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Chapter 28

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Lost in a strange world riddled with demons and with no way to get back home, a mighty warrior catches the eye of the Organization. Co-Written with Drunkmansquawkin.

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Not long after the rather frightening event with Agatha, Miria along with a few others had gone to the Cathedral in order to negotiate for their stay. Father Vincent, the man who had been beside ‘Sister Latea’ when Miata and Clarice first showed themselves, was the one the sandy-brunette was talking to.

And with them, vouching for the side of the claymores and Naruto, were Sid and Galk as they said they would. After Clare had saved Sid seven years ago from the youma that had infiltrated the Holy City, the populace had become a lot more tolerant towards the claymores. And after 17 claymores, non-affiliated with the Organization, of course, had come to their rescue… suffice to say, the great Holy City was now willing to change its policy on them.

Suffice to say, Miria didn't need to do much negotiating and in the end, all of them were able to stay in the Holy City for as long as they needed. Sid and Galk were no longer needed and so, they went off to get themselves a much-needed drink in the local pub. But the sandy-brunette, along with her trusty companions, were still in talks.


In the local pub, not long after, Helen was making every bit as much of a spectacle of herself as her comrades expected after just a few sips. Seriously, the woman held her liquor like a torn sock when she chose not to filter it. She laughed boisterously, riding the buzz with nary a care in the world. “This place is awesome,” she shouted, stumbling on up to her friend. “I’ve never been offered free beer before!” Sliding an arm over Deneve’s shoulders, she tried to get the woman to try some. “Plus, it’s really good stuff. Here, try some!”

“I have my own mug,” her friend pointed out bluntly. Though she didn’t show it, Deneve was amused by the woman’s antics.

“I never thought a Claymore could get drunk” Cid thought aloud with a hearty chuckle.

“We can filter out alcohol and other toxins at will,” Clare stated. “In short, we can control whether or not we get drunk.”

“Anyone know where Naruto and Flora got off to?” Queenie asked from the table she was occupying with, Zelda, Natalie, Eva, and Lucia occupying it with her. The woman was casually looking around for them. “I thought they would be here as well.”

“They wanted to explore the city the last time I saw them,” Deneve answered. “The colorhead and little girl is with them, as well.”

The brunette was a literal bundle of emotions. Understandable, given what had happened not too long ago, but still! Deneve wouldn’t be all that surprised if the ‘walk’ was to get that one to calm down or something. Though, with Flora with them, that might turn into something a little more… naughty. Knowing Naruto’s habit to flirt with and complement warriors to make them feel better about themselves, Deneve wouldn’t be so surprised if that did become more naughty in nature. Flora’s certainly the type of woman to do something of the sort. After all, if she spent 7 years trying to get Naruto to bed as many women as possible when they were hiding out in Alphonse, then it’s safe to say she’ll try and goad Naruto to bed the colour head too… and the girl… and possibly some of the locals. Hell, Deneve and many others would be surprised if that wasn’t the case, at this point.


Meanwhile, with the group in question.

“You’re adorable, you know that?” Naruto said, ruffling the head of a now childish Miata with a grin. The two of them were having a completely wholesome interaction at the moment. It was rather adorable, really, drawing a fond grin from Flora and a smile Clarice.

“I am?” The little girl quirked her head to the side, with a doe-eyed look on her face as she stared up at Naruto with childish curiosity.

“Of course! You’re the most adorable little girl I have ever seen!” Naruto chirped and ruffled her hair some more. Then he withdrew his palm and gave her a wide smile, “You’re pretty strong too, for your age. You’re gonna be a very big and strong girl when you’re older. I can see it.”

“...What about Mama?”

“Hmm?” Naruto looked to Clarice for a moment and said with absolute honesty. “Well, the colour of her hair is unusual among claymores, but that is what makes her unique to be perfectly honest. And despite the lack of yoki your mama has, she is plenty strong in her own right. Put her up against normal humans and I’d put all my Bera on her. And I saw the damage that was left on the doorway to the Cathedral, and I did heard from many eye witnesses that she was the one responsible. So even if other claymores look down on her, she is still stronger and faster than any other human… apart from yours truly, of course.” then he looked to Miata again, completely missing the surprised look on Clarice’s face. He added in a conspiratorial whisper, “She’s also very pretty and modest and I find that cute.”

Poor Clarice turned beet red in an instant upon hearing that.

Miata blinked and slowly looked to Clarice. “Mama, can he be my Papa?” she innocently asked. Naruto looked amused, and was very touched, at that. And off to the side, he heard Flora trying and succeeding to stifle a laugh while the red-cheeked Clarice herself started stammering.

“Well,” he started, drawing Miata’s eyes back to him once more, “that’s entirely up to both Flora and your mama, little one,”

“I’m all for it,” Flora unhelpfully chirped. “As long as I get to be your ‘Auntie Flora’,” she added as an afterthought. If she couldn’t have kids, then having this child as her ‘niece’ would be a good substitute.

“Well… that’s one,” To be fair he had been expecting that from his girlfriend. Since Flora was all for it Miata then looked back to Clarice with wide, doe-like eyes. “What about you, cutie? Do you want me to be her papa?”

Clarice cleared her throat and steeled herself. “You’ll have to earn that title,” she replied challengingly. “But, I’m… certainly willing to let you try.” If they were going to rope her into this, Clarice figured she might as well get some enjoyment out of it. She had her needs, too, after all. “I won’t let just anyone be her papa, though. As her mama, it’s my responsibility to make sure you’d be a good papa.”

“B-But, Mama…” Miata childishly whined.

“I know, honey,” Clarice replied comfortingly with a sigh. “I want you to have a papa, too, but at the same time, I don’t want you to have a bad papa. If he turns out to be a slacker or abusive, then he shouldn’t be your papa.”

Miata whined again but nodded reluctantly. She knew Mama was just trying to protect her.

“Well,” Naruto started with a sigh, “I don’t know the first thing about being a parent. I never had a mama or papa myself, and I had to live alone for as long as I can remember. But, I don’t do things half-assed. I’ll do my very best to earn it… even if it means doing you.” he threw that last part towards Clarice herself.

Clarice pretty much told him ‘you can be her dad if you can prove it’, and if Miata wanted him to be her dad, then he’ll be her dad. How hard can it be? He’s been told he’s rather good with kids, after all. He’ll treat Miata the way he wanted to be treated when he was younger. Fortunately, for the four of them, they were in a place that had too few people around. And the people that were around are too far away to hear what was being said. But, still, Clarice could feel the heat coming off of her cheeks at the declaration. Oh, gods, what did she just get herself into?!

“C’mon, you,” Naruto pulled a childish giggle from Miata by lifting her up. The little girl hooked her legs around his waist and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. “So, what are your names? I can’t keep on calling you ‘little girl’ or ‘pretty brunette’, after all.” he pointed out as he and Miata rejoined Flora, and Clarice.

“I’m Clarice,” said ‘pretty brunette’ replied. “The one you’re carrying is Miata.”

“Pretty names,” Naruto chirped with an impish grin, “Pleased to meet you two. I’m Naruto. She’s Flora.” he said, gesturing to the other blonde beside the brunette. “So, what do you want to do now that everything’s calm?”

He could do with a bath, now that he thought about it. When was the last time he had washed? It’s been far too long in his opinion. Not to mention, Clarice and Miata’s uniforms were still drenched and their hair was wet. They could use a wash themselves now that he thought about it. But he’ll let the girls themselves decide.

“I say we all get washed up,” Flora chirped as if reading his mind. She longed for a bath herself, and it would be a wonderful opportunity to try and seduce Clarice into their not-so-little family.

“I don’t like water, or baths,” Miata complained.

“Most kids your age don’t,” Naruto told the girl with an amused smile, “To be perfectly honest, I didn't either when I was your age. But people won’t like playing with you if you smell bad.”

“Muhhhh….” the girl let out a rather childish whine at that.

“What’s better? Smelling nice and having others play with you? Or smelling bad and having everyone stay away from you?” Naruto looked to Clarice and added, “Your mama won’t like it if you smell bad, I am sure of that.”

“I hate baths, and water... But I don’t want mama to be upset… I will take a bath.” The girl had a rather adorable pout on her face as she said that.

“Good girl,” He grinned at Miata and pulled a giggle from her by tickling her side. Then he looked back to Flora and Clarice, “So… let’s go find us an inn, eh?”

“Sounds like a plan,” Flora chirped.


Several dozens of miles away...

Agatha was not amused. No siree bob. After having been tossed way, way out of the Holy City the woman had her fake body sink into the hair-made platform. When the massive crab-like form touched the ground, bouncing and making a large trench on the earth that went on for several hundred yards, she came to a stop with a figurative hill having been made behind her. The large, crab-like appendages sunk inside the main body before it began to shrink down before donning her human form which wasn’t at all different from her decoy.

She had another Awakened Form as well; it was rather similar to Riful’s but vastly different at the same time. It was a towering, grotesque, 20-foot-tall mockery of a human female entirely comprised of brown, hair-tentacles, the long limbs and claw-like fingers, the empty pits for eyes and a mouth, the lower legs that resembled tree trunks, it was all the stuff of nightmares. Of course, her ‘core’ would constantly shift around in order to avoid being hit. However, being so far away from the Holy City, and… away from anyone in general, the Awakened One saw no need to transform into that.

“Damn it!” The woman pushed herself up on her knees and scowled. She was hungry and didn't eat enough innards to state her hunger! “I should have killed him when I had the chance!”

“I’ve actually heard that a lot,” a very familiar voice pointed out from behind her, making the naked brunette stiffen in surprise.

“H-How?” Her brown eyes glanced to her left but the woman never turned her head to peer back at him.

“I can move pretty fast,” the clone of Naruto replied, knowing full well what she was asking. He wasn’t wearing the strangely coloured armour under his cloak either, as the clone had removed it while he followed her flying through the sky from the ground.

“Sorry about tossing you out of the city like that…” the clone apologized on behalf of his creator. At the same time, he pulled down his hood, not that Agatha could see it; he was still behind her after all and she didn't turn to look at him, “But, I had to be sure you didn't go on a rampage. You were surrounded by so many tempting meals, after all.”

“I was trying to have a nice feast, you bastard!” Agatha raged. She was understandably pissed, the-fuck-off at being taken away from her food in such a manner, “You have no idea how long it’s been since my last meal!”

“And I’m sorry about that,” the clone apologised, though the tone he used showed the blond was anything but. “There is a bandit camp nearby, though, if you’re that hungry. I can take you there if you want?”

The Boss did toss her in the direction Elda, Riful and Luciela are in. And the three of them are feasting on bandits in a nearby campsite. Hopefully, those three tossed the scum into a cage or something.

Agatha huffed in irritation. “It wouldn’t happen to be in the direction of those other Awakened Beings, would it? I sensed them from Rabona and if it is, I doubt there’s anyone left.”

“Of course. Who do you think sent them there?” Naruto replied with amusement lathing his voice.

That got her attention and Agatha snapped her head around to look at him with surprise, “They’re with you?!” Wasn’t he supposed to hunt the youmas? Why is he hanging out with Awakened ones?! She had to admit though the young man was rather… delectable looking. But right now there were more pressing matters at hand.

“Of course,” the blond snorted in amusement, “They knew I was going to Rabona to get you out. I sent them to the bandit camp because I was worried they wouldn’t be able to help themselves with all those people in the city.” He’s had 7 years to get used to their diet. He’s friends with two of them, though admittedly one of them was more of a ‘friends with benefits’ type of relationship. Naruto then gave her a dry look, “If you sensed them out here from all the way in Rabona then they clearly sensed you too. And they’re fully aware I went in there to get you out.”

“I see…” If blondie here was telling the truth then that meant he was friends with some very powerful Awakened Beings. Two of them were stronger than her. Much, much stronger.

Naruto was actually finding it very, very hard to keep his eyes above her neck. The woman is still naked, and she was very attractive and sultry looking. Not to mention, that half-lidded seductive look that seemed to be permanently fixated on her face… Just. Damn! He wouldn’t be surprised if that was her default expression. Not to mention she did offer to fuck the Boss before he went and threw her out of the Holy City. The clone wondered if that offer was still on the table… After he gets her something to eat.


Meanwhile, in the bandit camp in question, several of the ne’er do wells in question were locked in a cage they’d previously been keeping their prisoners in, watching no more than three monster women rip and tear into the stomachs of their comrades. The prisoners they had kept were men and women of various ages. A lot of them were young teenagers and children. All of them were guided away from the camp in question by a fourth person. A young blond man.

The bandits were completely unaware of it since they were more preoccupied with the monster women. But when they did realize what was going on, it was far too late to do anything. And so, many of them were round up and shoved into a cage. For what purpose they had no idea, but for now, they were safe.

The clone of Naruto stared on with a bit of a green face, as Luciela, Elda, and Riful all feasted on the innards of bandits. Luciela and Elda’s ones were still alive - and their screams were terrible. The clone closed his eyes and took a deep breath, before making a Shadow Clone and dispelling it after a short moment. His memories would go to the original, and the other clones.


The clone with Agatha perked up when he got the memories. So there are some bandits left alive, eh? And they were left alive just in case Agatha was convinced to eat them instead? He smiled at that. “Well, looks like there are some bandits left for you to eat,” he announced.

Had she had eyebrows, Agatha would’ve raised them in perplexment, “How do you know?”

“I can make clones and I get their memories when they’re dispelled. I left one with the Awakened Beings in that bandit camp, and they’ve left a lot of bandits alive in a cage, just for you,” he explained to her with a shrug. “So, how about it? Want to go over there and get something to eat?”

“Alright, fine, I suppose,” Agatha sighed. Then, she let out a very unladylike squawk upon feeling a very strong and manly pair of arms scoop her up into a bridal carry. She honestly couldn’t help but blush, much to her surprise and mild embarrassment.

“Alrighty, then!” He chirped, “Let’s go!”


The naked brunette let out a scream of surprise when the blond suddenly dashed towards the bandit camp. Naruto had moved faster than she was expecting hence, the very surprised scream she let out. She got used to it after taking a moment to adapt, however.

“By the way,” the clone started, “you’ve got a nice pair of tits on you, y’know that?”

“So I’ve been told,” Agatha replied, her cheeks burning once more. She was used to being the one hitting on others, not the other way around, but she certainly enjoyed it.

“I can tell,” the clone said with a chortle, “what with you being naked and having no shame flaunting your goods. I bet that’s how to get your meals, huh? You seduce men, maybe offer to have sex with them and then eat them when their guard is down. Like a sexy, but very deadly siren.”

“I have needs, too, you know,” Agatha huffed defensively. There was no shame in that!

“We all do,” the clone replied with another chuckle.

The woman didn't know why but there was something… weird about this young man. This ‘Youma Hunter’. Agatha couldn’t put her finger on it, but it wasn’t bad per say. This was still a once in a lifetime meeting after all… and she never thought it would end with her getting carried off in his arms like a maiden being whisked away by a knight in shining armour. If he really was associated with awakened beings, then she supposes it’s understandable that he is not afraid of her. He probably has seen a lot worse than youma to be completely honest.

They were moving pretty fast and if Agatha sensed right, then, it would take them around… 10 minutes to get to this ‘bandit camp’. She sincerely hoped there was food for her there. She’s starving.


Ten minutes later, Agatha and the clone arrived at the bandit camp in question and the brunette visibly perked up when her eyes laid upon the cage that held the bandits. And there were many. Around 10 to 15. The naked woman didn't notice Elda, Luciela, or Riful off to the side, conspicuously clean of blood, but she was aware they were around. She was set down on her feet and eyed them hungrily.

“Have fun,” the clone told her, and gave the woman’s nice, full round ass a firm spank before heading on over to the others. Agatha let out another unlady-like squawk before giving him a flat, but amused look. She then rolled her eyes and marched forth to do just that.


Back in Rabona, the real Naruto entered the inn with Miata in his arms with Clarice and Flora right behind him. He blinked when he saw the excited look on Clare’s face. That was an expression he never thought to see on her pretty face. Apparently, something good happened. Or she’s had too much to drink.

“Well, someone’s happy.” he observed.

“Clare’s found a lead on the kid she’s looking for.” Deneve informed the blond. “He was here, a year ago looking for her.”

“Really? Do you know where he is now?” Naruto asked, directing that question to Clare herself. He did promise to help her find that Raki kid, after all. And he intends to keep that promise.

Clare shook her head, “His exact location is unknown, but I was told by Galk he was revisiting places we had been to when we were together. Last they heard he was heading West.”

“I see…” Naruto set Miata down and rubbed his chin thoughtfully, “Then it looks like I’m heading West,”

“You’re still helping her look for him?” Zelda asked in surprise.

“Of course, I promised her I would.” Naruto replied with a nod. Not to mention there was… something there that needs investigating. He can’t remember what it was but he knew it needed to be looked into. “But not now. I want to take a little rest before we do any more travelling.”

“Here here,” Natalie chimed in raising a tankard in the air before lowering it again, “We had to have been walking for weeks. Several days of it were non-stop. A little rest would do us some good.”

“And baths,” Flora added. “The gods know that many of us need it.” That was the reason why they’re here anyway. To get a comfortable bath. It’s a shame she can’t feel hot water, though. That were something she missed.

“Yeah,” he chuckled, then Naruto turned to address Flora and Clarice, “C’mon, let’s go and see if we can get one here or not.”

“We should,” Clarice said, following Naruto up to the innkeeper, “It’s an inn. I am pretty sure it’s customary to have baths in inns and taverns.”

“It won’t hurt to ask, though. Just to make sure.” Flora pointed out. There are some inns and taverns that don’t do baths after all.

It turns out that they do serve baths here. And that they bring the tub in question to the bedroom, or leave the tub in a specialised room just for baths under the inn. That got the attention of just about every single claymore in the room. Except for one. The women all turned to eyeball the young man with glints in their eyes. Perhaps that’d be a nice… opportunity?

Naruto and Flora easily ignored the interested looks being sent their way. Miata was adorably oblivious and Clarice, she sweated upon feeling the eyes of just about every single claymore on her back. Then, after an exchange of Bera, Naruto was handed the key to the special room under the Inn and was given directions to it. Afterwards, all four of them went on down. The other women now faced a dilemma… do they pay for the same services and join them… or wait until they’re finished…? Oh, decisions, decisions...


Agatha was ravenously hungry. This time around, having no less than 15 people to eat, the woman didn’t even bother to play with her food. She was simply too famished. The naked brunette transformed one of her arms, impaled several of them through the torso and quite brutally ripped their innards out from their stomachs and ate them like a rabid animal. She rather enjoyed listening to their screams before they were snuffed out. It took the woman a few minutes to finish up her meal and by the end, the bandits were skeletons and she was almost covered in blood from head to toe. The only part of her that was left untouched was half of her face and the entirety of her back.

“I see you enjoyed yourself,” the clone commented with morbid amusement. He was used to their habits, yes, but seeing the aftermath of their feastings would always make him queasy.

“Immensely,” Agatha replied, bringing a hand up to lick up the blood on her digits. “Thank you for bringing me those meals. They were almost enough for me to forgive you for your transgressions.”

“Uh-huh…” Then the clone looked to the other women, “So, Luciela, Riful, Elda, how was your meal?”

Agatha’s eyes shot wide open in shock at that, “Eh?!” Those are the names of two of the… no… there’s no way he’s friends with two Creatures of the Abyss!

“Oh, it was fine. Good call on us not going in with you, by the way,” Luciela answered with a smile.

“I must say, I’ve missed hearing them beg like that,” Riful giggled in an evilly and creepy manner. “It was quite refreshing!”

Seeing them Agatha paled considerably as her eyes landed on them. The Youma Hunter is friends with two of the three Abyssal Ones?! And wasn’t Luciela of the South meant to be missing or deceased??? No one’s heard from her since she had her territory usurped by the Man of the North!

“Uh…huh…” the clone warily edged away from them. He kept forgetting they were monsters in human form, then Riful would go and pull those sort of things off and ends up getting reminded of that little tadbit. He also knew they would eat him if there was no one else around to state their hunger. Unless they willingly starve themselves, that is. And neither of them are the type of, to go that far. Unless they were playing the long con.

“Oh, hush would you,” Luciela chasted her elder, “You’re making him nervous.”

“Good! He should be nervous! I’m still bitter over what he did to me!” The youngest-appearing Awakened growled with a nasty look on her face.

“It’s been almost a decade!” The clone of Naruto protested with exasperation.

“I hold, very, long grudges.” Riful informed him with a haughty scoff, “You’re lucky I didn't outright kill you when you interfered with my attempts at getting new friends.”

Agatha was watching this exchange, befuddled, and bemused. Apparently, there was more to that rumour of him defeating Riful than meets the eye if she’s that salty about it.

“Yeah. I figured, that,” the clone deadpanned. Then he sighed with exasperation and crossed his arms, “By the way, what are you going to do now?” the clone asked, looking at Riful and Luciela respectively, “You can’t exactly go into Rabona and knowing Miria she’s probably going to use it as a base of operations. You’re still thought to be dead, and you still have Doof to go back to in the West,” he directed the last two questions towards Luciela and Riful themselves.

Luciela shrugged, “I’m still trying to get Mucha back under my control. I’m also looking for my sister,”

“You have a sister?” The clone blinked in genuine surprise, “I didn't know that!”

“You never asked,” Luciela replied with a teasing grin, but then she got serious, “but she’s not an Awakened Being. She’s still a warrior. Has been since the era of Hysteria the Elegant - so she’s been a warrior for a few decades.”

“Oh? In that case, I’ll look out for her,” he didn't see why not, if she’s lasted this long, then it’s entirely possible he already ran into her. He hoped she wasn’t one of the warriors that was sent to Alphonse to die, because that would be really, really bad. “Do you remember what she looked like?”

Luciela curled her forefinger against her chin, “It’s been a very long time since I last saw her, and we didn't depart on the best of terms…”

“That’s an understatement,” Riful muttered, “You awakened, killed several warriors and cadets, and almost destroyed the Organization.” She was also known as ‘The Failed Experiment’ for a reason, after all.

“As I was saying…” Luciela gave Riful a stink-eye at that, “It’s been a long time since I last saw my sister, but… she did sustain an injury to her eye. She had fairly short hair, liked keeping it in a spiky bob.”

The clone of Naruto gave the woman an odd look, that sounded vaguely familiar but there was only one person he met with that description, “...Was her name, Rafaela, by any chance?”

Luciela visibly perked up at that, “You’ve seen her?!”

“If this is the same woman, with the exact same description you just gave me, then yes I saw her.” He gave Riful a pointed look before saying, “I met her shortly after I kicked your pretty little ass.”

“How was she? Was she okay?”

The clone of Naruto looked at Luciela for a moment, before saying, “Thinking back, she was still clearly traumatised by whatever happened - you Awakening, I’ll bet - and was mostly quiet and aloof. There was something in her eye though: it was like she wasn’t really… living. Like she stayed around because she had something to do. One last job she needs to see through,” Naruto gave the Abyssal One of the South a sad look, “and since you’re her sister, I believe it has to do with you.”

Luciela frowned in concern for her beloved sister. She was the only family the woman had left, and remembered that Rafaela adored her. So, very, very much. It’s entirely possible that this ‘one last job’ involves putting her down. It’s entirely possible that Rafaela sought her out when Isley invaded and defeated her in battle, but she was not entirely sure… Her sister has mastered the art of suppressing her yoki to the point of being undetectable, like the survivors of Pieta have; and because of that Luciela had not been able to sense her. Ever since Riful rescued Luciela, the Number 5 is most likely biding her time until the most opportune moment is given to her.

“You haven’t seen her after?” Elda asked.

The clone shook his head negatively, “No. I was in Alphonse for the last 7 years. While I did venture out to get the girls some food, I didn't reveal myself to anyone. Well, up until I showed myself to that one team, that is.” the blond looked to Agatha and said, “That ‘brunette’ you were about to kill was part of that team, by the way,”

“I see,” the nude woman muttered with a small frown. So that explains why that one was so comfortable around him when he showed himself. He most likely saved her before. She hit the nail right on the head with that one. Not that she knew.

“By the way,” Elda spoke up, addressing Agatha in particular as she eyed her up and down, “You need to clean yourself up. Naruto’s rather… ‘squeamish’ when it comes to us Awakened Ones being covered in blood and gore,”

If she had eyebrows, one of them would be raised right about now. “Oh? And how do you suppose I do that? There’s nothing for me to use to clean up,” she pointed out; and she wouldn’t have bothered to clean herself up even if there was. She liked being covered in the blood and gore of her meals after all!

Feeling a bit impish, the clone decided to take that task upon himself. And how? By using a water jutsu, called Suiton: Mizurappa! Agatha yelped and sputtered as a torrent of water seemingly came out of nowhere and briefly enveloped her. And when the torrent of water died down, Agatha was left drenched head to toe and all the blood and gore washed off her body.

The clone wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and eyed her up and down, “There, you look much better like that.”

She was wet head to toe and had her hair stuck to her skin. And gave him such a stink eye, while squirting out the water that got into her mouth, that she made the clone chuckle nervously.

“He did that to us too,” Elda chirped. “So you’re not alone there.” then the woman gave the clone a rather… suggestive grin, “I say we punish him.”

The tone she used to say that raised all of the red flags, while making him pop a stiffy. Thankfully none of the ladies seem to notice that. Unfortunately, for him he was alone… and he was also a clone. He could dispel himself, but that would be a dick move - not to mention they would go after the Boss himself if he did so.

Then again, as a clone, he didn't get many liberties to do what he wants... he’ll see how this goes. If it does go the way he thinks it will go, then he will do what the Boss lacked the balls to do and pound ‘em good!

Luciela saw the look on Elda’s face and quickly caught on to what she was insinuating, “Ooh, yes, I do like the sound of punishing him for his transgressions…” she licked her bottom lip enticingly, and gave the clone a playful look, “After all, no one drenches Luciela of the South and gets away with it scott free.”

“Well, none of you seemed to complain about it,” The blond pointed out to them. He walked over to Elda and stared the woman dead in the eyes. It was a challenging stare, “And I recall you, Edla, even basking in the quick wash I gave to you.” The tone he used was daring Elda to deny it.

“I’m not a cat,” Elda chirped playfully.

“Of course you’re not a cat…” Luciela chimed in with a roll of her eyes, “If anyone’s the cat here, it’s me!”

Elda giggled impishly at that, as she looked at Luciela from the corner of her eye, before looking back to Naruto. “Also, you know how much I like being on top; I’ll take any opportunity I get to ride you like the stallion you are~!”

“Don’t I know it?” The clone rhetorically replied. “You kept trying to ride my dick like a little slut, ever since we ran into each other in Alphonse!”

THAT was memorable in its own right. Elda pretty much sought him out with the sole intention of finding out if he was a threat to her kind. Then that changed to killing him when she had learned of Riful’s defeat at his hands… only for him to hand her ass to herself, on a silver platter and plowed her until she went cross-eyed.

She’d been hanging out with him and the other ‘ghosts of Pieta’ on and off ever since. And it seems this was going to go the way he thought it would. While he wasn’t too sure, the clone can most certainly deal with it if that truly was the case. Elda leaned in with half-lidded eyes and smirked coyly at him, “And what are you going to do about it, hmm?”

“He does need to be punished,” Luciela reminded the former Number 4 as she walked over to them with the grace of a noble. “Do not forget his transgressions on us.”

“Oh, I know,” Elda said, eyeing Luciela as she walked to Naruto’s side on her left, “I merely want to know what he intends to do before I… carry out his ‘punishment’.”

The clone looked to Luciela on his right, before surprising the auburn haired lady by reaching down and grabbing a handful of her ass through her ruffled dress. With the other, he reached down and grabbed a handful of Elda’s breast and kneaded it through her sleeveless, dark blue dress.

“Oh, my!” Agatha gasped, utterly taken aback by Naruto’s boldness.

“Oh, my, indeed,” Luciela chuckled and leaned back against his palm when he started kneading her ass. “You’re never this bold, Youma Hunter. I don’t know if I like it or not…” She actually did. Too bad she had no idea this was a clone and not the original. But what she doesn’t know can’t hurt her.

The clone chuckled at that, “Like it or not… it doesn’t matter to me,” he said, before leaning up to peck the auburn haired woman on the cheek and did the same thing to Elda. Then he glanced at Agatha who was staring at them with a very interested look that quickly turned aloof upon seeing him looking in her direction.

Then, the clone disappeared and sent a hot shiver up the naked brunette’s spine when she heard him whisper into her ear, “I think I’m gonna start with you, though...”

Agatha squawked in surprise and jumped when she felt him cup her breasts with both hands. She bit back a moan when he started gleefully kneading them like dough; then she stumbled forth when Naruto pushed down Agatha down to her hands and knees and then, she felt his hand caressing her loins and shuddered pleasantly. Again, she is usually the one on the giving end, not the receiving… But, as the saying goes: there’s a first time for everything.

As for the clone himself, he looked towards the slightly miffed Elda and the other Awakened Beings, grinned and made a Shadow Clone for Elda and Luciela. He left Riful out, because she was still angry with him. If the Woman of the wanted to be part of it - and the clone was sure she didn't - then he’ll make one for her too. But! He was going to do what the Boss didn't have the balls to do, and he was going to enjoy every. Single. Moment of it.


Back with the Original Naruto…

The blond let out a satisfying sigh as he eased himself down into the comfortably hot water. Not a moment later, Flora eased herself in and positioned herself on Naruto’s right. Then Naruto peered at Clarice through the hot steam and grinned.

“Gotta say, you look good,” he flirted, with complete honesty in his voice. Like the other women, Clarice kept herself in shape and had all the curves in the right places. The woman knew how to take care of her body. And while the stigma is somewhat off putting, Naruto was far too used to it since he had already seen Flora’s, Miria’s, Jean’s, Lucia’s and plenty of others.

“Uh… th-thank you,” the brunette sputtered. Though she certainly didn’t mind the complements, she was far from used to them.

“Expect that to happen when you’re around him,” Flora told the brunette with a smile as she nuzzled against her boyfriend, “He has this tendency to make us claymores feel good about ourselves. That includes compliments like that.”

“I… I-I-uh… I see,” Clarice cleared her throat and stepped into the hot water. Then she eased herself down and let out a relieved sigh - since she could feel the cold, it held true to feeling hot. It was one of the very few perks of being a ‘colourhead’ if she said so herself. She didn't like the cold, but nice hot baths are something she liked very, very much. Then, she peered over her shoulder and gave the last occupant of the room an encouraging smile, “Come on in, Miata. The water won’t hurt you, I promise.”

The girl’s cheeks blew out as she pouted like the little girl she was. But, since her mama said the water wouldn’t hurt, Miata went and stepped into the hot water. She whined at how odd it felt on her skin but eased herself down and sat beside Clarice before wrapping her arms around the brunette’s waist.

“...I don’t like water.” Miata complained with an adorable pout. It was giving her weird tingles around her stigma. Like it was trying to get in.

“I know,” Clarice replied with a sigh and she rubbed her daughter figure’s scalp comfortingly, “But it’s something you need.”

“I know what it’s like,” Naruto said, drawing Miata’s attention, “but it’s good to wash up. As I mentioned before: people won’t like it when you smell bad and it’ll be harder to make friends. Also, as you get older, you won’t mind taking baths.”

“Is that what happened for you Mr. Naruto?” Miata innocently asked.

“Yep! I didn't like baths when I was your age. Learned to not care about it as much as I got older though, it’s a phase kids go through. It’ll happen eventually when you get older though,”

And so began the parental-like relationship between Naruto and Miata.


A/N: This is going to be the last chapter for this story in a while. It's not abandoned, mind you, I just need to have a small break. Drunkmansquawkin and I have been working on this for a long time and both of us need a break. We've been cranking out chapters once per week after all. Don't worry, though, you might see some one-shot stories here and there, so it's not like we've stopped entirely. Just give us some time, eh?
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