto was mad about all of this was like saying Orochimaru would not come for Sasuke in the future (not that he knows that).

The Uzumaki clan did so much for konoha and the most they had to show for their friendship is the spiral. Also, from what Kurama told him, both Shodaime's wife and his mother were previous jinchuriki protecting konoha behind the scene and no one give the Uzumaki clan any credit for their hard work.

Also, yea, he learned the Kyubi's name after 2 hours of asking (more like pestering) the Kyubi for it. Naruto also has gotten some new friends, not that he cared, Shikamaru and his best friend Choji. He met them while he was enjoying his day off Itachi had giving him. He was sitting under a tree a ways from the park when the two boys came up and told him they usually camp there, looking at the clouds and eating.

He sighed when he remember that meeting. They were ok in his book; Shikamaru and Choji. Shikamaru was very lazy (typical Nara) and Choji was eating all the time.

He also met his public enemy number one who was Itachi's younger brother, Sasuke Uchiha. He was as arrogant as an Uchiha can be and he hadn't even got his Sharingan yet. Just thinking about what will happen when that happens was giving Naruto a headache.

He also hangs out with Hinata whenever he goes to the park to play or catch her following (more like stocking) him. She would make a good spy or assassin when she grows to be a ninja. He may not like the villagers and plans on bringing back his Uzumaki family but that doesn't stop him from going and play with the little friends that he have. He is 6 years old after all.

He also got stronger after he started learning Fuinjutsu and when Itachi had him tested for his chakra elements, Itachi was very surprise to find out that he had three with wind being his strongest and rarest of the elements followed by lightning and then water. After that he started to train in learning to control them he has ask the Hokage for some D-rank missions so he can have some money to buy what little he need. The blond had also had his first kill on a small mission him and Itachi went on. It was to destroy a small group of about 10 bandits.

What really had both the Sandaime and Itachi worried was when Naruto has his first kill. He had not spoken to anyone nor has anyone seen him for a week straight. They had left him to his own devices saying he needed time to recuperate from his experience. Naruto had turned a little colder towards everyone but Itachi and his three friends.


Itachi and Naruto were making their way out of the village to do his first ever mission outside the village. He was glad he was out. The world looks so different from the outside.

They were traveling for two days and they finally made it to a small clearing in the forest. It had small tents with the biggest being in the middle. Itachi had Naruto send his clones to do recon to see if the information they had was right. Turns out they were right, with the exception of the boss being a C-rank missing-nin.

"Ok Naruto-kun here's what we are going to do. These guys are easy. I have no doubt you would deal with the bandits, but watch out for the missing-nin ok. I know you can take him but I don't want you to underestimate your opponent."Itachi said, not looking at Naruto.

"So I would go east of the camp and you stay here, and in 5 minutes we attack ok. Just don't do anything stupid." finished Itachi. Without a reply Itachi disappeared. He was slightly worried for the blond. The young Uzumaki had grown on him and he would be damned if Naruto got killed on his first mission.

Plus he didn't know what would happen to the young heiress that had a crush on the blond which said blond is completely oblivious to with all the fainting and stuttering she does.

"Ok sensei, I got you." Naruto whispered quietly. He was aware that no one was around but they had headsets. He created five shadow clones silently and waited patiently until the time was right.

As Naruto and his clones walk into to camp, the five take point in front of Naruto.

"Hey you kids, what are ya'll doing here? This place is not for brats so scram!" shouted one bandit. It was loud enough to draw attention to him. Little did they know that it was the same person? Not that they could tell because of the fox mask that Naruto was wearing. Naruto had on standard issue Anbu gear custom made for him, with the tanto as well.

Naruto said nothing and before the bandit can say anything else the five clone started going through hand signs "Futon: Renkuden no Jutsu(Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet Technique)" before the bandits knew what happen they were flying back at break neck speed in the opposite direction.

Some were fortunate to survive while some landed very hard on their neck causing it to break. Some had bones snap from the pressure of the attack and were left vulnerable. Before the remaining bandits can get their bearing the clones rush them with their tantos drawn impaling all those on the ground and fighting off the rest.

Before they knew what happen they were all dead. Some did put up a fight but it was futile. There was one man, the missing-nin who stood with a shock look on his face. All his men were taken down by six brats. They were ninjas yes, but brats nonetheless. His shock turns into anger.

"Do you know how long it took me to set up that crew you brats." the Nin shouted, staring at Naruto and his clones about twenty feet away from him. All Naruto did was dispel his clones and the memories came rushing back to him. He had to take a few deep breaths so as not to hyperventilate.

They rain was now pouring down on them like it was sympathizing with Naruto for what he did. A lone tear fall out of his eyes, but the Nin couldn't see any of this.

Kyubi was silently watching to see if its container would go off the rail but was thankful he kept his cool. It would not do well for him to freak out at this moment. Itachi had not move from his spot in the east. He wanted to see if Naruto can handle it but he silently had a clone nearby to interfere if things got out of hand for the blond.

Naruto just drew his blade and got into a stance Itachi taught him. His knees were bent slightly with his left leg forward with the both hands on handle of the blade in a tight grip position in front of him pointing upward in a defensive way. It was a stance for learners; he was now learning use blades.

The Nin saw this and pull out a kunai and growled, "Ok brat, you wanna play? When I'm finish with you, you gonna wish you never leave your pathetic village." and with that both him and Naruto rush forward and clashed kicking water in the process.

"Hn, you are kinda strong for a brat." the Nin drawled out as they struggle for power. He was now coming to terms with the realization that Naruto was no pushover. The Nin had enough and back flips and started running through hand signs which Naruto saw and went wide eyed at what jutsu he was going to use.

He stuck his tanto in the ground and started running through the same hand signs and they both shouted out at the same time, ''Suiton:Suiryudan no Jutsu(Water Release: Water Dragon Bullet Technique)'' with that water form from a small lake away from them and two gigantic dragons form and stood behind their respectful partners with glowing yellow eyes. With a mighty roar the charge and crash into to one another, causing a massive earthquake in the area.

Naruto didn't let that stop him. After the clash he started with new signs, "Futon: Renkuden no Jutsu (Wind Release: Drilling Air Bullet Technique)". The ninja didn't know what hit him one minute he was shielding himself from the blast, the next minute he was hit with three compress air bullets. As he was getting up from the attack he looks forward to see where his opponent was and saw nothing.

Then his world turned upside down. He didn't even know he was dead. 'That's what you get for taking your eyes off your opponent' thought Naruto as he finally finishes his battle, breathing harshly .The adrenaline finally wore out and he fell unconscious.


After that event Naruto never liked killing but he knew he had to do it. It was in his profession. If he wants to create a new Uzumaki clan he had to do it. He knew there would be a lot of death in the future. Naruto Uzumaki was not the same since then. He trained harder than ever. He was more self centered, sticking to himself most of the time.

Even the Hokage wanted to know why Naruto was behaving like that but never got an answer. Naruto also learned the body flicker jutsu which he taught was pretty cool especially when he learned to do it in his elements.

Now the blond was on his bed thinking about what Itachi told him one week ago.


"Now Naruto-kun, this is the last two years we have together before you begin the academy and you are already ahead of everyone there. I am very proud of you as your sensei but don't let that go to your head. You still have a lot more work to do" said Itachi.

Said blond was sitting on the ground paying close attention to what his sensei was saying, who he now viewed as a brother he never had.

"Now for the next two years we are going to be taking your training to the next level harder than you ever have had before. I am going to train you till you break then I would have the Kyubi fix you up to do it all over again" as Itachi finished his sentence he heard a gulp come from Naruto and inwardly chuckle.

In all his years he had never seen someone progress so fast in the ninja arts. Not even he could excel this fast but if he had to guess, it was only because of the help of the 'shadow clones' that Naruto progress so far so fast.

Itachi had no doubt in his mind when he finishes his training, Naruto would be as strong if not stronger than him and that is saying something.

"Oh Naruto-kun this is a schedule of what we would be doing for the next 2 years." Itachi said as he passes the blond a scroll with a blood lock on it. "I have already given the Hokage a copy and told him we would be in training ground 44 for the first year of training cause he would like to know how strong you have gotten"

"Yea so he can see how strong his weapon is" growled out Naruto in a low voice so that no one can hear him but Itachi heard but didn't say anything.

"So meet me at training ground 44 in 1 week at sunrise OK Naruto-kun"


Naruto looked over to his dresser top as he saw the scroll with his training schedule in it. As he picks it up and read through it for the umpteen times this week.

He was pretty sure the first year of training alone would kill him with all the physical exercise alone he has to do. It was something Gai would have trouble with as well. He had met Gai during the year to help him with his taijutsu. Gai had proposed weights for him to wear but he had already had on resistant seals. So there was no use. Next on the scroll was ninjutsu which Itachi would help him with, followed by taijutsu and kenjutsu. Itachi had introduced him to Hayate during the year so his sword play was up to snuff.

Then finally when all of this was done for the day he would practice his Fuinjutsu and writing. Out of all of this, the one thing Naruto is excited to get to was the Fuinjutsu. It just comes naturally to him and it's a lot of fun. All of this is repeated for the first year then he would work on perfecting all that he had learned in the first year. It's like Kurama said, makes no sense learning new Justus and stuff if you can't use it properly.

As he looks over to his clock on the wall to see the time and sees he has two more hours before leaving to meet Itachi.

'Well time to go' thought Naruto as he makes his way out of his apartment and into the cool morning air. The sun was barely peeking over the horizon as he locks his apartment.

Time skip

Two years has passed, one year after that since they left the forest of death due to a mission that required Itachi; one year since he found out who his father was. He couldn't help but feel angry at him for putting such a heavy burden on him but if he was in a similar position he would have done the same. One year since he got his father and mother's home after coming back and finding his apartment burnt down.

He always wonder if his mother was a jinchuriki like him how come she didn't have to deal with the things he had to go through until he ask the Hokage and he was told no one knew she was a jinchuriki. So that leaves the question how come everyone knew he was the container of the nine tails?

He was told the Hokage told the council and the civilian council members told the village and that is how he end up the situation he was in today. Also his spies (as in transformed shadow clones) told him that Danzo was and still is looking for him to recruit him in his Root division. Well he would have to wait a very long time before that happens.

Also six months ago he had introduced Hinata to Anko after the girl was having problems with her family and being verbally abuse by some of the main house members of the Hyuga household about not being able to beat her 4 year old sister in a sparring match. It had taken the already shy girl's self confidence to an all time low that she can't stop stuttering, blushing or fainting while looking or talking to him. He can tell the girl likes him but he was not going to be in a relationship with someone who is afraid to even talk much less help him achieve his dream of bringing his clan back to prosperity once again. She has lots of potential; she just needed the right push. And Anko was just the person to help Hinata –at least in this situation.

It was kind of funny to see how Hinata reacted to her new sensei. She had fainted for an hour straight after hearing where Anko spends most of her time and what kind of training she would have to endure. Naruto had a lot of faith in Anko; she would come through for Hinata's sake. If there was anyone he can relate to, it was Anko.


So now the academy was starting tomorrow and here we find both Naruto and Hinata sitting on his father head on the Hokage mountain with Hinata sitting not too far from him snacking on a cinnamon roll that she love so much. Her stuttering had decreased tremendously but it still happens sometimes when he talks to her. Looking at her he can see she is indeed a very beautiful young girl who would only get more beautiful as she grows up.

"A yen for your thoughts, Naruto-kun? You are sitting there staring at me for the past 2 minutes. Is there something you see you like?" ask Hinata as she finishes her snack.

He shook his head to clear his thoughts, "I was just thinking about the future and how I am going to bring back my clan." Naruto half lied as he turns back towards the village. "Now I have to go through the boring academy and I have to be in the same class as mister arrogant as well. Might as well join Danzo and have him use me and Kurama as a weapon" Naruto said.

He had told Hinata about the Kyubi and who his parents were a couple months ago and give her the chance to stop being friends with him but he didn't expect she would hug him and tell him how she didn't hate him for something he has no control over. From since then they had turn best friends along with Shikamaru and Choji. The Nara might be lazier than a sloth but he was a bone-fide genius. Never could beat Shikamaru at a game of shogi, came very close but never a win.

"So you are worried what he would do if you were to be the best in class." inquired Hinata. She was looking directly at him.

"Me? Worried?" Ask Naruto pointing to his chest, "I am not afraid of him. After all, I was trained by one of the best. Besides I'm not going to be the best in the academy. Sensei told me not to show off and that's what I am going to do. I already have a spot light on me with being the container of the Kyubi; I don't want any more attention. A true ninja never reveal too much about oneself. Deception is the best tool. Not even the Hokage knows what I am capable of. "

"A part of being a ninja is to trick your opponent into false beliefs then striking when he least expect it. Kinda like a fox." He smirks, showing off his canines. The Kyubi just snorted in his head which made the blond chuckled lightly.

"Well Hinata, see you tomorrow." said Naruto as he got up and dust himself down. "I will come and pick you up at 7:30 in the morning cause the academy starts at 8." and with that Naruto was gone in an ice shunshin before Hinata could say anything.

"How come he knows shunshin and I don't?" a pouting Hinata ask to no one in particular as she makes her way home from the top of the Hokage's mountain.


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